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My visit was pleasant. Everyone was nice and willing to help. The small college community follows the ideals of religion and is very accepting of all who come.
Such an amazing school full of wonderful people! For the most part every person I've met has been so friendly and caring. I can say the same for all the staff and professors as well. Campus is absolutely stunning and it just makes me so happy to walk around and see all the beautiful plants and trees.
I had a wonderful experience at Westmont. There is so much room for genuine growth within an uplifting community. Professors are there to see you succeed and administration genuinely cares about their students
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First off, the campus is beautiful. The atmosphere is very nice and welcoming. As for the academics, the professors really care about you and your education.
Westmont College is full of faculty that legitimately care about their students and want the to succeed. As a student, you are pushed by the professors to do your absolute best in classes and try to get the most out of you as a student.
Westmont is a great academic institution. It has a rigorous academic program facilitated by expert faculty. However my experience at Westmont as a person of color has been awful. Diversity at Westmont is terrible. Westmont is the place for you if you are white, strong Christian and are looking to find people similar to you. You do not get a wholesome College experience at Westmont if you do not fall into that category. Chapel is sometimes subjective and the small size of the campus gives the College more of a high school feeling where everyone kinda knows everyone and people are up in your business. Women say they feel unsafe but Westmont has had 1 or 2 if any sexual related incidents in the past year (according to Clery report). Also, Montecito is one of the most safest places in the country in addition to the superb and effective public safety team on campus 24/7. I would really enjoy being at another college better suited for me but I am obliged to be here by means of scholarship.
The academics are good at Westmont. You get a good education here.
However, the social scene here needs serious work. Diversity is better but is unlearned. Very sheltered and feels like camp and cliquey. If you want to grow and meet different types of people this place is not for you. It feels like highschool. The college dorms are outdated. You will not get a college experience here i'm sorry. I wish I liked it here. I go out of my way to make friends elsewhere. If you are white, love Jesus, and want to meet like-minded people this place is for you.
The professors at Westmont College feel the need to teach their students and will provide them with methods to understand the concepts being taught in their classes. The dorms on campus are generally quiet, there is not much of a party scene. The food is edible, but it's not too great on a regular basis. There is also much lack of artificial light during the night time, and it gets slightly difficult to get around campus when walking in the dark for whatever reason.
For some, Westmont College in Montecito, California is ideal and wonderful. Unfortunately, that was not my experience for a variety of reasons. If you are interested in a school with a diverse student body and faculty, this is not the school for you. A common joke is the stereotypical Westmont student who is white, middle class, naturally beautiful, a very strong (and outwardly visible) Christian, incredibly peppy and nice, likes granola and other healthy foods, wears Birkenstocks, and has a hammock. It sounds insane, but that is the "ideal" that is championed at this school, and if you don't fit that, it can be really hard to fit in. Westmont is religious and does expect its students to adhere to a certain lifestyle which is fine, except it discriminates against the LGBTQ+ community and other religions.
Westmont College does a fantastic job of combing academics, spiritual growth, and social activity. The Christ-centered learning promotes a kind and encouraging student body. While there is not great diversity at Westmont, the staff and student government does an excellent job of promoting diversity awareness and celebration of other cultures. I am extremely grateful that I chose to attend Westmont, and I would highly encourage other students to consider the college.
I love Westmont College. It is a spirit led community focused on developing well rounded individuals. The professors really care about students and it is a wonderful community
This is a very wonderful school in which you are encouraged to become your own person and discover your own voice. The faculty and staff are really great people, and the students form a close and supportive community. Your professors are extremely accessible and easy to talk to, and they make time to get to know you and help you with your homework if you need it. The one thing that could be better is the food in the Dining Commons.
The overall experience at this school is great because I am not just another student among many.
This school has a decent career center on the campus.
This school is overall pretty safe. I do have to take precaution sometimes.
The location of the campus housing is very wonderful.
There are many different athletics to join at this school.
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Because my school is small, there is a tight community among students.
i haven't heard of anyone being without a job
Im in love with everything about westmont