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I was amazed at how safe Hillsdale was. Students could leave laptops, books, purses, and phones at tables and couches in the union and return hours later to their belongings and everything would be present. As a freshman I initially felt uneasy leaving my belongings about, but I soon realized the trustworthiness of students. This atmosphere is incredibly rare on other campuses. I'm amazed that laptops and bags don't disappear at Hillsdale!
If one does receive a ticket, the fee is often waived if you explain that spots were already full and you parked where you could
For being such a small school, Hillsdale has some incredible athletics and the sports teams perform amazingly well. Sadly, student spirit can often be lacking, especially at football games.
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Campus housing was pricey considering the quality, in my opinion. I thus chose to live off campus as soon as I was able.
I loved the relationships I was able to foster with my professors. Because of the small class size and interactive atmosphere, we actually had opportunities to get to know our professors personally. I and other students were even invited to professors' homes at times. Pretty remarkable and very rare.
Hillsdale has profound professors that challenge you to think for yourself, not just spit back what they taught you
Due to some professor changes, students in my class did not get their money's worth. I felt I fell through the cracks and the work was not challenging enough.
The two new classroom buildings are beautiful. The new athletic center is state of the art...I only wish I had more time to enjoy it!
Being from MN I loved the weather in Michigan. Beautiful Fall weather, but rain could be a bit much at times. Also, winter seemed to last forever and could get brutally cold. Spring is wonderful, however.
Part of Hillsdale College's mission is for its students to rise to "self-government." While this is a very noble cause, Hillsdale takes a very hands-on approach to governing the student body. It is desired that the students rise to self-government through education, but the college often restricts opportunities for self-government through strict and controlling policies. The college should intervene if self-government proves dangerous or problematic, but it never seems to even allow the opportunity for self-government and painful learning experiences because it refuses to step back and take a more hands-off approach. The college is intimately involved with the details of student life.
The strictness at school was difficult in relation to student social lives. There was no drinking allowed, period. Even if you were over age, you were still not allowed to drink while enrolled there. I understand their reasoning for why, it was just frustrating to be treated like a child.
The school athletic field and gym was the prior Seattle Seahawks Training facility. That fact gave a lot of moral and pride in being able to use their gym and field. It promoted school spirit and unity, because everyone love the Seahawks!
I would advise schools to offer a complete list of the opportunity there are to receive financial aid. Specifically speaking, all of the educational benefits that the US Military offers. I believe that many more people would go to college if they knew of more ways to afford it.
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