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What I liked:
I am a local, and decided to go to Westminster for their outstanding business program. Also, the campus is absolutely gorgeous, and because we are a small school, you basically get to know everyone on campus. I have never had a class size over 25 people, and the honors program is tough but honestly so worthwhile!
What I would change:
The food in Shaw was not vegetarian friendly and I ended up getting off of the meal plan because of my dietary choices that Shaw could not accommodate. Other than that, I love my school and am extremely happy with my decision.
I feel that I am getting a quality education. As an appreciator of the arts, its easy to see that the school invests a lot in its arts programs. The school also seems to invest a lot in its business and science programs. I wish the school would put more money into the freshman dorms. Frankly, they're nasty and are way overpriced for the quality of dorm you get.
Although I haven't started school yet, I've been very pleased with my experiences so far. The professors and faculty have been incredibly kind and helpful, and the school bends over backwards to help with scholarships.
Review Westminster College - Utah
It is an excellent liberal arts school founded on helping students see the global picture and analyze problems and issues based on given information and integrative thinking. Everyone feels welcome and immediately become involved with whatever interests they may have.
Small class sizes and instructors who will take the time to make sure students are getting what they need.
The Nursing Program at Westminster is awesome. You can get in and out with your BSN in 4 years... 3 in a half years if you play your cards right. I loved Westminster. The professors are awesome. They genuinely care about your well being and your success. The class sizes are tiny, therefore if you need help on anything, the professors will be the ones helping you not TA's. There's tons of free things to do on campus, for instance, whenever there are finals, the college has a puppy play day, free pizza day, free ice cream, free massages, etc. Westminster is also a 20 minute drive from amazing skiing, hiking, climbing, etc.
I've been attending Westminster for the past two years as a flight operations student and I've enjoyed my life out here in Utah. Academics are really well done and the small class sizes sold me on the school. Food is awful, I won't lie about that. The housing is not bad, especially living over at Westminster On the Draw. The thing is, It's what you make it. I've found that a lot of the people who complain about certain things at the school aren't doing anything to make their experience better. Things don't always get done, but a simple conversation with the faculty and staff at the many offices on campus can change just about anything! In all I love Westminster College.
Westminster College is one of the best for a personalized "one on one" education. All the classes I have taken have had around 20 students, even the general education requirements. Each of my professors knows me by name and many give their home phone numbers for questions. When you are just starting out and don’t know what to major in, there is plenty of space to explore thanks to their new general program, “W Core”. The campus is bright and there are always things going on. A huge emphasis is placed on inclusion and diversity and I have felt extremely empowered because of the tools they have given me.
I will be attending Westminster College in the Fall of 2017. Based off of campus tours and recent events and visits to the school, it is definitely a school that I enjoy being at. It's small tight knit size gives students access to its professors and resources to success. I really love how the classes are way smaller than a normal college, giving students a more hands on and closer relationship to their professors. The location is also a plus. It's in the heart of Salt Lake City, surrounded by the different environments, whether it be the city or up in nature in the mountains.
Westminster is a good school to attend because of its many opportunities to learn and get involved in the community. Transferring from another college, Westminster is notably more difficult and challenging than the Community College and one of the few colleges that requires students to take an internship. The teachers are friendly and willing to help any student, and the fellow students are just as friendly and fun to be around. The tuition is one of the highest in Utah and the amount of scholarships a student gets definitely helps out.
Professors are generally great but overall it feels like the school doesn't care. You're forced to live on campus for the first two years and it's insanely expensive. It's taken my tuition from $1000 a semester to $5000.
Westminster is a great school. There is always something going on, and it's usually free. Students are nice and the campus is alive.
Westminster college has small class size's which makes the teacher-student ratio very small. This means that you can receive help and guidance on an individual basis. There are many resources on campus where you can receive assistance and the Westminster college community works hard to maintain a safe and accepting environment.
There are things that I love about the school... but also things that are really frustrating. The location and access to the outdoors are awesome, the dorms are exceptional, and there are some great teachers here too (depending on department). On the other hand, the food on campus is awful, some classes are a joke, and you have to work to find the right careers out here.
If you are looking for diversity and a comprehensive education then Weatminster College is the place for you. The small class sizes are really effective for learning and teachers truly care about what they are teaching.
Westminster is an amazing school. The classes, and professors challenge you but help you along the way. The campus is also beautiful! Students...are all really nice but pretty "clicky". Just be outgoing and people will come.
So far my experiences with other students have been reassuring and eyeopening. All of my fellow students are extremely conscious about others feelings and safety. In today's world there are many sensitive topics that need to be addressed, this can make meeting new people difficult. However, the students and staff here at Westminster are truly caring individuals.
Review Westminster College - Utah
The student to teacher ratio is great! The instructors are knowledgeable, helpful and interested in students succeed.
I love this school. Academically it is the best choice for me. I
It seems to have a good career center. I haven't started looking, so I don't know.
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