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Overall, I do believe that Westminster College in Salt Lake City is an exceptional school. However, I think there is a lack of diversity on campus and I would like to see that change. I am not only talking about "culturally" diverse, I would like to see more students on campus with different political views and colleagues of all socioeconomic statuses.
This college is perfect for those who like to have smaller class sizes with professors who actually want to work with their students. Everything is just as, if not more, rigorous and thorough as any other college or university. I look forward to my next 4 years here.
I have thus far loved being at Westminster. The faculty has been very approachable and presented the information well. The students are also friendly and helpful and a joy to work with. It is a school I feel anyone who works hard can succeed at.
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Westminster provides unique opportunities to students due to the very unique location of the school, mastery of teaching from the professors, and many other amazing things that the school offers.
Great school!
Very personable. The Professors really care.
Class sizes are so reasonable.
Lots of options!
The only good thing about Westminster college is how close it is to amazing skiing and the small class sizes. Aside from some of the professors, the staff is TERRIBLE. Anytime I needed something done or needed help it was nearly impossible to work with them. The admissions office and start center suck. Shaw (the dining hall) has very few options and is extremely over priced. Dorm life is kinda sucky because campus patrol is so strict (living on the draw is fun though). The party scene is very average. lots of house parties... some are fun and others are really small.. they also often get busted. Overall, I just don't feel like I get what I'm paying for at Westminster College.
Westminster is located in such a beautiful part of the Salt Lake valley, right in the heart of Sugarhouse. Campus is small, quaint, and gorgeous. Professors are a hit or miss, but most are wonderful and do what they can to ensure you understand their materials. A very liberal culture.
It was a culture shock coming from Vegas, but was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed warmly, and was able to take classes that fit my interests.
I LOVE Westminster College!! The class sizes are small, the campus is beautiful, and the teachers are all outstanding!
I haven't started yet but my experience so far with the admissions, advisors and students has been great.
I love the campus, professors and the surrounding area! I think Westminster should try to improve on their food and prices of food.
I love the campus of Westminster, it's a little woodland oasis in the middle of Salt Lake City. The classes and campus is small and the attention you receive from professors is like no other college I've been to / seen or heard of. It is extremely expensive but they do have a lot of grants to offer.
I am really enjoying my time at Westminster, the teachers and the classes are absolutely amazing. The atmosphere makes it really easy to be on campus and study. The teachers want you to do well and many of the classes are application learning so you use the skills you learn outside of class as well. The one thing that I would change is the price to go there. It is close to $18,000 a semester to go to school at Westminster.
I love the beautiful campus and how small it is. You are able to communicate with professors 1 on 1 which is really nice. The students that attend are overall extremely friendly and welcoming on and off campus. I would highly recommend my school to those who love a small environment for learning.
Coming from the University of Utah, I love Westminster. The class sizes are small and the campus is cozy. I feel as if my professors care about my wellbeing and are open to criticism and concerns. Even though it is expensive, I got a scholarship just for transferring there, which helps!
My college experience has been incredible! I have been exposed to so many different people while gaining an amazing education from professors who truly care. Not only have I been learned immense amounts, I have enjoyed myself while doing it.
I love the campus! Everything is so close together. It takes five minutes for me to get to my next class. The class sizes are small and the professors are so helpful! The only thing I would change is the cost. Since it's a private school it's extremely expensive.
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I got to Westminster as an aviation flight operations major and have been here for just a semester. So far I love living here and enjoy every day I spend in Utah. The activities are endless and you are incredibly close to ski resorts and climbing. If you are outdoorsy this is the school for you.
Westminster provides a safe place to study liberal arts. It is an amazing school with challenging and prestigious coursework.
This is a great school to come to. The faculty and students are dedicated to learning and teaching as much as they can. High costs can be a deterrent, but what you gain from the courses and professors more than makes up for it in my eyes.
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