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Westminster has small class sizes which is perfect for getting to know the people in your classes as well as the professors. Westminster also provides students with multiple opportunities at any given time to expand their horizons and work towards achieving their future goals.
From the first time I toured the campus, I felt at home at Westminster. The overall atmosphere is very nice, and everyone is amicable. From my experience of classes, almost all of the professors are more than willing tot provide extra help, and truly care about the students. I'm also an RA so I know from experience that if a professor notices that a student hasn't been going to class, or that they aren't doing so well they will check in and see if everything is okay. There are very few bad things I could honestly say about Westminster. One is that, second semester especially, everything is very centered around Greek life, so if you are an independent (the sororities cost a small fortune despite not having houses) it can become rather hard. The other thing is that on the weekends the food selection is rather limited on campus. The rest is mostly little things that will vary depending on one's experience.
Just starting my second semester, but based on my first semester everything went pretty smoothly. The small campus makes it hard to get lost, and lasses are easy to find. The students and teachers are all very friendly. My only problems are the food isn't the greatest and is kind of pricey and there isn't much to do on campus or the surrounding town.
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Westminster College is a very small school but very beautiful. The people who you see are all very nice and friendly. The academics are very credible and will set you up for a great career.
Westminster college offers a good education on a friendly campus with a great staff. I personally use my time at Westminster college to enhance my education and understanding of the world all while trying to find my place in it.
Westminster is a gorgeous campus with amazing people, professors, and staff. Their professionalism and personal attention is really what drives the school.
The Westminster College community is the most uplifting thing I could have imagined. Each of my professors and peers in concerned not only with their own attributes, but mine as well. Not even a month into the school year I had a net of people ready to support me if necessary. All the teachers are extremely passionate about and dedicated to their fields. They are excited to share their interactions in field work with students and take interest in why each student is passionate about it as well. Westminster is a wonderful place to get an education. There is time here to create a supported self and strive in studies.
My son is a freshman there. His locked room was burglarized over Thanksgiving. The school takes no responsibility and does not care. There are no security cameras at all on campus and the locks on dorms are a joke. The school charges $50,000 a year for this.
I'm a freshman Bio major. Judging from what I've experienced so far at Westminster, I'm going to be very well prepared for what I want to do after college because Westminster has a very good Bio program. The people are mostly very nice, can be a tight knit community. Almost too much like high school with drama and cliques.
New Wilmington, PA is a beautiful little town, very quiet and a nice community. Westminster College has a beautiful campus, excellent professors to help, small class sizes, and I always feel safe.
I love the community on campus. Class sizes are small and professors want you to suceed. Improvements are always made to campus and the new college President cares about the future of the schooland what the students say. Only thing that isn't great is the career center on campus.
My freshman year at Westminster wasn’t the easiest learning experience. Being the only African International Student where the entire student body is mainly Caucasian, it wasn't easy for me to fit in. I didn't know people of similar background or experiences I could relate with.
I did not have an awful experience, but it could've been better. The local community is bland and does not offer much to do on weekends or for leisure. The campus lacks diversity and isn't doing much to attract internationals. In my opinion, Westminster lacked the academic rigor and challenge I was looking for. Westminster is full of incredibly kind people. The academics lack the needed rigor and challenge. I really liked the small class sizes because everyone received attention. I believe Westminster needs to do more in terms of establishing a more diverse and international community as well as improving the level of academic rigor. Also, activities to make the community less monotonous should be introduced.
It is a nice college. It's a very small campus with not a lot of students, so people can make friends more easily. They do expect their students to know alot because it is a liberal arts school.
Great professor/student relationships. Classes are challenging academically and I've had an overall great learning experience. I love the small town feel, but it is difficult to do anything for fun or on the weekends if you do not have a car.
Although I transferred from Westminster College, I have no bitter feelings about it. The college was quaint and had an incredible sense of community. The academics were not exactly what I was looking for in terms of rigor therefore I left. Also, the local area is quite bland.
I love the sizes of the classrooms, and how caring the professors are about each student. Though there is not much to do in the small town of New Wilmington, the campus is beautiful and the college tries to host many activities for the students.
Everyone is so friendly, professors like to see you succeed. Campus is beautiful. Dorms are a little old-fashioned but with the right amount of decoration can look really nice!
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There is lots of things to do on campus and getting involved with the community.
I have enjoyed all of my classes and professors
Alumni support for graduate placement is exceptional.