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Westminster College is a great place to get a very personal, good liberal arts education. I have had classes ranging from 7 students to 30 students, so it is always personal. We have so many amazing professors with some really amazing resumes. Westminster offers a wide array of majors and new ones are always being added. We also have multiple agreements with other colleges and universities that can allow you to get an MBA in 5, etc.
Westminster college offers a unique and specialized education that allows you to excel inside and outside the classroom. Professors here are deeply passionate about their fields and truly care about your success, and with a variety of Majors and Minors, along with a "Build-your own" Major option, nothing is out of your reach. Westminster pushes you to become the truest version of who you are, but also allows you to emerge a global leader. They strive to not just give you a degree, but give you the necessary tools to courageously take on the world around you.
Residential life is the worst department in campus (not the student workers, only the faculty). They are super biased! and help only a selective students and they don't really care about most students.
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I am only a sophomore here at Westminster college and I love it here. I am a computer science major, and the head professor is terrific. Sports here are awesome especially Basketball, soccer, baseball, and volleyball. I love the atmosphere, especially since everything is within walking distance. The Frats are amazing, the sorority life could use some work. Some of the professor's don't get paid what they should here and some need to know when not to give their opinion. It's a fantastic college in which some of my friend's say it's a lot like a d1 school with all the activities going on and the town, except the big difference here is that everyone knows you. Also the President, Benjamin Akande is a fantastic individual.
Pretty nice school overall. Though, it is hard to feel at home because it is in the middle of no where. Honestly I dread going back because you are bored majority of the time. I am weighing my options to see if transferring is in my interest in the future. Columbia College may be on my watch list.
I just finished my first semester here and it was great. Teachers are interesting and very easy to work with. Small class sizes keep the learning experience personal. All the Freshman live in the Quad together in suite-style halls. This is a great way to meet many new people. Party scene is pretty good for a small school. Greek life is huge, personally. The campus is small but that makes it easy to get to class. Also, I find it to be well kept and quite ascetically pleasing. I've really enjoyed my short time here and have no regrets on choosing this college.
Westminster's professors are one of the top professors I have had. They care about you personally and academically and truly want to see you success. Their doors are always open and are always willing to help you out. The small community that Westminster is a part of is another unique and special thing about Westminster. It has a very homey feel to it.
I just started but I enjoy Westminster College. The weather is fair, the professors are nice, and there are a bunch of activities that you could join.
From what I have seen it is all vey good.
I absolutely love and enjoy attending Westminster.
I almost always feel very safe on campus.
Townhouse/freshman dorms are the best on campus.
Everyone is friends with everyone.
About sixty percent of the student body is athletes.
My overall experience at Westminster College has been wonderful. It is a campus full of historical significance. I feel that the college and all who are staffed at Westminster truly make the walls of the campus feel like home. I always feel challenged by the curriculum and intrigued by what may come next. I feel as though it has reinforced my love of learning and never fails to have a way of intriguing me. The amount of pride expressed by every individual upon the campus, professors, students, and staff alike, is remarkable. I could not be more impressed with the availablitly and willingness to help I receive from my professors. They truly value each student and that student's success as if they were their own child. I could not be more happy with my choice to attend Westminster College. It is always a great day to be a Blue Jay!
The frat houses have parties all the time. The parties seem like everyone is binge drinking. I do not go to parties so I do not know what they are really like but not partying has made me an outcast.
All of the professors I have had go out of their way to make sure I understand the topics and get the help I need. We have a lot of requirements (Tiers) that have to be completed but there are only a few classes to meet certain requirements. Often times there are classes that are only offered one semester every two years. The registration process is awful. The internet connection is extremely unreliable and when so many people log on at once, it crashes. There are not many study areas that are comfortable and well known. Most students study in their rooms which is not always the best environment for some students.
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Although we have a relatively large international population, most students do not get to experience as much of the other cultures largely due to the college housing international students together freshman year. Worship services for different religions are offered regularly. The campus seems to support the LGBTQIA community and we have lit the columns with rainbow colors for a ceremony supporting equal rights.
Alcohol is everywhere. If you don't like to drink or be around extremely drunk people you will not have fun. The drugs are kept pretty under wraps but a couple times a month the smell of weed will infiltrate campus.
The Greek life is very popular on campus. Westminster back in the day was an all men school and unfortunately only has housing for fraternities. However, now the sororities have halls in a few buildings for the members to be around each other. Personally, I am a non-Greek, but I support the Greek life. Those who are the sororities and fraternities seem to enjoy their experience and make a lot of friends.
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