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They make it very simple for you and if you don't understand they will make sure that you do.
Being in the VN program we are here the longest out of all the programs offered so we get to know the staff and they get to know us very well.
The schedule is always what is on the calendar for the month so that makes it easier to make other plans with work and life.
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There is always a computer available.
The teachers are very helpful in so many ways. They genuinely care about your success.
Being a vocational certificate program credits aren't transferable.
There was an Ipad included with tuition for us to have access to our books and online library.
This is a vocational school with a lot of resources.
We all get along well. We are like a family because the fast track program has us around each other a lot.
Depending on your financial aid status the school can become very costly, but if its something you want bad enough you will find a way to pay and justify its expense with your future.
for people that dont qualifie for full financial, should be able to know before getting an approved letter.
the waiting for nursing program is to long
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