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Westfield is great. The environment is just amazing, everyone is so friendly, it is really a great place to be. I love living there and I am so excited to go back in less than a week. It is not too big of a campus but also not small; you wont get lost in a crowd but you also won't know everyone. The community is great too. Lots of students give back to the community which is just a wonderful thing to be a part of or even just to observe.
Westfield captures the essence of both a large and small school. It is a great place to continue an education and get the college experience. It is a big commuter school so the opportunities are equal for residential and nonresidential students.
Westfield State is a great university filled with many different areas of study for students of all kinds. They are very open and love to make everyone feel welcome. They have an abundance of clubs and extra curricular activities. I especially love all of the classes that I have taken, and appreciate all the help and support I have gotten from my professors, I have connected well with quite a few. If I could change one thing, it would be the amount of activities open to commuters. All the activities are open for everyone but as a commuter it is harder to find time to join a club or such knowing that I also have to drive home later.
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I chose Westfield State because of the Banacos Center and the Education Department. Just like it would be at any other college, it was a big adjustment. If you're looking for a small college, I would 100% recommend Westfield State!
Westfield is what you make of it. I had an amazing time and learned a lot. I committed myself and put myself out there. Only by experiencing foreign situations and you really experience yourself!
When I was in high school, it was a lot of students and not many professors to give you the attention that I needed. As I am now in my second year of college, I love the small class sizes and the education that I am getting now is helping me be a better person for my future. I have a very positive experience here, because of my professors and the friends that I have gained. I love this campus and everything about Westfield has led me to be a better person for shaping my future.
Westfield state definitely has high quality professors who for the most part care about the students who show they are interested. I have done extremely well my past three years due to the help of the people surrounding me.
My parents and brothers all attended WSC! And they loved it. The campus has changed quite a bit since the '80's for the better. I did decide to go to Fitchburg though
I love Westfield State. I have learned and experienced so much during my time here. The classes and professors have left a positive impact on my life. I have also made lifelong friends that I will cherish forever.
Would love to see more extracurricular activities, clubs etc. Maybe some intramural sports and such. Also more work opportunities for student.
I currently attend Westfield State University and it is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. The people are so nice, I have not met one mean person there. The teachers are phenomenal and the teachers really care about their students education. The clubs and sports I recommend checking out because they are a blast and you meet a lot of new friends and get connected to the university immediately.
I like Westfield State University because it is a small campus and all the professors are friendly and helpful. Every professor wants to see you succeed and will help you reach that goal.
Westfield State University is a beautiful small community away from the cities that surround Westfield. There are a little over 6 dorm buildings if youre interested in staying on campus and they have a ton of amazing majors you can choose from and this university is known for their criminal justice and education programs so if thats what youre looking for Westfield is right for you. The professors are amazing and there are so many programs that can help you along the way through your classes.
The school is a perfect fit for people who don't like large classrooms. The small class sizes allow students to connect well with the professor and other students. The campus is beautiful when the seasons change and easy to navigate through. They offer a wide range of classes. Professors are very involved in your means to succeed, which is also beneficial.
I had a great experience with Westfield State. I took a tour at their college and came out of it with lots of knowledge on the school.
The housing was bad freshman year but got better
Athletes generally do not choose this school for its well-known teams. Sports are popular, but there generally isn't a large crowd for most games, which is disappointing.
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I actually enjoy going to my classes and I have made several friendships that I feel will last a long time. The campus is small enough that it is not overwhelming, while still being large enough that you can meet new people everyday.
I'm so happy I chose to attend westfield state
I feel very protected and safe at my school
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