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Westfield State University is a great school. The diversity could be better. Academics are good and students are respectful of each other and the campus as a whole.
Westfield is alright, the campus is nice but the professors are wild cards. Some of them are really nice and helpful while others are awful and don't even care about the students. The atmosphere depends on where you are, most people are really nice while a handful of people here and there can be rude or snobby. The food sometimes sucks and the dorms are okay depending on which one you are in. Davis hall for freshman is really nice and is for the most part well maintained and updated. Only come here if it's really affordable for you or you think you really like the campus, otherwise I wouldn't even apply.
I really enjoyed my experience here. The professors were wonderful, and it makes for a really friendly team environment here.
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Westfield state has changed my life for sure! My last four years would not have been without the help of the Urban Education Department, Banacos Academic Center and the TRiO program!
Ok university extremely affordable college in comparison to other state and private university's in the New England area.
I had a mix of experiences here. I think there are good people for the right reasons. But, The atmosphere is not like a public university. It’s a small private community. The natives of Westfield who are old and have lived and worked their are not a great asset to the school. Some of the admin needs to be uplifted and turned in my opinion. There are two very different faces to this school. There are people fighting for social justice and equality but you have to get by the other side of it too. The financial aid office is not helpful. They want cash. They also are not accepting of alternative part time students. They just put a lot of money into the buildings. I think it’s sad when new construction has very corrupt things in it. It’s not the walls that matter it’s the people InSide them. I was never encourage or helped by anyone when pursuing my degree. I would not recommend this school to anyone.
While the academics here are awesome (especially for education majors), the social life is horrible. I had several bad roommates and the culture of the school breeds smoking weed and drinking alcohol. There is nothing to do in Westfield except for those activities, so I went home every weekend.
It is a small campus, giving every student an opportunity to become a part of a family. Westfield State University is its own wonderful community. The staff, administration and students do everything they can to be welcoming and loving to each other. It is definitely a home away from home, seeing as though I am from Boston.
I like how everything is close knit and they try to get the students together. I just wish it had more fun activities that everyone would like. Westfield itself is very boring. There aren't many places around. So if you want to go to a place where you can focus. I guess Westfield State is an option for you.
I like the atmosphere at Westfield. The campus is not overwhelming and everyone had been very welcoming on my first day as a transfer.
It's been very fun here meeting all the friends I have made and bring part of the track and field team as a thrower. My coach and team mates are the greatest. Its been the greatest experience I've ever had being a part of a team. The Lifetime owls is one of my favorite reasons for being here! We always hold very fun trips and paint nights for the lifetime owls on campus and whoever else wants to participate!
Westfield was a great school. It had professors who cared for you. The class size was the perfect size. The campus itself was really pretty and was the perfect size.
None of the staff are helpful. The people at the registrar are completely useless. The professors are OK as long as you can get one that speaks fluent english then you should be set. Otherwise, any staff that is not a professor are not helpful in any manner.
I loved Westfield State. I did cheerleading here and it was a great opportunity to meet new people and stay involved. The people are great and the professors are personable and helpful.
Campus is clean and well placed in town. Classes are expensive compared to some other colleges in the area. Graduates/Commuters don't get a lot of attention given to them for programs and transitioning in from not taking college for a while. Teachers and students are friendly and helpful, however.
The campus itself is average- not aesthetically pleasing, could be redone, but not the worst. Teachers vary: some are great, some are terrible at communicating and challenging. Many resources available to students. It's easy to get involved. The campus is very diverse. It needs more/better late night food options. Students are friendly.
Overall, the professors are very open minded and help the students see the world more clearly, but they also make you have your own opinions on subject matter. The campus is well kept and small for my liking, but it is big enough so that way it doesn’t feel cramped. You always meet new people. The classes offered are interesting; I would never think to have half of the courses they offer.

What I would change is the atmosphere. There is an epidemic of racism currently on campus and it needs to stop. While the professors are helping the students by scheduling walk outs and holding rallies to stand up against the acts of racism, the overall fear of being a victim of a racist attack weighs heavily on students of color. The university should aim at making the campus feel safer for students off color.
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Like any college, you'll get out of it what you put into it. Westfield is an excellent school for its value, especially if you study Education, Criminal Justice, Psychology and other big majors there. I was a Music major and I was lucky to have incredibly talented and intelligent professors. I made some good friends, too, but it can take a bit to find your niche. Commuters make up a good portion of the school, so there isn't a huge "State School" vibe that you would get at UMass or other huge institutions. But the small size is partially why I went there. The dining hall just recently updated their food so it is amazing now. Overall I had a great experience, learned a lot about myself and the world.
I like how Westfield State tries to make everyone feel as welcome as possible. I have loved all my professors so far. The professors work with you to help you achieve your goals and to help you succeed in college. I wish they would change the food in the dining hall.
The school is pretty great and the staff and faculty are awesome when it comes to making sure that you are where you need to be!
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