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It's been very fun here meeting all the friends I have made and bring part of the track and field team as a thrower. My coach and team mates are the greatest. Its been the greatest experience I've ever had being a part of a team. The Lifetime owls is one of my favorite reasons for being here! We always hold very fun trips and paint nights for the lifetime owls on campus and whoever else wants to participate!
Westfield was a great school. It had professors who cared for you. The class size was the perfect size. The campus itself was really pretty and was the perfect size.
None of the staff are helpful. The people at the registrar are completely useless. The professors are OK as long as you can get one that speaks fluent english then you should be set. Otherwise, any staff that is not a professor are not helpful in any manner.
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I loved Westfield State. I did cheerleading here and it was a great opportunity to meet new people and stay involved. The people are great and the professors are personable and helpful.
Campus is clean and well placed in town. Classes are expensive compared to some other colleges in the area. Graduates/Commuters don't get a lot of attention given to them for programs and transitioning in from not taking college for a while. Teachers and students are friendly and helpful, however.
The campus itself is average- not aesthetically pleasing, could be redone, but not the worst. Teachers vary: some are great, some are terrible at communicating and challenging. Many resources available to students. It's easy to get involved. The campus is very diverse. It needs more/better late night food options. Students are friendly.
Overall, the professors are very open minded and help the students see the world more clearly, but they also make you have your own opinions on subject matter. The campus is well kept and small for my liking, but it is big enough so that way it doesn’t feel cramped. You always meet new people. The classes offered are interesting; I would never think to have half of the courses they offer.

What I would change is the atmosphere. There is an epidemic of racism currently on campus and it needs to stop. While the professors are helping the students by scheduling walk outs and holding rallies to stand up against the acts of racism, the overall fear of being a victim of a racist attack weighs heavily on students of color. The university should aim at making the campus feel safer for students off color.
Like any college, you'll get out of it what you put into it. Westfield is an excellent school for its value, especially if you study Education, Criminal Justice, Psychology and other big majors there. I was a Music major and I was lucky to have incredibly talented and intelligent professors. I made some good friends, too, but it can take a bit to find your niche. Commuters make up a good portion of the school, so there isn't a huge "State School" vibe that you would get at UMass or other huge institutions. But the small size is partially why I went there. The dining hall just recently updated their food so it is amazing now. Overall I had a great experience, learned a lot about myself and the world.
I like how Westfield State tries to make everyone feel as welcome as possible. I have loved all my professors so far. The professors work with you to help you achieve your goals and to help you succeed in college. I wish they would change the food in the dining hall.
The school is pretty great and the staff and faculty are awesome when it comes to making sure that you are where you need to be!
My first semester at Westfield state was enjoyable I met a lot of nice people and some of the teachers and staff were very helpful, and the course material was challenging at times but satisfying the use of critical thinking was encouraged by every teacher and the teachers always attempted to get the class involved.
Westfield has a good amount of majors to choose from. The psychology department was very good and had plenty of good professors to engage with. There were plenty of classes offered for my major and had no problem registering for the ones I wanted. There was no much of a campus life during the weekend however since a good amount of students commuted.
Westfield State University is a very cute small medium sized college. People there are friendly and genuine others not so much. The staff so far are very helpful with everything and feel like whenever I have a problem it can be handled immediately.
I am really loving my classes, my sport, and the people I have met so far. The campus and dorms are just the right size for me and I feel very comfortable here.
I love the community and the professors at WSU. One thing I would like to see change is the way that the community is reacting to the acts of hate and racism at the school.
I am currently enrolled here at WSU. I am a transfer from Holyoke Community College and the transition has been a little rough, however, WSU has eased some of that discomfort by offering my a campus that has very devoted professors and a department that I really, really love. WSU is my first "four year college" experience. I have seen a lot on campus and I have seen many people come together to stand up against acts of violence and hate. It was a really beautiful thing. The community here really care for one another and they take care of each other the best that they can. Academics here are amazing too. I have been challenged in the best possible ways here at WSU and I look forward to obtaining my well deserved degree.
WSU is an amazing university for every student regardless of their nationality. As diversity is highly encouraged. The school offers a nurturing and safe place for the students. The classroom size is perfect for individuals who prefer smaller classrooms. Also, the classroom size gives students the opportunity to get to know their professors and have a closer relationship with them.
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Westfield State University is a good, cheap state school. The most popular majors at Westfield are Criminal Justice, Education, and Movement Science.
Happy and proud to have attended Westfield State University in my hometown. It has been an amazing experience earning my Bachelors. I am beyond excited to be in the first class to attend the new Physicans Assistant Program starting January 2018.
This school is awful to attend! If your an undergraduate or graduate student who does not fall into the 18-23 range, go to a different college that knows how to treat adults with respect.

A lot of the administration and some of the faculty at this school have no idea how to teach and communicate with older adults, it sucks! A lot of them are afraid of teaching, helping, even talking to older adults because the majority of students that take classes here are in the 18-23 range and that is what they are used to. It's like they never worked in the private sector with a wide range of adults. It's pathetic!

A lot of the administration are very "cold" and some of the student workers are downright rude. The school tries to act like it is accepting to ALL students but the very people that try to accomplish this are the same ones that are discriminatory.
Graduate/Continuing Education Division sucks!
My academic advisor sucks!
Unfair grading!
Go to another school!
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