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Western Wyoming Community College is a great college, their small class size and student to faculty ratio makes the college experience more personal and enjoyable. Low cost and great students further make this an excellent choice for a college education.
If I could leave no stars I would. Western Wyoming Community College is by far one of the most convoluted and obtuse college I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. As I was attempting to even apply to this college I was given three different routes of information, all of which didn't work.

I was told I needed to register for classes before I could become a student, only after I registered did I find out my transcripts were actually just thrown in the trash, so now i'm forced to pay for classes I have no way of actually attending.
Western is such an awesome school! It is currently ranked the 7th best community college and the best in Wyoming. The staff are amazing and so friendly, which actually makes going to school a lot more enjoyable. The teachers actually care about the success of students and make sure they do everything they can to help us succeed. The staff help make Western a friendly and homey environment.
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Great small class size, lots of classes to offer with many helpful professors. The college has a campus in both Green River and Rock Springs which is convenient. Low cost, wish everywhere was this affordable for the quality!
Very nice from what I've seen, Affordable. My main problem is that you are forced to be with the people from your high school if you're from Wyoming. Not much culture.
I am a student at Western Wyoming Community College, and I am nearly finished with my first semester. WWCC has been a very decent college all around. I have made friends that might be around for the rest of my life, and I have gotten a good experience in every aspect of college that a kid would expect to get before going to college.
I have had a few courses that were online and in person. I have not taken an online course but my friends who have enjoyed them.
There are many different courses available. You can take any type of class you like even if it is not applicable to your major.
I have had the ability to grow in many different fields. i have obtained a greater need to learn since being in school.
I enjoy this school because of the relationship that can be built between teachers and students. The general population of the school is very friendly as well.
This school has been okay with flexibility. Most of the classes, however, require you to go to every lab scheduled, otherwise you fail. This has been an issue when traveling a distance.
I prefer the online courses mostly. I wish that some of the teachers would involve self made podcasts to help with teaching.
There were a lot of great teachers at this school, but there were also some that I felt were just there for a paycheck. I had MATH 1400 with J. Thomas, and he was awful. He did not communicate with any of the students. He did not go over the systems grading. He refused to fix flaws with the system grading. He didn't do any of the teaching, it was solely the My Math Lab.
So far I am working on an associates of science. I think that most of the classes have been decently paced. I took most of the prerequisites for the nursing program. The hardest two classes I took were anatomy and physiology, as well as MATH 1400.
Mr. Hawks is fantastic at teaching math. Dee Forrest has an amazing anatomy and physiology class. The advisers in the Evanston outreach are hit and miss. However, they just recently obtained a new one in place of the worst one so it has gotten better. There are at times misrepresentations given to the students that will hinder how long you will be taking classes until obtaining a degree. Make sure that you investigate everything and don't take anyone's word on important information.
The short time I've spent at Western already taught me so much I never understood in high school. My math class especially showed me so many things that will eventually help me tremendously with my dream to become a nurse, and I'm not even close to being in the nursing program yet.
College has been a tremendous experience so far. I have learn a great deal and met so many wonderful people. The professors are really nice, and the small class sizes have really been a great advantage.
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Vast selection of online classes to choose from. Great learning opportunity for me.
Registration was very simple and easy for me. I registered for some classes with administrative help and some on my own.
I have enjoyed all aspects of my school. The campus is something I especially take much pride in.
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