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Theater department working hard and rebuilding program. Helpful staff and professors. Campus is clean. Classes are a great investment for a community college.
When I first stared school it was a shocker I was not prepared for a life of using a computer to do all my school work heck the last time I had gone to college I used pen and paper. The staff and Professors have been great at helping me get through my new life as a college student.
Very good school smaller so you get more individual time with professor if need during the office hours the staff and everyone is so friendly.
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I really like that they offer so many classes on line. Being a working mom of 3 it makes going back to school so much easier.
I'm going to say that the price of the college is overall great. And most of the professor were super cool and willing to help as long as you were willing to help yourself too.
The problem was with the higher ups. If you don't keep on top of things, your credits could disappear, people have had to retake classes because "they've never had taken them" and own thousands of dollars in money because of that place. The staff, the professors, are amazing and help you learn a lot of things. The people that are in the offices with financial capabilities and in that whole area are trash.
Also, if you do a survey that says hey, you guys need to fix something, it "suddenly disappears" and they'll ask you to retake the survey.
Western Wyoming Community College is a friendly environment that you would love being around all the time. The faculty and students are super helpful and caring.
I have taken some classes up at the college as a junior and senior in high school. My experience with the college went really well, I had such great professors. They worked with me as a high school student as well with my sports schedules. The classes I took were very well taught and I got the most out of them.
At Western Wyoming Community College, I like that everyone is involved. The professors are great, the students generous and kind and fun, and the quality of the food is great.
They have a great system for their students to study whatever they please. It is sort of large but it has just the right amount of students for someone to adjust to college life and get comfortable.
I love how helpful the staff is. I'd love to see some bridges from high school to college. I've never felt uncomfortable on campus and I knew it was where I needed to be as soon as I stepped on the campus. If you are looking for somewhere to succeed it would be here.
I love this college so much. It's run super well, the staff is incredible, and the tuition isn't expensive.
This College offers so many degrees. The professors and the students are hand down the best. They are actually there to help you if help is needed!!!
Western is a great college. The teachers and staff are willing to do anything it takes to help me succeed.
All staff is very supportive and understanding. All teachers and workers are more than willing to help. This college provides lots of assistance to all that are looking for it. Great educational opportunities.
Not a lot of options for classes and majors are limited. Student life is almost non existent. The professors are qualified and create a good learning environment for classes that are offered.
I am a Student Ambassador at Western Wyoming Community College and I have had a great experience. I love how the class sizes are much smaller than most colleges. Western is also very affordable for many students. There are many scholarship opportunities, if you qualify for them. Many out of state students are not eligible nor are out of county students able to apply for institutional scholarships. If I could change anything about Western Wyoming Community College I would offer more scholarship with a bigger range of variety so that more students can apply.
Western Wyoming Community College is a great college, their small class size and student to faculty ratio makes the college experience more personal and enjoyable. Low cost and great students further make this an excellent choice for a college education.
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If I could leave no stars I would. Western Wyoming Community College is by far one of the most convoluted and obtuse college I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. As I was attempting to even apply to this college I was given three different routes of information, all of which didn't work.

I was told I needed to register for classes before I could become a student, only after I registered did I find out my transcripts were actually just thrown in the trash, so now i'm forced to pay for classes I have no way of actually attending.
Western is such an awesome school! It is currently ranked the 7th best community college and the best in Wyoming. The staff are amazing and so friendly, which actually makes going to school a lot more enjoyable. The teachers actually care about the success of students and make sure they do everything they can to help us succeed. The staff help make Western a friendly and homey environment.
Great small class size, lots of classes to offer with many helpful professors. The college has a campus in both Green River and Rock Springs which is convenient. Low cost, wish everywhere was this affordable for the quality!
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