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Western Washington University has great professors who are experts in a variety of fields. As a Liberal Studies major, I've met so many passionate students and staff who are enthusiastic about the subjects they study. However, though it tries to be socially aware, Western is a school that is predominantly white, and often its activist endeavours, both from students and staff, are white-focused.
It's a great college for those who love the outdoors since there are many opportunities to hike and ski nearby. The school itself has many small problems which is fine but they do start to affect you over time.
The overall experience of applying is fairly simple. The college is just as stunning in person as it is in pictures. I love the people there, they are all very nice.
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Western Washington University has a great community established in the university as well as surrounding the university. The people are friendly and caring with some diversity in the student body through students of color and out of state students. The staff at the university ranging from Professors, Teaching Assistants, Custodial Workers, and more are wonderful and very respectful to the university and those who are at the university. Western gives an amazing experience to those who value their education and have fun while doing so!
I am a sophomore at WWU majoring in electrical engineering. The campus is big compared to the universities that I have visited in Washington state and not diverse as they said on their website. I have taken more 15 classes so far being the only black student in my class in every one of the classes. Professors are very good especially once you get to higher level classes. Housing is cheap and better off campus because the food on campus is not so good and if you live on campus, it's mandatory to have meal plans. Bellingham is not a big city so everything closes early, which helps students to be more focused.
There are a few things you can do in your course to inspire students to set and to achieve challenging goals. A primary factor is to demonstrate to the students the importance of the subject matter covered in the course. Everyone is more willing to work longer and harder when there is value to the task to be completed.
It's a nice bigger, small school, so if you don't like someone ya can avoid them. Outdoor activities are through the roof.
Online classes are great. Most professors are helpful. Campus is beautiful, especially in the fall. Close to Canada, which is fun, but pretty far from Seattle proper, which is a bummer.
The campus is beautiful and all of my professors have been amazing. Getting into the psychology classes that are required for the major has been an issue, but the students and faculty have been working together to correct the issue and have already started to make it easier for future psych students.
Western's tightly knit community makes the campus feel small and welcoming. Professors are happy to answer questions and are attentive to student needs. Class sizes tend to remain relatively small, maintaining an environment conducive to learning. The atmosphere at Western is enhanced by its setting in one of the most beautiful cities in the US. The infrastructure is artistic and the campus is set up with sculptures all throughout campus. Bellingham has many hole-in-the-wall restaurants and is quaint during the day while still having an active downtown scene at night. The campus is gorgeous and students love to attend basketball games since we do not have a football team.There are two gyms, one newly renovated for basketball and some intramural sports and the other fitted with a climbing wall, track, pool and more. There are many athletic activities to get involved in, both clubs and sports teams.
I loved the atmosphere of the whole town and campus. It was very beautiful. And I loved the students especially.
I like professors, faculty members, and students at WWU. However, there are not enough environment, scholarship, job opportunities, and resources for international students.
I love that Western Washington strives for a discrimination-free campus as well as their strong emphasis on relieving stigma for people in all categories of class, race, and sexual orientation.

I hate the parking services.
Very beautiful campus. Expect long walks when walking from the north campus to south campus. Helpful teachers, and a helpful student-run tutoring center. Sometimes it's hard to reach out for resources (registration, advising, etc).
I enjoyed Western Washington so far in my college career. There are many resources available for students who struggle with disabilities, as myself. The only thing I would change is the price of the school to be even more cheap than it already is. However, the price of the school already is incredibly worth the education and experience I am getting.
I love the campus, itself! A ton of neat things to see and do as you walk around between classes, or just for fun. Every season brings beauty to the campus, and you can't beat the breathtaking view of Bellingham Bay, especially at night! My professors have been really great and helpful, for the most part. I've met my best, life-long friends at Western. The people are pretty friendly, in general. The dorms are not terrible--I lived in Nash for my first two years. It's located in a super eccentric city, and Downtown Bellingham is an incredible, quirky place for eating, shopping, and exploring! Overall, I am really going to miss attending school at Western when I graduate!
One of the most beautiful campuses I have visited. Everyone was very friendly and I will hopefully be attending in the fall.
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So far, the college experience here is decent. The school itself provides satisfactory living and dining commodities. College life here on campus is fantastic; you meet cool new people everywhere you go so, making friends is easy and fast. However, there are occasional instances of party goers gone awry or suspicious activity that make you feel uneasy or surprised.
I am a returning student to Western Washington University, after having taken three years away while my husband was stationed overseas. We are both now returned to our home state, and are continuing our education here. We both love Western and couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Friendly , supportive and small class sizes. I love the the freshman classes have small teacher to student ratios. Love the dorms and the community. Many groups to choose from especially if you love the outdoors.
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