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I just really felt at home at this campus. There are lots of good areas to hang out and tons of art pieces around the campus.
My kids went there, They had an experience on campus and great professors. They were very satisfied with their education. WWU prepared them with the skills to enter the workforce.
Everyone there was super friendly. The food was pretty good. There is a lot of construction going on, and the dorm rooms were hot and very outdated.
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A larger commitment to diversity, but academics are very nice. Professors are caring but some of the other areas in the school are poor.
Good culture, decent enough professors, fair internal systems, and okay dorms but VERY cheap. I met many cool people and made many friends as to be expected. Most of my professors were pretty good, besides one computer science teacher who's fairly infamous within the major. The dorm I was in was small and dirty honestly, with poor heating and cooling, but the other dorms were much nicer. The biggest upside is that it's a university who's price is on par with community colleges. There's a small athletic scene with a few sports. Bellingham is alright, some parts better than others. On the ocean though, which is great. I personally enjoyed the food a lot, at all 3 dining halls.
Western is the perfect fit for me. I am an education major and am extremely passionate about learning and growing. At Western, I am surrounded by likeminded individuals who value learning and education just as much. My friends and I are able to motivate each other to perform well. The whole vibe of the school is about achieving, which is very encouraging and healthy. Living on campus, I was able to make some incredibly close friends right on my hall, as well as in surrounding buildings that were easy to walk to. The location is perfect - I called my dorm room a treehouse because the entire campus is practically built in the forest. The school is located right on Bellingham Bay and is about an hour drive from Mt. Baker, making it very easy to get outdoors and ski, hike, camp, kayak, and whale watch. Being so immersed in nature made me feel whole, content, and and centered in all that I did.
It is what you make it, people either love it or hate it. Opportunities for a very active social life if you find your group, but it is very easy to end up being/feeling left out if you don't end up finding a clique through clubs, dorms, etc. Beautiful campus is a plus but not worth the weird atmposphere
Pros: excellent selection of programs, beautiful campus, lots of housing nearby, lots of local bars and music, many open spaces nearby, Vancouver, Canada is 90 minutes away, teachers have quarterly reviews, fairly liberal college and surrounding area

Cons: more expensive than community college, very white student body, campus is very large and can take a long time to get from place to place, parking is limited and expensive, Bellingham is fairly boring if you don't drink or do outside activities
It had a beautiful campus with so many great activities to be involved in. Staff and students were so amazing and creative. It also has one of the best education programs in the state and is well recognized.
I enjoyed visiting this campus but can't say that I would go to the school. Several friend that went really enjoyed their time there but none of them are using their degree. A few friends i had really disliked the school left after the first year. I remember it being very cold and windy, I don't think I could live there fulltime. The area has its perks, many outdoor activities. It is also close to Canada if that is of some interest.
Western Washington University has a great balance between academics and student life. There's plenty of spaces to work on homework as well as hang out with friends. In addition, there are numerous opportunities to further one's experience through the Volunteer Center of Whatcom County and Western's variety of clubs and resources.
It is ok and its great to be up there in the outdoors. I love western a lot and i hope others can get used to it too especially if from different countries.
Beautiful campus, if you love the outdoors, this is a wonderful place to go. Although if you dont want to party DO NOT live on the Ridge, you wont ever sleep because people are so loud.
Western is an amazing school to go to. With world-class facilities and tucked away in the cozy city of Bellingham, it's in the perfect sweet spot for any prospective student. Not to mentiion the tuition - it's very reasonable and is actually going down as time goes on. Bellingham itself is a great little town, but shuts down around 10pm so be sure to figure out something else to do if you're younger than 21!
The students here are very accepting of one another. But sometimes it feels as though the school doesn't care as much as it should. With expensive parking, printing, and fees it's hard to feel as if I'm paying for education instead of some faculty's new car.
I was extremely disappointed with WWU. This school has some major problems. One of them was actually one of the reasons I chose to come here-- it being a liberal school. This school is probably 99% liberal. I, myself am very liberal, but the problem with such a large political majority is that people stop challenging their own beliefs. There is no plurality of thought at WWU. The whole school lacks diversity. This school is so white it’s a joke. It's like going to school with 15,000 Mac Demarco's. And yet there's no sense of community on campus. The most SERIOUS issue about WWU however is the ResLife situation. I don't have enough characters to explain, but look up the WWU ResLife petition and you will get a small part of what is going on here at WWU. Their actions show how little they really care about their students. I have had some amazing professors, so shout out to them. They were the only reason I didn't transfer sooner.
Amazing setting, lots of outdoorsy things to do with hikes, water sports, and winter skiing/snowboarding. Classes were small and personal. Profs were approachable. Tons of campus life activities and clubs for every group.
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Love the location, near lots of trails and beautiful scenery. There's a lot they can do better on making the campus more welcoming and safe. Terrible for wheelchair and disability access.
It's a good school. The professors know what they're doing and try their best to be friendly. The social scene isn't very accommodating to students that live off-campus.
Western Washington University is a very good place to learn. A lot of pretty good classes and pretty competitive programs, particularly with the Environmental Studies and Business Programs. The campus is mostly student-led, so you can ensure that your voice can be heard.
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