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Western is a very open and supportive school. They support the students and listen to their thoughts and ideas as well as their complaints. They support students individually as well to ensure a successful and supporting environment. They also have a number places to get specified help for many different things!
Beautiful campus. Helpful professors. Great tutoring center and library. Lots of hidden spots to study that are quiet. I wish the dorms were nicer. Dorms are not bad just not great. Great town that loves the students as well.
Western Washington University is a beautiful campus with caring professors and education team that makes you feel right at home.
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I have not been there but I have done my research and it looks like a beautiful school with a gorgeous campus and I would love to go there one day!
Western Washington continues to come highly recommended to me! I’m resides in the amazing culturally rich town of bellingham which is home to artists and creatives a like. The campus is beautiful with a strong staff and diverse program availability.
It is a beautiful campus, but it is Washington so the weather is terrible for the winter months. It is very difficult to get up and get to class during the winter gloom. Also, there are very inconsistent professors. I have met the most amazing professors at western, but I have also fallen victim to some of the worst professors possible.
Western is definitely more of a "lets go paddle boarding across a lake" than a "let's get wasted downtown" kind of energy. Students mainly live on campus so our school events are always lively and pleasant. The campus itself is serene and feels tucked away from the rest of Bellingham, however there is always construction going on. Always.

You can feel a lot of deluded hippy energy, but overall western and it's students are very studious and care-free. You can feel Western cares during those hellish exam weeks, or at least the professors do.

Dorms are expensive and not worth it, with required overly priced meal plans so everyone always eats out. Therese a bunch of eateries in town anyway. Since the students are always out, there's also the night buses that can take us back to campus/ dorms and the Greek Coats that make sure we safely get home. Overall, a caring campus.
Bellingham is so beautiful to live in! So many activities on and off campus to be a part of. Students are active and fight to make change anywhere it is needed. Professors are very hit or miss but I have had some amazing experiences in both required and my major classes.
I liked that the campus felt like home, wasn't super overwhelming. The area was very nice as well, very close to downtown Bellingham. I dislike how far Bellingham is from home but that's about it.
Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies is my favorite aspect of this university. The class sizes are smaller, discussion based, and project centered. Emphasis on learning from your classmates is held to a high standard.
I love the general vibe of WWU. If you're looking for a safe space for all gender expressions, beautiful nature spots, and a downtown area full of character (while also not wanting to be out in the middle of nowhere) WWU is your college. Everyone seems very friendly and inclusive and eager to help you in any way- especially freshmen. The one thing I would change is how last minute the financial aid department gets back to you, but hey, sacrifices.
Western Washington University is overall a very good school with a nice price point for the quality of education available. The academics are great and the professors are very supportive. I have enjoyed my time at WWU as a transfer student.
I love the campus and surrounding city of Bellingham. It is all very safe and comfortable and the people are rather kind.
I love Western. I love the enviroment and size. The student-teacher ratio is perfect for one-on-one discussions. Everyone is welcoming, kind, and open to all persons.
Good learning environment. Teachers have been somewhat open to points of view that differ from their own which has been welcoming.
They keep stringing you through classes if your Major is full of hundreds of applicants and there are only 60 spots available or what-ever amount.

Point being they told me my Ideas of what I want to do in life, my business and goals are impossible. I had investors I found through networking and filed for a permit for an I502 grow processor. My professor said I’d never make it and denied my application to my Major twice and accepted people who don’t know what they are doing in life or even why they are taking that major and scored lower on tests than I did and the professor accepts to them.

There are good professors but I don’t pay $30,000 to get an “education” and be told I’m not smart enough to live life and goals.

I dropped out started my own business now make like $40,000 two years out and I keep making more money Every Day! Don’t let them suck your money away! Keep passionate to your ideas don’t let people discourage great ideas. Always keep learning
I really liked the atmosphere at the school. Very open and welcoming. On the other hand, it is a very opinionated school, with a lot of head butting.
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WWU is a amazing school. This institution provides student with plenty of low cost/ free extra curricular activities.
My experience at WWU has been excellent. The program I am in has really made me step up and better myself as a person. I transferred from a different university and have had a MUCH better experience then I thought possible.
Small class sizes, teachers are hit and miss though. the local area is amazing, no greek life so party scene isn't the best until 21+