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Western Washington is a beautiful campus, with a wonderful Liberal studies and Humanities department. However, the school attempts to nickel and dime you for everything under the sun.
I am currently at the end of my freshman year. I have lived on campus since September. The campus and neighboring are wonderful. Bellingham is perfect for those who love the outdoors or the pacific northwest. this place is small town while still having a big city energy. the people are lovely and there is something very romantic about the area.
I absolutely love Western Washington University. Bellingham is such an amazing area and has a great community. No matter where you go you will always be included.
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The campus is very dog friendly and feels more like a open park rather than a college. Everyone is very nice and friendly to each other. The city of Bellingham is within walking distance to the campus and the local bus system offers free fares to students that have their ID. You do not need a car to get around campuy as everything is in walking distance and very close to each other.
the orientation presented lots of potential but after the first few months, it became a very dull school
Very streamlined admission process with an excellent manager to their Huxley College of the Environmental!
The campus of Western Washington University is absolutely breathtaking and makes going to classes a great experience. The college is surrounded by nature and fresh air. There is a wide variety of programs and degrees available and lots of support for any major. It is a little bit difficult to get involved in campus life but it is academically great.
Beautiful campus and city, friendly staff and students, a wicked bagel shop in the library; WWU is a haven. It is only about an hour away from the border and a 30 minute kayak trip to the San Juan Islands. Academics are engaging and fun. If you're thinking about applying to WWU, visit the campus and soon you'll be packing your bags!
Since I lived off campus, I don't know what the dorms or meal halls are like, but I loved everything else! The one drawback I found was that although the school is very liberal, people are quick to judge if you don't fit in that liberal bracket. Despite this people are friendly and always willing to help!
WWU is a wonderful school that represents itself incredibly well. The academic programs and professors are not only well qualified, but amazing. The return on your investment will be worth it as they connect you with many of the local employers in Washington State. The campus not only bolsters itself with the beautiful scenery of the ocean and the nearby North Cascades, but it looks amazing with the red brick and the open atmosphere in addition to a sculpture garden. The University offers immensely talented sports with multiple olympians, and over performing Women's Rugby and soccer. Bellingham itself is an amazing college town.

Drawbacks include average college style buffets and aging housing. THe diversity strugles outside of white individuals, but the LGBTQ+ community thrives at WWU as the student body remains incredibly supportive. Safety has become an issue following multiple incidents of Voyeurism, sexual assault, and lack of prosecution but otherwise is incredibly safe.
The campus guides were amazing and friendly. The campus was very nice and clean. The campus location was also very unique; placed in the bay area with a great view, and the beautiful hiking trails surrounding it.
I would like to see more on-campus events more frequently throughout the year. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoy many aspects of this school. The professors that I have had experience with have been nothing but helpful and positive, and I actually have enjoyed immersing myself in an environment I would not have ever imagined myself in.
I love the Kinesiology and A&P professors, they're extremely helpful and personable. Western does a good job with safety on campus, as students we receive a notification if anything in our area seems suspicious. The school has a free tutoring center in which student can come in and get help with classes on homework and just studying materials.
My experience at Western so far is pretty good because the school has a positive and diverse environment. The school accepts numerous of different characters and accepts them for who they really are. Something I would like to see change is to have more security around campus, especially at night.
I choose this school because the people are nice and the location is great. The professor are good too. There is alot offered to do. School is also at a better price then other schools.
If you want to go to a school that is filled with accepting students and professors alike, live in a town with lots of fun shops and things to do, and never be any further than 5 minutes away from a scenic view/outdoor recreation... then look no further than Western Washington University! It's really got it all... great college atmosphere, lots to do just minutes off campus, and more!
This is my second year at Western and I've really enjoyed it so far. The transfer process was seamless. My professors have all been pretty good and I've enjoyed my classes. The campus is really beautiful and there are a lot of activities and clubs for students to participate in.
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I like my school but there are areas they could improve. The dorms I stayed in were disgusting and falling apart, but I had friends staying on the newer side of campus who lived in very nice roomy dorms.
I had great and engaging professors and a wide variety of unique classes to choose from. Bellingham is the perfect size for a college town and is right next to the water as well as the mountains.
Now that I have declared my major and am in the process of looking toward graduation, things have been excellent, both academically and socially. Prior to getting into my major pro
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