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I have never been concerned about my safety. Every faculty member has a photo of all the students and the security guards are always there from the opening to closing of the building.
Medical school is difficult to get in, but WesternU's interview and application process is very fair and reasonable. I enjoyed my interview and successfully got in.
There is no campus housing
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There is no greek life.
There are not athletics, it is a medical school.
WesternU is an amazing institution. They truly want their students to succeed and are doing everything in their power to do such. They are constantly adapting to changes and working for the students to be the best doctors for our future patients.
I feel relatively safe on campus, there is just not a very big buffer zone between the campus and the Pomona community.
We have had guest alumni for different events (lunch talks, lectures) which makes me feel like I will also be successful.
It's been a year and I'm still getting used to their Problem Based Learning. I appreciate that we learn everything at once as opposed to studying anatomy for one semester, studying physiology another semester, etc. It feels overwhelming but I need to learn how to apply these concepts at the same time.
There are no athletics at this school. It is a medical school.
It is such a professional institution that honestly cares about the success of it's students. I wish I would have found the university prior to completing my original master's degree in nursing education. The school is extremely well organized and it's evident that they want you to succeed.
The people and the place were very welcoming.
I didn't have to go through perquisite courses as a foreign student
Relationships are very fun, very nonjudgmental and everybody comes from a different background so it is very diverse.
I don't mind the food on campus, I usually go home to eat because it's close and less expensive.
Its LA - its expensive and small! If you are lucky to find a house within a few miles from campus that is your best bet.
No one really parties because we are all grad students! We like our sleep and have to be medical professionals!
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There are security guards all over, and they are nice and friendly and helpful! You can call for a security escort at any time to your car, class, or wherever on campus. You must have an ID badge to get around campus, so it prevents weirdo's or creepers from being there.
There is a starbucks and a subway near by, but not much else within walking distance.
We do not have any sports or teams, not even sure we have a mascot...
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