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I liked the teachers there they worked with me when I needed help. They were very welcoming to new students.
The teachers were very helpful when I needed it. They helped me in the places that I needed help in. They were also very understanding.
I liked the small campus, some of the professors do care about students and want them to succeed which is nice, but some don't which was discouraging. Overall I enjoyed my experience here and expanded my knowledge.
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The teachers are great. They have there office hours which helps out a ton. They will try to work with you if you can't make it to class and/or if you are an athlete. The girls dorm is nice.
The college is in a small town surburban area. There is a small student to teacher ratio allowing for a personal teaching experience. The campus offers a wide arrange of sports and provides up to an associates degree. The faculty are very personal and the food is above average. Best of all it provides an affordable education that can transition to a four year University.
I love it because it is a small college and you have all the help you need from amazing teachers. You will always have access to them, and they will help you succeed.
Western Texas College was a great college to go to after high school. The environment is excellent and has excellent staff and faculty. The school may be small, but it makes your experience even better. Everyone gets to know everyone; you need help with financial aid, it's easy to find someone and help you out.
This college is a good school to start out with if you are scared to enter the big school campus. The campus is small so it is easy to get around and find where you are going. The dorms are also close to the school so it makes for faster transit. Not only is the campus small but the town is small too which means it's easy to find places like stores and restaurants. Everyone is kind here and it's a good place to find new friends. Again, if you're scared of going to a larger school, this is a good place to start out with!
Western Texas College has been a great experience so far. There are a few things that need fixing, but overall it is a great place to start off.
Everything about the school is fantastic. The community is very worried about what is going on the school, and as an International student I have received a lot of attention.
Western Texas College was a wonderful online experience. Each professor I had was helpful in every way. They use Moodle/Ecampus for online students, which I was not too fond of because I prefer Blackboard; however, it was not difficult to navigate.
The instructors are not very good, they seem to just be collecting a paycheck. I went for Drama, but the drama program is full of students looking for an easy class. The dorms are good, and tuition is low. If you're just trying to get your basics out of the way without a lot of money, it'll do.
My overall experience at Western Texas College was great. I met a lot of new people in my two years at the college. There were some troubles around campus with construction but the new changes have been coming along and looking great. I think Western Texas was a great choice for my first two years of school. The classes are not too big and the campus has a lot of fun student activities.
My experience of Western Texas College is still going great. I am definitely loving the professors. I am into my 4th and final semester here at the WTC and I'm really enjoying how the professors interact with the students. On TV or movies I see that professors in college don't care much for their students and offer little to no help. I'm not sure if it's because WTC is a smaller campus than other colleges in the state but that is one big thing I really admire about the college experience. I could care less about the size of the school. The quality of the classes is what I'm looking at the most.
WTC is a fun college to attend and there always activities throughout the week so you won't get bored
Great school every treats you like they would want to be treated make you feel like you belong
Excellent choice of online courses.
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It will prepare me well for a larger school program.
Courses are great and applicable to my career. Classes sizes are great for one on one.
It was a very easy process.
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