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My time here has been amazing. The instructors are helpful and encouraging and it's best thing about this school. Western Technical is also very affordable, allowing me to get through debt free.
All staff is very friendly. Education is amazing at this school. Very challenging and worth your time and money. Also very affordable
I have been at Western for almost four years. The staff is awesome, professors are always around to answer questions. The professors I have had over the past years have been able to help me anyway they can whether that is staying after school for office hours. Also the school has many other helpful resources ranging from help with finding a career after graduation; They also have tutoring hours available.
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As a forty something returning back to college it is life changing. This year was the ending of a restaurant career after twenty something years. Turned into the beginning of a wonderful future in the medical field. Starting in January of 2018 I enrolled myself into the Nursing Assistant Program at WWTC, in which I received my certification in. I enjoyed my learning so much, I figured I didn't want to stop learning and enrolled myself now in the Medical Assistant Program. The teachers, staff and alumni want to see everyone who walks through the Welcome doors to have a goal in mind and to succeed at it.
Western Tech is a great school for any type of lifestyle! They have plenty of online and on campus course options! The instructors want to see you succeed and are very understanding if you are honest and open with them!
I attended Western many years ago and things may have changed, but when I was there it was fantastic. I got a good education for not a lot money. I had a job 6 months before graduation and 18 yrs later I still work on my field of education. I think that says a lot since I survived the stock market crash of 2008 and the recession that followed. I have never been unemployed for 18 yrs. With my degree I can pretty dictate the salary I want to make within reason. I highly recommend Western and in fact I’m sending my husband there this fall because he is unable to find employment with his BA.
At Western Technical College, it is a fight to be able to get into classes. There are very many things that one has to do to register, and they are not laid out well. Most teachers there are helpful, but some tend to brush off students, and not help them to their fullest extent. The administrate department does little to help with student financials, and is very poor in terms of flexibility. They are not willing to help students who come to them with questions or concerns.
I attended WTC and graduated in 2005. I decided to go back to school and get another degree, everyone is great to work with and help is always there if you ask.
Western Technical College is an outstanding college to attend. The teachers are very knowledgeable and have vast amounts of experience in the programs they teach. Western introduced Project Proven which reaches out to incarcerated individuals to help them reach their educational goals.
I have attended Western Technical College for the last three years. I am in the nursing program and it's instructors are hit or miss. Either they are great or they are absolutely horrendous, so you just have to choose carefully.
The professors are all so helpful and if you ever need extra help they will meet with you at any hour of the day. Also the campus is tight nit and everyone knows everyone. Also if you ever need help with anything you can ask anyone around campus from security to any student. There is so many resources like helping with math or helping with studying.
I believe that western technical college is one of the finest schools that you can attend, even if you don't know what you want to study. the teachers are the top and are always there for you. If you don't want to spend the high dollar amounts at a four year college and go through the hassel but want the same education, western technical college is a great choice. Something that I would change is the diversity. Because I am a minority, I've noticed that the school is not well mixed with diversity.
Western Technical College is a great school to start out your first college experience. The campus is easy to find and most of the buildings are newer, which is a plus. I love all of the professors i've had so far and will continue taking Medical Assistant until 2020 :)
Western is definitely a good start out school but I would recommend transferring to obtain a Bachelor's Degree at some point.
I have had good results with WTC, most of the time. Other then one issue with a past profeser, everything has been great.
The staff and instructors are truly there to see you succeed. There are tons of opportunities and recourses there to help you be the absolute best you can be!
The school has variety programs in many areas of the economy. They need improvement on academic advisors due to not informed information on timely sensitive documents needed to be turned in for billing, program enrollment, and fiancial aid paper work. The simulator software has bugs that are used for courses.
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I was accepted into a 4 year public university upon high school graduation. I opted for Western, intending to be a transfer student, because i had no idea what I wanted to go to school for. I ended up staying here because I found a program that best fits my career goals. Teachers are fantastic and there are many program options.
The professors are great. I haven't had any problem getting a hold of them trying to work things out between missing class due to work or any other issues school related or not.
If I could of finished the two years I put off from getting my diploma, my life pattern and job success could and would do alto better in my circumstances now. although its always time to renew my oppurtunity of success the right way , I'm so thankful for w.w.t.c for everything the have done for my community and educational resources. Be back soon....
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