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I was accepted into a 4 year public university upon high school graduation. I opted for Western, intending to be a transfer student, because i had no idea what I wanted to go to school for. I ended up staying here because I found a program that best fits my career goals. Teachers are fantastic and there are many program options.
The professors are great. I haven't had any problem getting a hold of them trying to work things out between missing class due to work or any other issues school related or not.
If I could of finished the two years I put off from getting my diploma, my life pattern and job success could and would do alto better in my circumstances now. although its always time to renew my oppurtunity of success the right way , I'm so thankful for w.w.t.c for everything the have done for my community and educational resources. Be back soon....
Review Western Technical College - Wisconsin
Everyone at Western Technical College is very welcoming to new students. Every student is able to work their education around their work schedule. Although it is a technical college, they make a career possible for everyone and they make a future affordable.
I have not been in school for 20 years and the instructors here at Western Technical are so helpful, and I have enjoyed all of my classes so far going toward my nursing program. They have tutors available and the instructors are an email away and will answer any questions. I am having a great experience and would recommend this Technical College to anyone who is thinking about going on to school any age that you are.
I'm a current student at Western Technical College. It's a great college to start at with lots of help and great instructors. I love it here and would recommend it to everyone.
As a non-traditional student, I have found Western Technical college to be a good fit. With the availability of on-line courses it offers great flexibility as I also work full-time. I would highly recommend Western TC to anyone thinking of going back to school. The staff has made it an amazing experience!
I can not give an accurate rating on this yet. I just finished a semester of generals, and the real "meat and potatoes" of the program start in the fall semester.
I would choose this school again due to the fact that the teachers make themselves available for extra assistance.

I may choose to not be apart of this school again, due to the fact of not receiving enough guidance for the basics.
I only take online courses and I absolutely love it.
I don't have much information on this.
I don't have much information on this.
The professors are great. Very respectful and very helpful.
I take a lot of online courses and the workload is just enough.
I love this school. Everyone is friendly and the teachers are very helpful.
The teachers are very flexible. They understand that life happens and will work with you to get the credit.
It depends on how you learn and what type of interaction you want. I do like that workload and professor/ student relationship.
Review Western Technical College - Wisconsin
I never really ran into a recruiter on campus. I would have to say that the career center/ services were very helpful in my choice to join my program.
I love the professors, they are all very nice and easy to talk to. I do like tat not just one person teaches one class, therefore your teacher has to be somewhat well rounded in those topics. this makes me confident in my classes. I loved that you can have face to face classes, blended classes, and totally online classes to fit your life.
My classes are always fun and educational at the same time. We do lots of hands on learning. Our homework most of the time projects on what the lessons was on.
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