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Western State Colorado University Reviews

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Every experience I have ever had with them has been positive. They have a beautiful campus that is well taken care of and friendly staff. They always go out of their way for me.
The small class sizes are wonderful if you enjoy the relationships with professors and classmates. The campus is small and you can easily get around without a car. I haven't had a car my entire time here and I can easily walk to stores in town and to class. I've loved my time at western and there is something to do here for anyone!
Beautiful school in the mountains with small classrooms. Enjoy the area around it and love the long winters. Teacher and staff are always willing to help and tuition is affordable.
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Smaller classes than the main state schools allow for teachers to be responsive to requests in person or email even at off times like weekends or evenings.
WSCU is a small school where the students feel welcome. I know that I can go to any teacher on campus for advice or support. Because it is a small school, the teachers know all their students by name and are genuinely concerned for the well-being of each one of them. The classes are fun and have a great atmosphere for learning.
Amazing school, low cost, amazing location in Rocky Mountains with tons to do. Great professors and student-professor ratio. If you do Biology, Ecology, outdoor education, or Environmental Studies, there aren't many schools like it.
I am loving it here. The professors are great and I am receiving an amazing education. Oh, and the mountains are pretty nice too.
This is a great school for people who want small class sizes and want to be challenged outside the classroom as much as inside.
Western is a fantastic college. I am stunned with how this university is not going to break the bank after four years.
I have gotten to know a ton of my classmates and all of my professors know me by name. Students here can catch their professor on the ski hill at Crested Butte or on the trails riding at Hartman Rocks.
Western State Colorado University is a fantastic fit for any outdoor enthusiast who also wants a nice small town feel.
Western State Colorado University is a beautiful campus, there are many different activities to do at Western as long as you enjoy the outdoors. Other than the beautiful scenery that is surrounding Gunnison, there is not much that is great about Western. The food at Western is terrible, I have gotten sick a few times off the food, and this is only my first semester at Western. Before Western, I went to Pikes Peak Community College and I feel that the curriculum was more difficult at PPCC then it is at Western I love the programs they offer at Western, I love how small the school is and how beautiful the campus is. Even though there are many things I would like to see change at Western, I am still happy that I went to Western.
What I really enjoyed about attending Western State Colorado University was how small the campus and the classes were. I felt more connected with my professors and my peers and getting the help I needed when I needed it. What I would change about the school is making it cheaper for the students. There's so many opportunities in Denver for me to go to school that I could afford but I love Western State so much I would do anything to go here again.
the access to outdoors is unbeatable, the mountain sports team is one of the best. the only thing I would change is I wish there was better food
All of the instructors at Western have the highest degree they can receive in their field of study. This make the classes more exciting and informative for students. I would recommend many more students to come here
Western State Colorado University is a great school if you want something that it not too big, has amazing professors that are always around to help, small class sizes, and all of the resources you could ever need on campus. I have enjoyed every minute of school at Western, and learned so much information that will help me to be successful once I graduate. I would highly recommend attending.
I love the small campus, I find myself constantly thinking about how hard it must be for all my friends who went to a large campus and how they can spend 15 minutes walking and still might not be at their class. The location is great as well.
I really like attending western. I found a sanse of belonging here that I didn't have when attending Northestern. I love the small school setting, I am able to recover help from my professor anytime and also create a personal connection with my professors. I have made as lot different friends with different bacclgrounds and I think everyone here is friendly and out going.
Graduate Masters in Educator Effectiveness is very difficult; huge course load. I had taken the great summer institute classes here for teachers and figured the online MAEE would be helpful; yet so far it has proven to be extremely labor intensive. There are a few instructors that want to help and see you succeed, like Mr. Hulbert. Yet, other instructors are extremely data driven, which can be very hard to provide evidence for if you are a specialist music teacher. Most Western teachers have no clue about music content and they just want you to find all of your answers for yourself- without providing the means to do so. Even if you pass every class with an A+, you still have to create a web-based "capstone". This is very labor intensive and my coach, the person who either passes of flunks me at the end of my MA is never satisfied with my "evidence". I teach with peers who went to Alamosa, and say it is much easier.
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Western is Colorado's best kept secret. Even though Gunnison is a small town, it has so much potential for growth and has a true small town feel- where everyone smiles and says hello no matter where you go. Classes are engaging and challenging and professors are personable and helpful. There isn't anywhere else I would rather be honestly!
After spending a year at Western, I have experienced more than I could have ever imagined. While working with the School of Business and the entrepreneurial community in Gunnison, I have learned how to solve problems, brainstorm innovative solutions, and work with others to develop new products. I have been involved with putting on school events like the Presidential Pumpkin Launch, and the Campus Rail-Jam. I was given the opportunity to participate in Telluride Start-up Weekend, and represent Western in an entrepreneurial competition. I also spent a weekend in Denver at the Western Roadshow promoting the awesome opportunities that Western State has to offer. This school has provided me the chance to better both myself & my community, and I look forward to continuing grow while I’m here. Western has so much to offer for many types of people, and provides an extremely welcoming atmosphere to be apart of.
Right out of High School My first Year I chose to go to Western State Colo. Love the Campus, Staff and Coaches! The only downside is the small town, which had not much for entertainment. Great town though, nice people
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