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This isn't a top tier school so the degree might not look as good as a degree from a higher ranked school. But a plus is the BAR pass rate and the opportunities for externships/internships and the vast network availability that you might not receive at a better school. Since we are not surrounded by many law schools we have a lot of opportunities in Orange County that many students at other schools might not have.
We only have one area of study and that is the law. We have specialized certificate programs for which you can take classes and do pro bono work for to become specialized in that particular area and you can obtain more then one certificate so that is pretty awesome. It is nice going to a school that specializes in one major because everyone is learning similar things so you can depend on one and other for help. The workload for full time students is heavy but manageable although it requires you to not have a full time job. At most maybe 15-20 hours if you can manage which would still be difficult. Part time students usually do night time classes (almost always) so we do have a part time program.
I feel like we have a wide variety of class options and professors. Unfortunately we are a small school so many of the professors teach the same classes so if you do not click well with a professor hopefully you will have another option but you might have to take that professor. We also have a study abroad program with many options for that to take summer programs. We also have many clubs and activities to attend for students and networking opportunities.
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I love the people that I go to school with. The diversity here is great, there are people from different areas, different areas of study, age and undergraduate colleges. We are all extremely hard working and the people I choose to surround myself with are very supportive. Our school really isn't as competitive as most law schools, mostly just competition with oneself. I feel like since we are such a small school and we are separated into sections you become very very close with the people in your classes which allows you people to study with and for strong friendships to develop.
I haven't had to transfer credits and wont be so I cant really comment on that part of the process. Applying and going through the process of applying, acceptance and class registration is easy. We have a great financial aid lady by the name of Julie who is extremely helpful and awesome to work with. The classes and curriculum are hard but that is to be expected because we are at law school but it isn't anything that can't be managed. I have had one big frustration and that is with some of the faculty and disciplinary affairs, I feel that they could side more with the person being affected who came looking for help then the other person causing the problem but other than that, great experience.
We have an amazing career services lady by the name of Pam. She works with you all the way through your time here and helps you get a job post graduation. She is constantly emailing out job listings and will help you build a resume and cater to the area of law that you wish to go into
I feel like we have good social clubs and a great library where you can get really great assistance from the librarians. But we have no athletic center or gym like other law schools where you can blow off some stress, we have no grassy areas and no real outside areas to get fresh air or sunshine. We have a few tables but not much. It would be nice to change that.
For the most part I have had a positive experience in my classes and my professors. The class sizes are good and most teaching styles I have adopted to. There are a few teachers that I will not be taking again because I just did not mesh well with them or they just didn't do much for me but other than that it has been an overall pleasant experience.
I would say that the best experience here at my school are the people I have met and the family I have created with students. It is a small school so you become extremely tight with the people you have in your classes. I would say that the administration is okay but I think that they could be a little better but overall it has been good. If I could do it all over again I might not choose this school for two reasons. 1. Law school is extremely hard and your first semester is a learning experience and if you do bad they take your scholarship that they offer to get you to come here. I had a bad 1st semester because I came from a background that wasn't compatible and it was a learning experience for me. Second semester I did substantially better but it was too late they had already taken the scholarship. 2. This school has an FLP system that no other school has (Foundation Law Points) and you don't fully understand it when you sign up for it. Essentially you need a 2.5 or higher in four classes your 1st year and need 8 to graduate in order to stay in school and not be put on probation. It seems easy enough but average in law school is around a 2.3-2.6 so it isn't as easy as it seems.
So expensive for what receive. Financial Aid is not evenly distributed as well as the scholarships.
Love the student body. Most people are very nice and welcoming. Everybody tries to help everybody. There a few people who don't really fit it or are jerks but that comes with every school.
Its a good school I think the administration needs work though.
Never know if it is going to work. No free printing.
Career Services and Financial Aid are pretty helpful. The school registrar is very helpful too. There are no athletic centers which I think should be a must in a law school. We pay enough already they should provide students with a gym to de-stress.
Not much flexibility. Day students have to take night classes. Not very many electives.
Nothing works. Every time a truck drives by I feel like the building is going to collapse. Elevators broken regularly. The school is moving though so that's good.
The school is good but the administration is very unorganized and more concerned with themselves and getting the school money than with the students and their learning environment.
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It would be a better experience if we had more flexibility in our curriculum. Overall, I have learned a lot and believe that I am being prepared for the bar then other law schools.
Very helpful but would have received an A+ if I actually got a job.
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