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I love the people that I go to school with. The diversity here is great, there are people from different areas, different areas of study, age and undergraduate colleges. We are all extremely hard working and the people I choose to surround myself with are very supportive. Our school really isn't as competitive as most law schools, mostly just competition with oneself. I feel like since we are such a small school and we are separated into sections you become very very close with the people in your classes which allows you people to study with and for strong friendships to develop.
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I haven't had to transfer credits and wont be so I cant really comment on that part of the process. Applying and going through the process of applying, acceptance and class registration is easy. We have a great financial aid lady by the name of Julie who is extremely helpful and awesome to work with. The classes and curriculum are hard but that is to be expected because we are at law school but it isn't anything that can't be managed. I have had one big frustration and that is with some of the faculty and disciplinary affairs, I feel that they could side more with the person being affected who came looking for help then the other person causing the problem but other than that, great experience.
We only have one area of study and that is the law. We have specialized certificate programs for which you can take classes and do pro bono work for to become specialized in that particular area and you can obtain more then one certificate so that is pretty awesome. It is nice going to a school that specializes in one major because everyone is learning similar things so you can depend on one and other for help. The workload for full time students is heavy but manageable although it requires you to not have a full time job. At most maybe 15-20 hours if you can manage which would still be difficult. Part time students usually do night time classes (almost always) so we do have a part time program.