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Western has been a huge blessing in my life and to my educational/vocational goals.

I am about to complete my 3rd semester of studies, meaning one year of graduate school is almost in the books!

The professors are humble, incredibly gifted at what they do, and more than happy to interact with students.
Western Seminary is a graduate school, and there's no on-campus housing available.
This question has a technical error. The first question is, "What is Greek life's role on campus?" And I selected the "we don't have Greek life" button. Yet, if I do not answer the remaining questions about Greek life, I cannot move on to the next question. There needs to be something programmed in this question that allows you to skip the remaining questions if there's no Greek Life.
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Western is unique in that the professors are not only at the top of their game, but they are also passionate about serving the best interest of their students. I have not found the level of dedication to students at a public university. Western has a great library, a cafe that serves dinner, and a chapel.
Western's Student Ministry Team makes an effort to plan events that appeal to as many people as possible. The Thanksgiving community dinners were a big hit, as were pumpkin carving, free coffee Mondays, and movie nite. The annual fall picnic is a great opportunity to meet professors and other students as well as participate by bringing a favorite dish.
Portland, OR is known for is liberal views and "Keep it Weird Portland" attitude. The climate and geographic location is ideal for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, ocean, and being active. The city has multiple activities going on throughout the week. It is said, "Everyone wants to live here, but jobs are tight."
The ages of students on campus run anywhere from 60 years old to 21 years old. There is a lot of diversity of looks, interests, dress, social life, and relationships. There is no pressure to dress up or impress anyone. The classroom environment is laid back and everyone interacts fairly well with one another. Most people are outgoing and friendly on consistent basis.
There is one computer lap and it's in the library. The computers run slowly and printing costs $.5/page. The wifi network is available but it runs just as slowly as the library computers. It's smart to do homework off campus.
The campus dining area or student success area is in the basement of the chapel, which in itself isn't bad. However, the area is small with minimal options of food. The price is reasonable, but the food isn't available very long during lunch time.
I would choose Western Seminary again if I had the opportunity. The $11,000 (+/-) tuition is doable, textbook requirements are affordable, and the school is competent with its online classrooms. The faculty are the best part about school. They have passion and experience mixed with the gift to teach, and those are three excellent when combined together. Overall, Western Seminary is not flashy. The school is focused on preparing its students with the skills, knowledge, moral backbone, and experience they need to get jobs and fulfill goals; especially the goal of advancing the Kingdom of God.
The M.A. of Counseling at Western Seminary is focused on experience inside and outside the classroom, preparing students for licensure, and developing ethical models of practice. Overall, the program is founded on what Jesus taught us through the Bible. The workload is not debilitatingly unbearable but it is heavy and reading intensive. You need to work for your grades and it is wise to have a strategy for how you will juggle school, homework, family, work, and down time. The facilities are adequate and unique to Western. As far as internship/job opportunities Western Seminary is always sending out emails and providing binders of options for students seeking internships/jobs.
The Pacific Northwest weather is known to be raining with dark clouds most of the year. The sun comes out in the summer more frequently with days up to the 80s-90s on average, while the winter brings spats of snow and freezing weather occasionally. Overall, the trees and plant life are excellent and the weather is manageable.
Western Seminary is a Christian graduate level program founded on Christian principles and beliefs. Meaning, that while some students may or may not drink or do drugs off campus, it is not something that is encouraged. Western is not strict or dictator-like with drugs or alcohol, but if there is a problem faculty and students would likely come together to help the struggling individual.
Western Seminary, Portland is located in Oregon where vegetarian/vegan and organic options are everywhere. The campus is just off of Hawthorne Street, which is a hipster night-life type collection of stores, bars, and restaurants. Depending on where you go you can eat at an average to expensive cost ($6 hamburger at Burgerville, or a $13 dish at Porque No).
The ethnic and racial diversity on campus is fairly widespread. It is common to have 2-4 individuals out of 15-20 students in a class who are born and raised in other countries. They bring a lot of good points up in discussions and it is interesting to hear their perspectives. What is also unique is how many classmates have traveled abroad, served in international ministries, or spent parts of their lives in other countries. When it comes to religion, we are a Christian Seminary. However, what is interesting is how many different perspectives we all have in how we go about being "Christ like". Meaning that, while we have common principles, beliefs, and goals, we each bring an uniqueness of how we go about doing work for the Kingdom of God. Because of this I hear differences in political beliefs and other thoughts pertaining to the government. What is important, I have not experienced any shaming or disrespectful arguing of beliefs. At Western Seminary there is a level of respect and mutual understanding that at the end of the day we are working for the same God.
I attend a seminary; I don't know that we have a drug problem.
Parking is easy and convenient. Our school meets at a church, so parking is near the classrooms.
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I go to a small campus in Sacramento Ca., therefore, I can't answer the questions regarding Greeks.
Its Portland Oregon. You get both rain and sun.
It is a very small campus in a very nice old neighborhood. They have had my program for 20 years so they have a lot of connections in the real world for internships and jobs.
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