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I have had a very good experience with WPCC overall. No, it has not given me all of the information and education that I wish to have learned throughout my college experience, but the professors and everything have been very good. The main issue that I have had has been more with the courses that that have not been general studies courses.
This place is amazing. It,s everything you're looking for in a school. The staff is always more than willing and ready to help with any and all questions and are very supportive.
Western Piedmont has a beautiful campus. The staff is friendly and helpful. The Dental program is accredited by the American Dental Association.
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I LOVE WPCC! They offer SO many programs for students of all backgrounds. I am currently enrolled in their Career in College Promise, for high school students seeking college credit. This is an amazing program and an excellent opportunity. The only thing I am not too fond of is their advisor, who can be a bit annoying.
Wonderful community - staff and faculty are extremely helpful. Always available to meet with advisors. Used academic success center and tutoring many times, always free.
I liked the atmosphere surrounding the college, the overall feel of being at the university. Never felt like I was left out and could always ask anyone for help if I needed it
My experience was wonderful there. The teachers really care about their students and want them to succeed in their future endeavors and want to help them with their school work. I wouldn't change anything about Western Piedmont.
Take A Step
College is not peaches and cream. No college is really. Oh theres always that hot boy or that hot girl on campus. REMAIN focus then you will see how its an experience and Western Piedmont Community College is a start just like any other college. "Take A Step" or gaze at the ones that are stepping. Step into your future.
The teachers are great and willing to help any student out with there work. This school has easy access to getting in to classes that any major needs to complete their degree. Always have activities for students to get involved at the school. Has a great transfer counselor for any students wanting to transfer and get their bachelors degree.
I get to go to school around my work schedule and it is good to have that flexibility.
I personally loved the online classes that I took. They gave me the time I needed to get things done around my schedule.
For my major there isnt much to move up to, there is a limited amount of classes to take after I transfer.
Some of my classes only have a few people in them. Its very different from what im used to.
Sometimes it doesnt seem like some people are interested in helping you as much as others but there are some great people
Lots of people are taking the same program of study, it seems like it is a useful field to be involved in.
I havent found anything wrong with my school yet. I have loved every minute of it.
I am working towards a therapeutic degree, teachers and advisors are helpful in making suggestions as to how to use this degree in the community, offering intern placements which hire most of the students afterwards. Real world college for real work job opportunities.
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Easy to apply, easy to get guidance,reasonable fees, good transferable degrees to other colleges and teachers really do their best if you work hard to help you through.,
The teachers really care about you and want you to succeed.
The faculty really wants you to succeed!
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