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Western Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing Reviews

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I like Western Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing for many reasons. Firstly, because the faculty is dedicated to each student's accomplishments within the program. The program is structured well with the appropriate amount of time between tests, quizzes, competencies, and clinical time. The program also has dorms available. They are very convenient and safe, nicely renovated and single rooms. This program is a great program for nursing.
West Penn is a great 2 year school. It is very fast pace, but easily one of the best schools academically in Western Pennsylvania. It is located in a great area of Pittsburgh, and is conveniently right next the West Penn Hospital. It is also one of the only nursing schools to offers dorms. The dorms are a great asset to the school. Each dorm is a single person room which allows for private study time. The school also provides study rooms for group studying sessions. Overall West Penn is a great school the only negative thing is the student life aspect, there is none. Also the lack of parking and a food plan are a downer.
My overall experience at West Penn has been great. The instructors are there to help you succeed and there are many resources to help as well.
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Nursing school is VERY hard, but if you put fourth effort then you will see great results! Our school is unique because we are a 22 month program! Learning how to save someone's life in just 22 months is an incredible thing! The work load can be challenging sometimes but that is what happens with you start an advanced program school. The curriculum teaches us everything we need. It is enforced with we go to the hospitals for clinical and actually get to help care for patients. The facility is amazing, anytime you need help they are right there to guide you in the right direction. They are aware of how hard nursing school is because they are all nurses themselves! By taking us into hospitals and allowing us to have clinical's they are setting us in the right direction and that can even help us get a job in the future
I love west Penn Hospital School of nursing because not only does it provide me with the right skills I need to become a nurse, the teachers also help me along the way! They are also one of the only Nursing schools to provide dorm rooms. It saves me a lot of time not having to commute to school every day and allows me a quiet place to study!
My experience here so far is great! I can't wait to graduate and become a nurse!
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