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I loved the location of Western. It is the perfect size college for me. The class sizes average 30 students and a lot of the staff learn your name. You will not be just a number.
I really enjoyed my time at WOU. There are a lot of fun and interesting artistic classes-theater arts, dance, video, gaming/computers. Most teachers are very outgoing and they are always willing to give additional help. The classrooms are very discussion/group thinking based which I really liked.
Western Oregon is such a diverse school, that everyone excepts each other no matter what race or ethnicity you are. The school is spirited when it comes to game time for any sport.
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The school is placed in a very small town just west of Salem, Oregon. The school is predominantly white, christian, with a few other races. The school itself prides itself on their academics especially in education. Many great professors, whom want you to succeed. The only challenges I came across this school, was being a transfer student and fitting in. I am in the older crowd, who attended the school from out of state. I did not know many people, and found it easier to make friends with those who were the same age as I. Also, I struggled with the fees. I feel in love with the school based on its looks and small classroom sizes. However, the price has left me in some debt that I will be paying off for some time now.

In the end, I still would recommend the school to those who are interested. I would say do your research on possible scholarships, and loans.
I would recommend Western Oregon University to all student who are looking for a save and welcoming student environment. Western Oregon University is a smaller campus with lots of green space and lots of opportunities for students to get involved. It has spaces droms and options for a domestic or foreign student roommates. WOU has a olympic sized pool, a gym, and a rock climbing wall available to all students. There is free wi-fi, cable T.V. , and recreational activities available. Something I enjoy is the small class sizes there is never more than 22 people in my class. During final season I alway make sure to take advantage of the free counselling on site over all western oregon university is my home away from home
Professors who are there for help. Support staff most helpful and informative. Campus dinning is small, but make up with good food. With it being a medium sized college, there is still a feeling of a small campus as people know each other and get to interact.
Western Oregon is a great school to get your education.The campus is small but it is nice and easy to get around. I like how everything is close to each other. The campus is really nice and modernized. They have a lot of resources you can get a hold of and different events that you can attend. The people and the staff around is really nice and helpful. They have a lot of little stores near the school. Depending on where you live, it is walking distance. The one thing that I would like to see change is more selections of classes and at more convenient times. Other than that, I have enjoyed being here and continuing my education at Western Oregon.
It is a small teaching-based university where your professors and advisors care about your success as much as you do. Small class sizes, inclusive campus, warm and welcoming campus culture.
A very very welcoming community that is willing to help out with any and all questions you might have before starting your first semester of college!
Western is a great small town school for the focused and motivated. Something that needs improvement is diversity of class sizes
I have visited their campus multiple times and I just feel that it is a very nice place to continue your study it has great professors.
My experience at Western Oregon so far has been great. my only objective here while going here is to save up enough money just so I an continue going to school here. Right now, I dont see a need for Western Oregon to change in any aspect
The atmosphere of the school is extraordinarily unique. The campus has a big-time city size but a small town vibe. The class sizes are perfect. Just big enough to make a friend (or two) but small enough to actually matter to the professor. Everybody is so willing to help and do it with a smile. The location is beautiful as well. Nestled in a quaint little town with the ocean to the west and larger cities not a few hours away. It's truley the perfect place for any type of adventure.
I like the people, the campus, and the opportunity to pursue my chosen career while hopefully participating in track and field!
I like the way this campus is diverse all throughout campus especially within the Monmouth community. I also feel safe and accepted for who I am which is very important to me because I've always felt afraid of everything and everyone.
It's a great little college in a great little town. It's good if you like having personal relationships with your teachers and advisors. It's an easy transition from high school to college because the class sizes are usually no larger than 30 students. I feel at home here at Western
I liked how diverse it is here. There are plenty of multi-cultural clubs and organizations here on campus. The campus faculty and staff support the students whole heartedly. I'd like to see more student engagement in volunteering serviceds. There are many things a person can learn from volunteering around the community.
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Western Oregon University is the perfect place to transition from high school to college life. It is small enough to find places easier and has a beautiful campus. The dining hall should be in a more accessible location rather than towards the back of the campus.
I really like the diverse student body. There are a lot of students with different backgrounds. I like that I never feel alone, and like an outcast. No matter what type of background you come from there will always be people that accept you at Western Oregon University.
Very warm, welcoming environement. Small class sizes are perfect for any one-on-one questions/concerns. The majority of the faculty shows an obvious and genuine interest in your academic success.
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