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It is a small teaching-based university where your professors and advisors care about your success as much as you do. Small class sizes, inclusive campus, warm and welcoming campus culture.
A very very welcoming community that is willing to help out with any and all questions you might have before starting your first semester of college!
Western is a great small town school for the focused and motivated. Something that needs improvement is diversity of class sizes
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I had no idea so many students were so conservative. They’re feeling emboldened more and more as the year goes on. Tired of the hypocrisy and closed-minded culture. You can’t escape it as the campus just isn’t big enough.
I have visited their campus multiple times and I just feel that it is a very nice place to continue your study it has great professors.
My experience at Western Oregon so far has been great. my only objective here while going here is to save up enough money just so I an continue going to school here. Right now, I dont see a need for Western Oregon to change in any aspect
Western Oregon University is very welcoming and inclusive. You can find many different kinds of students to spend time with. The campus gym is really nice. Academics are just average.
Western is a good safety school. It's a good size between small and large so that you still have opportunities but aren't overwhelmed. Monmouth is safe and quiet but gets really boring after awhile. Especially when the weather is bad. The food is pretty limited and not very good.
Graduation rate in the 30% range is very concerning. WOU has no stand out academic programs and is average across the board. Extra-curricular activities are weak.
The atmosphere of the school is extraordinarily unique. The campus has a big-time city size but a small town vibe. The class sizes are perfect. Just big enough to make a friend (or two) but small enough to actually matter to the professor. Everybody is so willing to help and do it with a smile. The location is beautiful as well. Nestled in a quaint little town with the ocean to the west and larger cities not a few hours away. It's truley the perfect place for any type of adventure.
Before enrolling at Western just try to spend a week in Monmouth. Make sure you can live here. It's a big factor in the high transfer rate at Western. Anyone with good grades can get an academic scholarship at a private college in a better location with stronger academics.
I'm surprised that tuition can be the same as bigger state schools. You get far less for your money here. The class offerings and resources are pretty limited. There are no work study program jobs, just a few and they go to upper class students. The food is really gross and nothing to offer around Monmouth.
I like the people, the campus, and the opportunity to pursue my chosen career while hopefully participating in track and field!
I like the way this campus is diverse all throughout campus especially within the Monmouth community. I also feel safe and accepted for who I am which is very important to me because I've always felt afraid of everything and everyone.
Academics are pretty average here. Freshman year is no more difficult than high school. I feel like tuition should be a lot lower for what you get. It seems like a lot of students transfer after sophomore year. Monmouth is pretty boring and very isolated.
It's a great little college in a great little town. It's good if you like having personal relationships with your teachers and advisors. It's an easy transition from high school to college because the class sizes are usually no larger than 30 students. I feel at home here at Western
Western is overwhelmingly white, diversity is severely lacking. It's also a pretty conservative student body with some pretty mouthy rednecks. The food is awful, conveyor belt, frozen, fried, glop. There is nowhere to eat off campus either. I'm transferring up to Portland next year.
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I liked how diverse it is here. There are plenty of multi-cultural clubs and organizations here on campus. The campus faculty and staff support the students whole heartedly. I'd like to see more student engagement in volunteering serviceds. There are many things a person can learn from volunteering around the community.
Western Oregon University is the perfect place to transition from high school to college life. It is small enough to find places easier and has a beautiful campus. The dining hall should be in a more accessible location rather than towards the back of the campus.
Monmouth is pretty awful. It's isolated, nothing to do, and housing is limited. The food choices on campus are awful, here you lose the Freshman 15 because you lose your appetite. I appreciate the small class sizes but I don't feel the content is particularly challenging. The rec facilities are okay, the dorms are pretty old.
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