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Monmouth is pretty awful. It's isolated, nothing to do, and housing is limited. The food choices on campus are awful, here you lose the Freshman 15 because you lose your appetite. I appreciate the small class sizes but I don't feel the content is particularly challenging. The rec facilities are okay, the dorms are pretty old.
I really like the diverse student body. There are a lot of students with different backgrounds. I like that I never feel alone, and like an outcast. No matter what type of background you come from there will always be people that accept you at Western Oregon University.
Very warm, welcoming environement. Small class sizes are perfect for any one-on-one questions/concerns. The majority of the faculty shows an obvious and genuine interest in your academic success.
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very safe and welcoming i get my credits with them through oregon promise. I vised their campus and it is very beautiful
when i was in third grade i went to Western Oregon university to see what the school was about. I instently fell in love with western. My mom is a first genaration student in her family and is now a teacher at santiam elementray school in mill city oregon. The teachers at Western let me and my brothers come to the classes with my mom when we did not have anywhere else to go when she was in class. Everyone was always so ready to help with my family and my mom and i can not wait to go to western when that time has come.
Western has poor-average academics. The facilities aren't very exciting and food options are very limited. If I could do it again I would go to a bigger school as the class sizes are the same anyway.
I really like the welcoming people here at WOU. Everyone here tries their hardest to get you to feel comfortable here and strives to get you to be successful at this school. I would like to see more people come since it is such a small school and I don't really like that, also more food options and more cafes and such on campus would be good.
I really like that it is a small, hometown campus, but is close to many adventures like the mountain, the beach, Portland.
My proffesors know me. Here at Western I am not just a number. I receive a good quality education, make personal realtionships, while having fun at the same time. I have made so many friends. I also know that I am prepared for my future career because of the education I have recieved. WOU is a great school!
My experience at Western Oregon University so far has been very pleasant. the campus is beautiful and easy to maneuver around, and the staff are always willing to give you a helping hand when needed. The student lead activities are fun and well meaning, they're making the most with what they have. I've made many good friends while I've been there and enjoy the people in my dorm very much. Overall I love Western Oregon University.
I like Western Oregon University because it is a small campus that is very beautiful and easy to navigate. The class sizes are small allowing students the opportunity to get to know there class mates and professors. Professors here really care about you and want to help. The students at Western are very friendly and it is easy to make friends.
The people are nice, some professors aren’t the best. However, some are great! Classes are normally not to big so knowing the professors comes easy.
I really enjoyed my professors at Western Oregon University. I feel like they helped me to work outside my box.
Great school! The university grounds are gorgeous. Lots of ASL students here. I decided to minor it it. The student population is very diverse. There are a lot of students from Oregon here but I've also met students from California, Hawaii, Washington, and Alaska. It's been a great experience so far.
Not only was the campus beautiful, but the facilities were modern. The people walking around were friendly and welcoming. When I went for a visit we were able to walk through buildings and see some classes in action, it was very impressive. The gym by itself is a reason to apply there.
I love the programs they offer for education to becoming a teacher I like the way they explained how there campus is set up one thing I would like to see change is the campus how big it is.
I enjoyed the small class sizes as well as the location. Monmouth is not far from Salem and is also close to outdoor activities such as hiking and visiting the coast. The education department sometime leaves a bit to be desired in terms of practical training for teachers.
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I took place in the Western Oregon University Project taking place in the summer of 2017. I took 10 days out of my summer to go to WOU everyday from 7-3pm excluding the last day which was the over night stay. The experience was fantastic and all around amazing. They offer exactly what I want in a college. I find this college perfectly fit for me.
I have been at Western Oregon University for over a year now and it has been my favorite school that I have attended! I think what makes going here the most rewarding is the connections you make with your professors, there are always people to help!
I like the small town feel. A lot of art related courses. The student to teacher ratio is perfect. Looking forward to a great year!!
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