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I really enjoyed my professors at Western Oregon University. I feel like they helped me to work outside my box.
Great school! The university grounds are gorgeous. Lots of ASL students here. I decided to minor it it. The student population is very diverse. There are a lot of students from Oregon here but I've also met students from California, Hawaii, Washington, and Alaska. It's been a great experience so far.
Not only was the campus beautiful, but the facilities were modern. The people walking around were friendly and welcoming. When I went for a visit we were able to walk through buildings and see some classes in action, it was very impressive. The gym by itself is a reason to apply there.
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I love the programs they offer for education to becoming a teacher I like the way they explained how there campus is set up one thing I would like to see change is the campus how big it is.
I enjoyed the small class sizes as well as the location. Monmouth is not far from Salem and is also close to outdoor activities such as hiking and visiting the coast. The education department sometime leaves a bit to be desired in terms of practical training for teachers.
I took place in the Western Oregon University Project taking place in the summer of 2017. I took 10 days out of my summer to go to WOU everyday from 7-3pm excluding the last day which was the over night stay. The experience was fantastic and all around amazing. They offer exactly what I want in a college. I find this college perfectly fit for me.
I have been at Western Oregon University for over a year now and it has been my favorite school that I have attended! I think what makes going here the most rewarding is the connections you make with your professors, there are always people to help!
I like the small town feel. A lot of art related courses. The student to teacher ratio is perfect. Looking forward to a great year!!
I really like the campus! Its a small school which is helpful for me. The town its in is small and isn't always eventful but overall its a cute town. I love some of the programs the school has and the student-lead activities and clubs and organizations. Obviously the only thing I would change is the cost of tuition, room & board, and textbooks. But what college student wouldn't want to change that stuff?
The small classes were a big part of why I went to WOU. The teachers actually have time to learn your name and can take the time and help you one on one because their classes aren't overflowing with students. It was a good place to get my education.
WOU gives students private school sized classes while paying for a public university price. Most of my classes have 16-20 students, so it is easy to get to know one another and the professor on a more personal base.
Good small school. Small classes, very similar to High school. Cheap school to attend due to it being a WUE school. Only down side of this school is that fact that it is located in Monmouth. Not much things to do there.
Love the small campus and look of everything. The community is personable and so far, have enjoyed all my professors. The biggest downside to this school is if you don't have a car, you're kind of stuck since it's in a small town and the nearest "city" is about 30 mins away.
I think this school is amazing. It has a beautiful lush campus with old buildings looking like something out of gossip girl. I am in love with this campus.
Small, beautiful, school where you can really get to know other people and teachers know your name and really help you because they are invested in your education as well.
Do not go to this university unless you just want the paper that says you have a degree. You won't receive any help from anyone. Billing is horrible...takes them months to get your bills to you then when you do get them your already hit with a late notice. Academic advising is horrible here, be sure to know what your going there and don't expect to get any help from advisors. For a small campus that's supposed to be about community, it was the worst experience of my life. I strongly urge you to look elsewhere for your college experience.
Western Oregon is a great school if you want a top-notch education for minimal price. Its price/education is great. Many classes are filled with 30 people or less, so you feel like you're getting a good amount for the cost you pay. The one on one time with professors is also great and the opportunity for doing so is abundant. All the professors are highly knowledgeable in their fields and they all make you feel they want you to succeed. The campus is small so getting lost really is not an issue. There is also quite a lot of activities to get involved in, from the Online gaming club to the copious amount of intramural activities. There are not a ton of partying opportunities here, so don't be disappointed. The town of Monmouth is small, but only 30 minutes away is Corvallis and Salem, an hour away is Portland. You really get that small town college vibe, but you are really never that far away from big cities. Overall, Western Oregon University is a great school with great resources.
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Although I have only attended Western Oregon University (WOU) for a short amount of time, I love this campus. The professors are very knowledgeable and hold a sincere passion for their fields. I enjoy the fact that students and professors are able to connect personally, so you can really get to know each other. This makes getting references much easier! The opportunities are an additional reason why I enjoy attending WOU. As a psychology major, I have an opportunity to be a research assistant, a teacher's assistant, or both! This provides an opportunity to experience those positions, and determine if they are areas that I want to pursue. WOU also has many activities and clubs, this is great because you can get to meet so many new people. One complaint I have is the advising available at WOU. I would enjoy more being able to sit with my advisor and create an academic plan instead of using an online system that tracks courses and credits.
The newest dorm was nice however the food choices on the weekends were horrible. Much of the housing staff was rude. However I did have a few professors that were really nice and cared about my education. The coffee shop was lovely, and the campus is gorgeous. There are definitely parts thatni miss.
I like that most of the professors make an effort to know who you are, and what degree you are trying to complete.
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