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I came from a small school and was very nervous to further my education at, what I call, a big college. When I went to WOSC I felt very welcomed. I made many of new friends, and the teachers were amazing people. I am very happy that I chose to graduate with my Associates from Western Oklahoma State College.
What a great school!!! Everyone is very welcoming and making you feel apart of the community!!! Professors are very great and helpful wanting all the students to be successful!!! Highly recommend
WOSC is a smaller community college that is great for getting pre-recs out of the way without costing as much as a four year college
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What I like about the college is the acceptance rate and how the school works with you. What I think that needs to change are the computer which are old and needs to upgrade.
Pretty good but ive never been a fan in online classes
Small school very personalized and friendly
This is a very small local school. A great school for students fresh out of high school. Friendly teachers and students!
This college provides many opportunities to further your career and meet your individual goals.
The academic teachers are very nice and helpful and the baseball coach Kurt Russell is superb.
Very good in all areas
I know several people who got internships (and eventually jobs) within the community and they have loved it. Most of the internship opportunities here are geared towards those who hope to get a degree in the medical field.
Going to college in a small town was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The class sizes are small and my education has been very personal. I know all of my professors as both professors and people. It's easy to make friends and lasting connections. Besides the social aspect, the academics here are one of the best. Even though it is a fairly small college, there are a lot of different majors and classes to choose from. I am very glad that I decided to attend Western Oklahoma State.
You can choose to take morning, afternoon, or night classes or a combination of all three. I know some people that have been able to balance being a full-time student, working a part-time job, playing a sport, and taking care of their children.
Taking an online class allows you to work at your own pace from anywhere. The workload is about the same for an in-person course; the only difference is that all the work is done and submitted online. I liked taking an online class and will most likely be taking another one soon.
Almost all of the classes transfer to other colleges and universities within Oklahoma. And the Business Office is always posting job openings on their bulletin board.
Professors are always available in their office, by phone, or by e-mail. The courses can be challenging so the professors are very helpful and will make sure that you understand the content. Class sizes are on the small side so you get to develop a more personal connection with the professors and other students.
For nursing students there are quite a few internships available at the hospital in town. There are also a few other internships available within the school and in the community. The alumni office on campus is very involved with the school. As for finding information about careers and transferring to a four-year university, the library and student services are very helpful.
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Have a lot more majors than I was expecting
I have not transferred credits yet. Although I can say that they offer so many courses! The times are great! I can work around my job and social life! I love it.
The work that I have had to do online is not bad at all! Some things can be challenging but honestly nothing too stressful! The teachers are there to email if I have questions and we do weekly forums where we can talk to each other and tell each other what the other needs to fix. I like the constructive criticism! It will help me in the long run to make better grades.
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