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The school offers many unique programs and classes. The class sizes are typically small which allows instructors to work one on one with students. All of the professors I have worked with have been complete professionals who are very knowledgeable in the subjects they teach. The administration is very organized with the exception of a few changes needing to made to the financial aid department.
I enjoy attending Western New Mexico University because the courses are realistic for my education needs as well as still providing a challenge and new learning opportunities. The school is smaller than most, but the intimate class sizes call for a better relationship with both students and professors. The students all have a great relationship with one another, due to the fact that all of us have been brought together in this small pond.
I attended the WNMU Police Academy and had a great experience. I graduated valedictorian of my class and learned a lot. I was hired with an agency upon graduating.
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I recently enrolled at Western New Mexico University in the spring of 2017 and continuing my summer classes for 2017. I also enrolled for the fall of 2017 and 2018. So far I enjoy attending this college. I have passed all my classes due to my helpful instructors and the free online tutoring. My GPA is at 2.76. I'm majoring in becoming a professional social worker for my community. And Western university will help me reach my goals. Thank you
Starting college I was terrified, I mean, who wouldn't be? After my first year of college, I fell completely and totally in love with the campus, the students, most of my professors and I won't admit this out loud but even the town of little o' Silver City started to grow on me. My college experience has been one of the greatest experiences ever!
Diverse in both student body and faculty. Even if being this far off the beaten path is too much for four years, it's economical to start here. Silver city is also a great, eclectic little town and close to the Gila national forest.
At Western New Mexico University I enjoyed how I was treated the same as any student, even being 14 years old.
My experience at western new Mexico university was and still an awesome experience. Im from California so coming here was great because not only is the faculty very helpful the people in the town is very friendly. Its like a home away from home so going to this school is one of the best choices i have ever made.
I take online classes for my graduate program here and it is a wonderful environment to be in. I never thought I would enjoy online school so much and I have met the most wonderful students and teachers that really care about helping you succeed.
Overall, I have had little to no conflict with my professors. As a normal student, I have had trouble with a couple course, but searched and got the help I needed thanks to the resources at my school!
The campus police are so friendly and make sure everything is okay with everyone. One time a campus police escorted me to my car at night so I would feel safe.
The athletics at this school is involved. The school gives you several options to choose from when it comes to sports. What I like about this school is every out of town game, the school provides a "spirit bus" for individuals that would like to go and support our school. This school is strong when it comes to school spirit.
I have had a great experience at this school. The professors care about your education and are willing to take time out of their schedule to help you. I would recommend this school to my friends and would choose this school all over again!
I love how the campus is very open and everyone is super friendly and helpful. When i went to visit, the first thing i noticed is that everyone smiled when you walked by or said hi. The resources that the school has to offer are also very incredible and there are a lot of opportunities for success
if you are federal and state aid its very easy, but if your institutional its difficult
the teachers and courses are very easy and understandable
This year the school is very involved in the topic
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All the athletes and athletics are very involved.
We have alot of activities to keep the students involved at our school
Bad school don't go here. Try ur luck and transfer somewhere else. A nice community college is way better
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