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Worst school I attended! Regret every minute to be in this campus Financial aid is a joke ... Professors are not helping and some of my online classes are lacking technology!
Excellent teachers! Online classes are engaging and interactive, but at the same time flexible for busy schedules. Wide variety of degree programs to choose from. Great attitude for staff who aides in assistance from advisors to registars.
As an incoming freshman, I am thrilled with my classes, but the financial aid office is horribly inefficient. Many students were disenrolled and had to go through re-enrollment, which seems to be a regular thing for this college. The financial aid office had an adjustment request from me two and a half months before acting on it. Student workers consistently lied to me, telling me the director would have an update or answer for me within hours or a day, while in reality the director hadn't even looked at my request.
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It is a great school. You stay focused on academics but also have fun doing a lot different activities . The professors are great , and very helpful. I love going to this universitie
Seems like my issue keeps happening over and over. They request you to buy books they don't use during class or to buy books with access cards that are unnecessary and never used. When you complain they answer that books recommended by your instructor are useful for your career no matter what. It's just too bad the money to buy those expensive books doesn't come out of their pockets. I'm sure if it did their answer would be different. If you go through the same experience make sure you complain about it and don't stop at the first careless response you get. Follow the chain of command. They will tell you that they will let everyone know so that it won't happen again. It's a lie and just a way of keeping you quiet. Persist.
They treat you like royalty and give you great academic opportunities. Through WNM I was able to finally complete a lifelong dream of obtaining a BS I Psychology that will not allow me to move on to the Masters and Ph.D. program of mt choice.
Western New Mexico University is a small campus, so everything is relatively easy to find. The cafeteria food is better then what i had heard, though it could be because i am not a picky eater. The dorms are either larger or smaller then I would like, based on which dorm I stayed at. My roommates have not been the best, but when you are the only one in the dorm suite that does not play or, in their case, breathe football or sports and enjoys silence, you are in for a rough time. Sports is emphasized in the same amount at this college as it was for my high school, which is sickening. You go to college for a higher education, yet most of the football players seem to be notorious for being the laziest group of students on campus and have said they are there just for football, yet THEY are the ones with the full-ride scholarships while the students that are actually there for an education struggle to make ends meet each semester. The faculty is fantastic.
I’m going this fall but from what I can tell it’s amazing! I’ve visited a couple times it’s very diverse
I am currently on my second semester at Western New Mexico University. I am enjoying all my classes the professors are helpful and they make sure I understand what I need.
This school is incredibly diverse. It is relatively small, but the people are so kind and the classroom sizes allow for one on one learning and real help from your professors. The administration is supportive and understanding, and they will do everything they can to help you. They celebrate their students and have so many options for students to expand their hobbies and skills.
Although this university is very divers within the cultures it bring it would be nice for them to offer more opportunity in scholarships and giving back to its students. It tends to seem they like to get more money out of us.
Western New Mexico University is a really nice college. It is not very big so you really get to know all of the students and faculty. The class sizes are small so you can really create a relationship with the professors. Silver City is a really cute and artistic little town with a lot of character. It has a lot of beautiful hiking trials and the views are gorgeous. There always seems to be something going on on campus which is very nice for the students that live in the dorms. Overall, I am very happy with my choice to attend WNMU.
Overall good experience, I am enrolled in dual credit classes. The professors and others there are very helpful and polite. The environment is good and the library is amazing. They helped me with filling my fasfa extremely quickly and in learning as well as earning college credits. They have interesting career fairs as well.
Western is a good school. Overall happy with my time here. I have joined different organizations. These have gave me resources for my future. My biggest issue with western is that it's not as accessible to graduate students as I would prefer.
Great campus! cheap tuition, excellent staff, students, small classes. Iam planning to attend and I know I am making a great choice by attending that school.
Not much to do in this small city which is great to keep anyone focused on their studies. The athletics here are a great to watch and help pass time in silver city.
I highly enjoy the science programs and involvement of teachers in both the science and math departments. However with a low amount of funding the Institute struggles with obtaining newer equipment which is readily available at other university such as Texas Tech. Regardless WNMU serves as a good undergraduate college, with many dual enrollment opportunities for high school students allowing high school students to take the initiative.
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As a student at Western New Mexico University, there are some things that need improvement. The school lacks organization and there is a lot of confusion as to which offices handle which business as well as the Canvas website that is meant to be used for teachers and students to communicate and see current grades. There are some good parts as the environment is very open and friendly and there is easy access to other students for tutoring, joining clubs, and getting involved in the community with activities and such.
Western New Mexico University is a small university in a small town. Even though its small it has great teacher that make you understand the topic the priority. The classes are relatively small so your not just a number. The teacher know your name and are willing to help.
The best part about Western New Mexico University is that, it is small, everybody knows almost everybody, and very important is that classes are small so our professors are able to give one-on-one attention to everybody and to help succeed students.
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