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Being away from home was a big detriment for me at WNEU. I found the experience difficult in that regard but professors and the courses were average.
It's a great college for sciences with many professors who care about your learning, life and general pursuits. There's not too much for student recreation around the college, though.
Western New England ruined my college experience I transferred here last year and had high expectations because of the tour guides and the staff talking highly about this school. But they are liars they talk about how much help you get here and how they're like one of the best schools for all students which are not even close. 1st. The school is no where near diverse and the clubs they have for minority students you have to pay to be in the club like I'm not paying enough for tuition for school. 2nd. the staff doesn't care as they may seem when you get there, you ask for help and they rarely give it. and when you go get help from the tutors they look the answers up online like I couldn't have done that on my own. the students are rude here unless you're an athlete or somehow in the crowd or know people from high school other than that your much of a loner in this school.
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The campus is absolutely gorgeous, especially in the fall. The people are very friendly and professors are kind and always willing to assist with any issues. Campus is very well-kept and groomed.
My experience here at western new england university has been great these past three years. they are all so willing to help and be proactive and help you get out there and be apart of something and let your voices be heard. as well as receiving a great education, the professors here are truly incredible and form great bonds with each and everyone one of their students it definitely makes you feel better from being away from home, and that you can too also call this home.
Western new england University has the most professional staff and the campus is very modern. Our new Huge Dining Commons is awesome.
I like how all classes are taught by professors and not student teachers. They fully understand the field and are always willing to help if extra explanations are needed. I would change housing pricing and/or the ability to not have meal plans in certain dorms.
After my first year at Western New England University I don't feel like I'd rather be at any other school to pursue a degree in Sport Management. The staff and community provide a great environment for learning and the opportunities available to students give great practice in our fields of study.
Campus is beautiful and the professors are great. WNEU provides a great education for anyone of any major.
Generally, I love Western New England. I think it is a fantastic school where I have met great people and have so far received a great education. I've noticed over the past two years that with more students there is less parking which is becoming a bit of an issue with public safety and tickets. The new dining hall is an awesome place to go and even hang out, although the food is still the same not great dining hall food.
Im a single african american 34 year old woman with 2 children. I have attended WNEU for 4 year. I have been treated unfair by staff. I have recieved very little support.
413-886-4672 if you interested in my story
This is a great university, with great opportunities. They have great professors who provide one on one help if needed.
The school is pretty small compared to other schools such as UMASS. The professors are nice and very helpful. the class sizes are small, thirty students or less. Not the biggest party school, people would rather hang out and do an activity than drink and do drugs.
Western New England is a good school and there are many things you can do to get envolvd. Is also not to big and you can easily familiarize yourself with the school quickly.
Western New England is a very welcoming school. They have many different clubs that keep both resident and commuter students involved and they are making changes that will make it better.
Education level received was great. Tuition is a little excessive but overall they give scholarships to help pay for the education. Love the criminal justice department, was able to hook me up with a great internship.
I am currently still attending school at western my experiences had being great, classroom are small, the people on campus are extremely nice willing to help out. first time living room for school was very hard but attending school not so far from home is great.
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My school try’s its best to make everyone feel wanted and apart of something bigger than just themselves. Western New England teaches their students the importance of responsibility and doesn’t cut corners when it comes to moral issues.
The faculty was very supportive, coursework was challenging and useful, as opposed to just being busy work to keep the student's grades up. The campus is beautiful, despite being in Springfield.
The first time I stepped on to WNE's campus I felt immediately welcomed. The staff and students wanted to get to know me, asking about my hobbies and my major. As I toured I fell in love with the beautiful campus. I later visited at a later date and felt at home. I knew this is where I want to spend the next four years of my life.
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