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My school try’s its best to make everyone feel wanted and apart of something bigger than just themselves. Western New England teaches their students the importance of responsibility and doesn’t cut corners when it comes to moral issues.
The faculty was very supportive, coursework was challenging and useful, as opposed to just being busy work to keep the student's grades up. The campus is beautiful, despite being in Springfield.
The first time I stepped on to WNE's campus I felt immediately welcomed. The staff and students wanted to get to know me, asking about my hobbies and my major. As I toured I fell in love with the beautiful campus. I later visited at a later date and felt at home. I knew this is where I want to spend the next four years of my life.
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The academics and learning facilities are wonderful. Professors take the time and effort to care about individual students in order to ensure their success. Their science facilities are excellent and provide a safe and educational learning environment.
I have had a great first semester at Western New England University. I have developed close relationships with my professors and boss. They have all been extremely helpful. You never have to be afraid to ask for help at Western New England. I live in Commonwealth hall which is the best freshman dorm. You get your own private bathrooms. The people I live with have become like family to me.
I liked hoe every professor was willing to explain why they teach and how much impact they want to give. Also i liked how every building was set up in a unique way.
Western New England University is a small school with a lot of support programs and a lot of opportunities to be active on campus. There is a great gym, great dorms, and most the educational buildings are relatively new and nice inside. (Beware Emerson!)
I have found almost all the professors I have had were great at their jobs and because they don't do a lot of research they are available to help you constantly. This school is where I learned to become a great student and then turn around and help others. If you put in the effort, WNEU gives you the opportunities to reach for the stars and I am extremely grateful for what it has meant for me.
I liked how welcoming the school is in terms of their welcoming and touring events held on campus. The admissions office is pretty good at letting you know what you need to do as an incoming freshman. Being a private school, tuition is very pricey and that's probably the biggest con, as with any school I'm sure. I also didn't receive any information about athletics and by the time I reached out to find out more information I was too late.
Very inviting and family-like atmosphere. Great choice for those who prefer to have a more personal experience with their advisors. Excellent engineering programs and tools available.
I love it here! I transferred in this semester and I am having a blast. Everyone here is very welcoming and friendly. It is a very home-like environment that makes you not want to leave. I have already made lifelong friends and I can't wait for the years to come.
I completed a 2-year online graduate program through WNEC (university). The classes were fabulous and informative and they fit into my very busy work schedule. I would do another online program through this university.
Western New England is set on a beautiful campus that offers something for everyone. The facility is very clean and safe. Also, the staff is very friendly and you will be known by them.
Overall I have had a positive experience at WNEU. They have an excellent engineering program, the classes are interesting and the professors really care.

I would like to change the tutoring sessions to make them more one-on-one and not group driven sessions.
Western New England is an excellent choice if you are looking for large university opportunity with a small college atmosphere. Classes are small and only taught by professors with PHDs who are entirely invested in their students and will know you by name within a few weeks. The curriculum is in depth and aimed at preparing you for real world employment, or to continue your education. WNEU is well managed, with many opportunities to grow through clubs, activities, community involvement, and options to study abroad. The campus is a must see, offering state of the art facilities and technology with impeccably manicured grounds and an amazingly clean campus. The college offers many scholarships to students who excel academically. As a second year Junior, I am having a tremendous college experience and highly recommend you put WNEU high on your list, and please come and take a tour, as I cannot possibly tell you all this University has to offer. Good luck in your search!
The campus is beautiful and the Professors and academics are great! Student body could be more welcoming to new students
The environment is comfortable, it's a small school so everyone knows each other. The professors are really helpful and they are always willing to help. One thing that could be improved is the food because it gets repetitive after a while.
I've visited this school. I loved it! It was a beautiful campus and it had all of my majors that I was looking for.
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sill new to the school but everything seems alright so far
still new to the school so i do not know much about this topic
its a small campus with no parties so i do not think anyone gets raped
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