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Professors posted all our work using our schools Kodiak classroom. Some classes may use Pearson etc. We would have zoom classes according to our usual schedule. They tried their best to email and offered to have zoom office hours if we need them. We only went online after Thanksgiving of last year so not much online classes. Everyone is friendly and nice. If a student has a problem they should let the professors know. Professors will actually care and help you out for whatever students need( this is not an exaggeration).
Professors have us either hybrid or in person the first half of last semester. They took safety serious and we only did group work in certain classes. They did a good job keeping the classrooms and Library clean. Thanks to everyone's hard work we were able to stay on campus until Thanksgiving.
overall it is a great school with lots of connections. It is a great community and full of fun things to do.
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Teachers keep a tight schedule, very informative and good use of time. The teachers care about your work ethic.
Pretty good! Didn’t last long only spring 2020 was online, Fall 2020 was in person classes which was good and we got to be on campus, was it the safest no but we still did it.
Amazing school! Loved it there! Overall, a great school the forensic programs are great and was very fun to be apart of! Would definitely recommend it to incoming freshmen!
Very welcoming community, makes transitioning very easy. Teachers are very kind and want to see you succeed and the fining staff is so sweet and makes dining enjoyable.
I had 4/7 classes hybrid online, and when we were online it was as smooth as it seemed it could be. The Professors really tried to make learning easier or as easy as it could be.
I prefer to learn in person. I have 2 hybrid classes and the professors use their recourses very well to communicate and teach the students.
I am very satisfied with my overall experience so far at WNE. I love the small campus and New England vibes, from the changing trees, to the brick buildings and pathways.
The professors are very caring and are willing to listen to students insights and adjust to what the class needs. The campus is beautiful and the people are friendly. There are many events and activities put on for the students and the food is pretty good but needs some more variety. Small class sizes and not many lectures are a plus. Professors are willing to email frequently and laundry as well as printing is free. Parking is allowed for first year students as well.
Professors were flexible when classes had to go online during the pandemic and were committed to helping students succeed. The online applications that were used worked well and were efficient.
I think the school did the best they could under the circumstances. The professors were willing to work with the students to make sure they fully understood the material.
This school was the perfect fit for me. I like the small size of the school which really encourages a sense of community. The professors are excellent and really care about their students learning. The school overall really cares about the students success while attending school and preparing them for after graduation.
I find the courses and labs to be challenging. I enjoy most of my teachers, specifically those related to my engineering degree. The dorms are fine, lots of opportunity to network and meet people. Dining hall has variety but food offerings need to be rotated. Campus is great - there's a gym, pool, fields for ultimate frisbee. If you have a car, you can get to Boston, NY, CT and NH within an hour or two.
After attending Western New England for a semester and a half, I find online learning to be a completely different (not necessarily bad) experience. Being an engineering student, I really prefer the hands-on lectures and labs. I am eager to get back to campus.
I liked how small classroom sizes so that professors had me time with their students for help. One thing I would like to see changed would be the courses with more up to date coding languages.
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I liked it because everything was straightforward. The professors were experienced in managing an online course. Also, it felt as if I was still inside a classroom
Given the circumstances, most of my professors took initiative and reshaped the course around student's ability, convenience and fairness. I actually loved going online. Of coarse there are somethings that are better taught in person, but given the circumstances, it was very good quality.
Overall it's a really good school. The value of your time and money depends on your major, though. The science and medical curriculum is top notch, but business, the teachers don't seem to care and just throw assignments together. My experience as a science major has been overall very interesting, challenging, and rewarding. There are just some general university requirements that I think need some improvement.