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As a senior in high school, I was accepted into a Jump Start program at Western Nevada College. The transition from being a senior in high school to a freshman in college felt so comfortable with the help of my instructors and the resources Western Nevada College provides for their students.
Western Nevada College is a great college for someone to expand their education. There are many classes where students can choose to explore their interests. The counselors at Western Nevada College are such great guiders. They do their job at a beyond and lead their students to big successes.
I'm in the program Jumpstart which allowed high schoolers to take college classes. This program saves money and helps kids get used to college work all while staying with their parents. Overall I enjoy jumpstart so far, and can't wait to start my second year next year when I have grown even more through this experience.
WNC is by far the best value in Colleges. You get a great education without the huge University cost. They offer all kinds of Technical programs and well as degrees.
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Western Nevada college is definitely getting a good bang for your buck. Its a good way to get 1 on 1 interaction with your teachers. I love the atmosphere their. Although I must say one of the things that me out about this school is there is no sport teams or student clubs. Beside that when it comes to education and the staff I recommend attending this school for someone seeking to get their associates and eventually transferring
Western Nevada Community college has a lot to offer. The campus has numerous computer labs for students to utilize and free tutoring services. Each building has its own charm and gives a welcoming experience for anyone looking for a college education. My overall experience has been nothing but positive and I look forward to the coming semesters as I continue to pursue my major in Computer Science.
Nestled against the soaring Serria Nevadas and overlooking the quaint capital city of Nevada, Western Nevada College is a (literal) step above the rest when it comes to community colleges. The teachers are in general passionate, well-educated individuals, who are genuinely invested in helping their students succeed. The school staff are accessible and knowledgeable, the campus is clean, and there's plenty of parking. WNC is a great choice for anyone looking to take some affordable, educational classes.
Western Nevada College was the perfect starting college for me. I really like the Jump Start program that is offered, allowing high school students to get college credit. This is a small school that is the perfect place for getting a start on your college education. The classes are engaging and the teachers are good.
Teachers are disrespectful, don't have patience with students, only go teach because it's their job.
Financial aid office was not very helpful with filling out the form or answering any questions. The counseling office was trying to advise me to go into a direction that would not be beneficial to my continuing education past this school. I would never get called back when asking for information.
I attended Western Nevada College for almost two years now. I enjoyed the safety and quiet environment. One thing I would like to change is the improvement of the college feeling. The college does not feel like a college, just a simple place where your're forced to learn.
It's a great college that encourages your interests. All of the professors I've had have been really helpful with easing me into the college life, and are willing to help you with almost anything.
Went through the program to get my GED in less than a month. The instructors and staff involved in this program are fantastic!
Western Nevada community college is a great college many people use it to get into nursing program and then move on to Unr' s program . Seconds biggest would be it's trade programs. Automotive, welding,machine tool and computer technology . Great programs great teachers . I know im just hitting the most popular area's that I know of.
Western Nevada is great at showing their students how they can succeed in life. They actually go out of their way to help their students aucceed. The only thing that i would like to see changes in is more extracurricular activities. Thos would allow students to create better connections and friends.
It is a great community college that is just what people need to start off their college journey before entering a four year institution. The staff do their best to help students improve their knowledge in their courses by providing extra help and also had a student center with tutors for free.
Western Nevada College has great counselors that help you figure out what is needed to graduate early, transfer, and continue your education.
The small class sizes and teachers who care make it possible for everyone to be successful in college. I just wish there was a bigger selection of classes to choose from and more times that classes are available.
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With online classes I would like some more on time interaction between the teacher and the student. Right now my online classes are behind on grades and class work by the week. Overall the best experience I have had is with the Latino outreach group that the college has to reach out to Latino students who are first generation college students in their family. This groups has been very helpful when it comes to getting challenging enough teachers because I have already taken some of the classes I have to take as core classes.
Faculty and staff are very friendly and helpful and the campus has great classes and opportunities to offer. The only reason I would not give this community college five stars is the hassles I have had to endure getting financial aid for my classes. In the end I received my aid however there was a lot of useless steps and directions given in the process. All in all a great place to get the first two years of a degree done at little to no cost out of pocket.
The campus is great there is a lot of places in which you can study and do your work. Its peaceful the people around are very friendly.
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