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Great community college! Really nice people from the time you walk in the door. Great instructors and tutors when needed.
My experience at Western Nebraska Community College has been amazing. I would recommend WNCC to anyone who is loving for a smaller environment to either get an associate degree or transfer credits to a four year university. The small class sizes make it easier to learn and easier to have one on one times with teachers. Along with that, all of my credits transferred to a four year University.
Overall, WNCC is a great school. You get a great education with the great staff they have, at an affordable price. Since it's a community college, you get more of that "family" feel that I got from my small high school. The staff there does their best to meet your needs and are always willing to put in some extra time to help. I've enjoyed my time here, and I'm looking forward to my future with WNCC.
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The class sizes arent bug at all the range from 4-30 students it's a big gap but you don't get lost with other students
Right now I'm just working on my generals and my advisors are very helpful with me in trying to figure out what kind of career I want to persue
The teachers here really care about tour education and you aren't just some person helping them get a paycheck
I'm in the choir and show choir and it definitely helped being involved at my school that helped me make more friends that what I thought I was going to. Going through my freshman year and also being involved in a group called CAB made college more enjoyable for me
The online course are very helpful. This college has a very easy program for the online courses which is Black Board. This is a very helpful tool for the online classes because there we are able to see our grades, discussions, homework, and when we have to take a test for this classes.
It has been the best educational experience in my whole life. The teachers care about all their students. The classes are very diverse, and never boring. If i had to make a decision about where go to school, I will choose Western Nebraska Community College again.
Here we have a lot of opportunities. for my major, which is criminal justice, we have a career day where people from the FBI police stations, and another law enforcement bureaus, come to talk to us about the jobs, internships, where we can apply to develop our career.
Teachers are good explaining their classes, and they also make the classes very interesting.
I am an international student and Western Nebraska Community College received me as i was arriving to my home.
I think that being my specific major (General Studies) at this school is great because you get a feel for every major that they offer. The workload depends on what classes you take but it usually is not too bad of a workload as long as you portion out your time and plan ahead. There are lots of classes to choose from. There are different buildings to have classes in depending on the types of classes that you are taking. All of these facilities are very nice. The job opportunities are pretty great and are available for either work study or for as a student worker. Places to work include the cafeteria, the Den (which is like a concession stand), the book store, for BFG (the cleaning company), or as a Bubble Worker in the dorms.
I love this place. There is not too much to do in the town, but there is always events going on for the school whether it be in the main building or in the residence halls. What makes my school unique is that even though it is a community college, it is more like a junior college because we have dorms and we have sports teams (volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, and softball). We also have a choir and theatre department. There are also lots of students from all over the world such as London, Australia, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Venezuela, and more. If I could repeat my choices all over again, I would definitely choose WNCC. It is my favorite place to be.
You are given the minimum of three different class times for a given class that you would like to attend. Teachers will work around your schedule in order to make sure you're not picking work over school.
I have not taken an only course by my roommate indeed took one. From what I have heard the online class tends to be easier but also very high spectations are set and are always being met.
Lectures no matter how long they are, teachers are always finding creative ways to get us on our feet and staying awake. My teachers are always finding the brighter side in any situation and love to move forward and never back.
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Like I mentioned before our career center is highly known for their ability so some problems and fine resolutions for students with any sort of problem. Also like mentioned before, I haven't interacted with an alumni unless it has been soccer related. The alumni don't really come into the school or if they do they are not visible for anyone to see.
I believe it is the best simply because my major, Biology, in my biology class itself has such a short class size ranging from around 20 students which helps me because I believe it is easier to interact with your teacher and peers. In which your easily capable to ask one on one questions and not have to worry about your teacher no knowing who you are.
Many recruiters of course show up during class and try and do some recruiting but as of alumni and or internships, they don't offer or are no where to be found. The career center on the other hand is very helpful and there is no leaving the office without resultion, they strongly advise and help solve any problem that occurs.
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