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I️ love Western’s campus, and everyone here. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Although the dorms are nice, I’d like to see some renovations just to make them a little better/more homey. I️ also wish that we had more well known restaurants on campus that we could go to instead of the cafeteria sometimes.
I am a transfer here and so far I like it! I hate living on campus. NEVER LIVE IN FRENCH HALL! It's dirty and unsafe. It's an awful environment and they don't let you cancel housing contracts. Other than that, the food is really good, depending on where you go. Bigelow isn't good and there aren't many to go options. Valley Dining, Bistro and some of the cafes are great. There's so many ways to get involved too! Greek Life is kinda small here but we all support each other and it's a great community. We have great athletics and academics too. There's so many majors and great professors that really care and want to help. Just be careful about where you live if you're living on campus.
Western is located in Kalamazoo, which is a great city. The faculty that I've encountered have all been awesome. I love the atmosphere.
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WMU is a great school with a great atmosphere. They are trying to get you to do the best in where you need to go.
The college opened my eyes to many opportunity's that are out there, many of my professors talked about the ranges of jobs that are available around, and what it's like to own a business, and how to do business with other people. The college is also showing me how to build a resume, so that I may look for a job, and while doing so they have also showed me that college isn't stuck up or completely boring, because there are a lot of fun things that you can find to do.
Western Michigan University is a top 100 institution.

One of its biggest pros is that the Campus is not monstrously big or tiny. It is perfect for those that want to walk to their classes or take the free University bus.

The University has for the most part gone away from its party past.

The University has reduced the out-state tuition by 50%. This guarantees a healthy population of both international students and out-state students.

Academics wise the University has good professors and a few bad ones like any University. But it is okay.

Overall I give the University a 4/5. If the University keeps it up I might give a 4.5/5.
I didn't really know what to expect when I came to WMU because I had only experienced the university through tours and such, but I had definitely been told on many accounts how diverse and accepting this school was. It was a joy to experience this acceptance first hand. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy the music program here at Western. To go from my high school program to WMU's program was like a breath of fresh air. I have never felt my musical potential more than I do now because of all the great resources that I have available to me. I was also really enjoy the marching band. It was through the BMB that I was able to make my first college friends. However, I do have a minor issue about dorm life. I live in a dorm that has shared floor bathrooms/shower facilities. Since the semester has started, I have only seen the showers getting cleaned twice. For the amount of people that share these showers and bathrooms, I would simply like to see them getting cleaned more often.
This school is pretty amazing, there are so many opportunities, have yet to have a bad instructor and everyone seems to care about the students besides parking services. My only complaints are parking and the grading system
Being a Western Michigan University Bronco is amazing. I've never been so involved in my life. I get the help from Disability Services with classes, that's a blessing right there. I've joined Greek life here, I'm a member of HipHopConnXion, and meet so many people here. There's so many opportunities here for college students. The best thing is, I'm right here at home. I'm from Kalamazoo so I get to try and get a degree in the town tat gave me my start thank to the Kalamazoo Promise.I love being a Bronco. I don't see a better fit for myself. This is my home, WMU. #WeWillReign
Western Michigan University is an outstanding school. I have been there a few times and each time was a great experience. Me and a few of my friends took a tour of the school and it really blew my expectations out of the water. The city, school, and the students were all great.
I am a graduate occupational therapy student. The College of Health and Human Services is a great building. The students and staff are welcoming and helpful.
Western is an amazing school. I have met and made connections with really great people. The classes are good and the professors really do care about the students. The only thing I would change about this school is the dorms. They are not in the best condition.
I like western Michigan university a lot for its amount of clubs it has available. There is over 400 registered school organizations that help you to make friends and do things that are fun and interesting. The professors here are great at what they do and are always extremely open to helping you out and make sure that you get the material being taught and have plenty of office hours to help you. There is many resources to get extra help in classes and it
makes passing easy. They have many new buildings on campus that are sleek and modern and help to make this school top of it class.
Western is in a great area- so much to do and see, while still maintaining a smaller town vibe. There is great culture in Kalamazoo and western shows that proudly. There are so many programs and there are many services to help the students find their way. I love WMU and am so glad I chose such a beautiful, respected and amazing campus!
I went on a visit it was very fun and exciting. Beautiful place to be. The people are very nice up in Kalamazoo, very helpful and everyone looks out for one another when asked a question or anything else.
Western Michigan University allowed me to grow as an individual. Growing up, I was not very outgoing and was always told that I was different from everyone else in my family. My first year was filled brand new experiences and great memories. Students were very helpful and welcoming to others. The campus was very diverse as well. I met several individuals from various countries and learned a lot from them. Kalamazoo is a great location and has a lot to offer to the students that reside here. I feel that Kalamazoo is a unique town that is accepting and open to making it different from other towns nearby. Overall my experience at Western Michigan University impacted me in a positive way and helped shaped me into the person I am now. I could not say one bad thing about WMU and will always be proud to be a Bronco.
Western Michigan University will give you the ultimate college experience. You can meet people from all over the country and create a close relationship with them. The housing in the Valley does need to be updated. The overall environment at Western is amazing because everybody is so happy and work driven. If you were to attend Western you would be a successful student and a contributor to society.
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I have not even taken a class yet at Western, but I am enrolled and registered and will be in class in less than a month. I have been to the college so many times and have never had a bad experience. I love the campus and the people and they are more helpful than any other college I have dealt with.
WMU isn't just a party school like everyone believes. They offer amazing opportunities at an average cost.
The music program at Western includes top-notch faculty and well-run courses, and has a genuine sense of community and support from both peers and teachers. Though the competition is tough and every student is individual challenged, there are no negative undertones, and it is made quite obvious that the majority of people wish to see you succeed and be happy. It is an excellent environment for aspiring musicians. As for dorm life, the conditions are basic, but not unclean or unattractive. The overall campus is beautiful and bucolic. Everything always appears well-kept and inviting, and provides a much-needed sense of earthiness amid the cement and brick buildings. There is an impressive amount of diversity on campus, and the University displays itself as one always willing to grow and maintain a worldly community. I have never felt unsafe on campus. The food is my only prominent negative. It is much too expensive for it's quality. Overall, WMU is an incredible stepping-stone!
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