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My first year experience was great. Overall it was hard at first to adjust but eventually I caught on and got into the routine of things. What I like most about are the small class sizes and campus life. I would like to see more diversity to the campus.
I just finished my freshman year at WMU, and I had a great time. As a student in the School of Music, you meet so many nice and talented people. The faculty genuinely care about your success, and are always willing to help with anything. Campus itself is very nice and students show good spirit.
I like the campus and the atmosphere the students and faculty put off. You will always feel welcomed there, and the instructors typically are masters of their field. The networking opportunities are the best I've ever seen, with a Hiring Fair every semester, with local and international companies. The Western Michigan Police have been rated as one of the top forces in the country with security initiatives to protect students and raise awareness of any threats they may encounter
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From the first day I took a tour at WMU, I knew this was the place for me. Everyone is so nice and it's such a welcoming environment. Very conducive to an educational and fun environment. The students are very diverse and our differences are embraced by one another.
Western Michigan is constantly updating and upgrading to provide the best experience for students, and even built an entire brand new freshmen dorm complex.
I'm now entering in my 2nd year at Western and I'm really starting to love the community environment. I've been able to start getting involved on campus and getting the real WMU experience.
I have had nothing but an awesome experience at Western. The professors truly care about your education and your success.
The past year at Western Michigan University has been one of the most exciting and rewarding educational experiences of my life. In the beginning, I felt nervous about the college experience and how I would adjust to living three and a half hours away from home. Thankfully, the transitional period was incredibly smooth. WMU's Fall Welcome program helps new students settle into the college lifestyle with events, group activities, and guided tours of the campus. There was about a week of a grace period between move-in and the start of classes, and I think that helped immensely. The professors they hire are always professional and helpful, and even my least favorites left me with some important lessons. The semesters are notably shorter than most universities and schools. Despite that, nothing feels rushed. Classes don't overstay their welcome, and before you know it you're onto your next great adventure. I can't wait for my next three years here.
I am happy to say that I very much enjoyed my college career here at Western Michigan University. I love the campus there. It's very beautiful and it is not too big, but not too small. It's just the right size! The people here are very friendly and always affable. I've meets many friends with my time here at Western! The instructors here are of quality and want you to succeed in college and in life. The only thing I'd say is bad about this university is the dorm life (including the food). It does not feel like home and the rooms are plain and boring. Except for the new dorms they just built about 3 years ago. Other than that, I love Western Michigan University and I would recommend it to anyone! The opportunities are endless here.
This school is filled with pride. Every where I go, everyone is welcoming. This school sets every student up for success!
Love the athletic atmosphere. Tuition is expensive. Instructors for the most part are good, some really good, others not so good. Difficult to getting advising; walks in have to wait along time, if you make an appointment plan on waiting a couple of weeks. If you send an email, plan a waiting a few days to a week for a response. They will not give you information unless you ask, so be prepared with questions and hope you ask the right ones, and even then you dig to get all of it.
I love WMU, I think that there is a great amount of diversity and opportunities. The business school in particular is impressive due to the amount of effort the staff puts in to help their students succeed not only in college, but in the professional world.
I love Western! Kalamazoo is a great place to live and a great community to go to school in. It has a lot of programs and opportunities to study abroad.
So far I love Western! It is my final week of school here as a freshman and I can just say that I have had the greatest experience so far. The atmosphere here is so nice and the campus is just gorgeous. There are some pretty huge hills to walk over.. at least I have strong legs now!!
I was fortunate enough to come out of undergrad without debt. I have acquired some through graduate school, and will be going back to school this fall for a doctorate. Due to being a "new" type of degree (Psy.D) there is very limited funding and my program will cost about $150,000. I find it frustrating that many students are awarded government money for school, and don't make it more than a semester or two. I currently work in corrections, and feel that with my future degree and purpose, I am a necessity and valuable asset and am worthy of financial assistance.
WMU has made a significant difference in my life due to their inclusive policies and welcoming mission towards incoming students. It's always a great day to be a bronco.
I am a new transfer student at WMU, at the Punta Gorda location. I am studying Aviation Flight Science with a potential double major in Aviation Managment. I don't have much experience there yet but so far it seems like an a amazing program!
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The transition to Western has been nothing but easy and effective. I have been out of school for almost a year and am starting back up with summer classes here for the first time. I wish I would have started out at Western back when I was a senior in high school, but I do not have any regrets! A big shout out to the staff who keeps me updated and gives out accurate information to their students.
Western Michigan is a great school because the atmosphere is very comfortable and laid back. The professors strive to have a relationship with their students and are very understanding and informative when giving feedback on projects/assignments. The campus is humble and easy to understand making the walk to each class peaceful and enjoyable. Classes are challenging but equally interesting.
I loved how the school is so diverse and so welcoming to everybody that comes to the school. I would like to see a change in the dorms.
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