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I went on a visit it was very fun and exciting. Beautiful place to be. The people are very nice up in Kalamazoo, very helpful and everyone looks out for one another when asked a question or anything else.
Western Michigan University allowed me to grow as an individual. Growing up, I was not very outgoing and was always told that I was different from everyone else in my family. My first year was filled brand new experiences and great memories. Students were very helpful and welcoming to others. The campus was very diverse as well. I met several individuals from various countries and learned a lot from them. Kalamazoo is a great location and has a lot to offer to the students that reside here. I feel that Kalamazoo is a unique town that is accepting and open to making it different from other towns nearby. Overall my experience at Western Michigan University impacted me in a positive way and helped shaped me into the person I am now. I could not say one bad thing about WMU and will always be proud to be a Bronco.
Western Michigan University will give you the ultimate college experience. You can meet people from all over the country and create a close relationship with them. The housing in the Valley does need to be updated. The overall environment at Western is amazing because everybody is so happy and work driven. If you were to attend Western you would be a successful student and a contributor to society.
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I have not even taken a class yet at Western, but I am enrolled and registered and will be in class in less than a month. I have been to the college so many times and have never had a bad experience. I love the campus and the people and they are more helpful than any other college I have dealt with.
WMU isn't just a party school like everyone believes. They offer amazing opportunities at an average cost.
The music program at Western includes top-notch faculty and well-run courses, and has a genuine sense of community and support from both peers and teachers. Though the competition is tough and every student is individual challenged, there are no negative undertones, and it is made quite obvious that the majority of people wish to see you succeed and be happy. It is an excellent environment for aspiring musicians. As for dorm life, the conditions are basic, but not unclean or unattractive. The overall campus is beautiful and bucolic. Everything always appears well-kept and inviting, and provides a much-needed sense of earthiness amid the cement and brick buildings. There is an impressive amount of diversity on campus, and the University displays itself as one always willing to grow and maintain a worldly community. I have never felt unsafe on campus. The food is my only prominent negative. It is much too expensive for it's quality. Overall, WMU is an incredible stepping-stone!
Western Michigan University is a great college to attend. Very welcoming and friendsly students. I even joined a dance team my first year there.
I think Western Michigan University is a great college and I am so grateful to be enrolled there. I have been blessed to have such amazing professors that really love what they do and want to make sure that every student succeeds. Western offers so many options for majors so everyone has something they are interested in. Western is just a great place to be I think all of the staff and students are very kind and really want everyone to succeed. I could not have picked a better university.
I really enjoyed my first year at WMU. It has a beautiful campus with amazing people! It was a very welcoming environment. I loved all my professors and even though classes weren't the easiest, I had the resources to complete all tasks. I was lucky enough to be aware of all the resources that are a part of WMU to help me succeed.
I just finished my freshman year, and now going into my sophomore year at Western Michigan University. I just love this cool. This school's atmosphere is so electrifying where ever you walk, and the education one can get here is top notch with any other major college in Michigan. All the sport events are free for students, which is great. My warning for students who aren't from Michigan is that I hope you enjoy the winters, because the snow blows horizontal at Western Michigan University. Go Broncos!!
My experience at my New School that I will be attending in Fall 2017 was very great and useful. Everybody their were very nice and helpful especially with creating my fall schedule, I can not wait to be a Bronco , start class and start this experience. I was very eager to go and when I went to orientation that just opened my eyes to the college life and it made me ready to start.
I like the diversity and the opportunity that Western has to offer to students with the same goal of succeeding in the future. Western has support systems, clubs, activities, and programs to help you succeed and connect with others. It is a highly recommended school in my opinion.
I have only gone to Western for a year and I can say that I love it! Before going to Western I was worried that I was not going to make any friends. However I found it very easy to make friends by getting involved around campus. Another thing that I was worried about is the teachers that I was going to have. For the most part all of my teachers were reasonable and very kind. Also all my teachers wanted to see each of their students succeed and they would go above and beyond to see that happen. One thing that would need improvement is the cafe food that Western has. It has a lot of variety. However it is the same variety every week. This might be pretty common for most colleges but I wish it would change if I am paying so much for it. Overall I have had a great experience at Western and I can't wait to go back!
Western Michigan has challenging classes and a very diverse and inclusive environment. There are many clubs and organizations, and anyone has the ability to start their own as well. The professors want to see you succeed and be the best you can be.
When I walked on Western's campus, I felt like I was at home. The campus is beautiful, it just felt amazing to be there. My summer session there is one I'll always remember, the staff works with every student and everyone on campus are very supportive and kind. I cannot wait to start class this fall!
I studied Aerospace Engineering at Western Michigan University. The professors were very involved in research, but were also very good teachers. There were always plenty of opportunities for career advancement, between researching with professors or finding local internships. I would recommend this college to anyone pursuing engineering.
Do EVERYTHING on campus! Don't think they're joking when they say get involved. I didn't take it seriously, and being involved will help when it comes to WMU related scholarships!
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Western Michigan University is a great school. The campus is amazing and the students are welcoming. The dorms are nice and everything’s good. I don’t I would change anything about the school
I would like to see better engineering professors hired. Tutoring centers are pretty great at WMU. All the campuses look great but better professors who know how to teach information need to be hired
I am going into my third year here at Western Michigan University. Everything about my experience so far has been excellent. The professors I've gotten to work with have had a lot of wisdom and advice to share. The people here are friendly and easy to talk to, and campus is absolutely stunning!
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