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There is a lot of opportunity to get involved in clubs and activities. Some of the dorms really need updating though!
My experience here at western here was great they have a good dorm residence and has a lot of ways to get involved around the campus
I have no complaints about Western. As a freshman only about a month in, this school had done so much for me. I get to take challenging classes with professors who actually care about me, make friends by joining clubs/organizations that interest me, eat good food at any of the many dining centers on campus, and work toward getting a degree in something I’m passionate about. I was really nervous to leave my friends and family back home, but the environment at Western is so warm and welcoming that I was blown away and knew I had to come here.
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Being on westerns campus for two years now has had its ups and it’s downs. With campus life obviously being the high the community is not the most diverse and the surrounding city (Kalamazoo) is fairly bland. Coming to wmu i had a really positive outlook on life at wmu but it’s been tainted with the racism on campus. Although the education is phenomenal there could definitely be some improvements.
Very nice school, there's a very welcoming dynamic, and there are plenty of organizations to get involved in on campus. There are many opportunities for people who need more flexible hours due to work or children.
Very diverse, great acedmics, awesome football team. Many resources to help students, great faculty! And a great social scene. There are many organizations for students to join to get involved with (over 400). And great party scene.
The music program is great, though it may take 4.5-5 years to complete my degree due to scheduling problems. Overall experience amazing and the college has a family-like atmosphere while still having amazing cultural and academic diversity. Highly recommended!
Staff and faculty is pleasant and go out of their way to assist. Online website and courses are easy to navigate.
Everyone was sooo helpful when I arrived last year as a freshman. From academic advisors to book store employees. Everyone wants me to be successful here. And I can feel that
My Experience at WMU is quite good, the professionalism and education is awesome. The Professors are knowledgeable in their fields (as they should be), the curriculum is in depth, and there is a general vibe or feeling to do ones best. With a wide variety students from every corner of the globe one learns a lot outside of academics, this includes culture, perspectives, diversity, and giving and receiving grace. But most importantly I feel the classes and program has been preparing me well for my field of study, and has led me to desire to continue my education after a bachelors
Western has a beautiful campus, great academics, and wonderful teachers want to see you succeed. Everyone is so friendly on campus
My experience with Western Michigan University has been excellent thus far! I have been enrolled in two of the different choral ensembles, one of which being University Choral, which won an international competition in the Baltic states in 2017. This university has given me the edge I need to compete for employment in the choral music education field. I feel confident that the professors of this college have given me enough excellent experiences in the professional music world to guarantee me an extraordinary musical career. I am excited to face the musical world with the connections I made at Western Michigan University.
My first round here at WMU started in 2000. At that time the professors did not care about the students and it was hard to get what you needed to succeed for people like myself.

I just started back here in January of 2018. The professors now seem to bend over backwards for the students to make sure they not only undertand the material but succeed.
What I love about Western Michigan University it that they are a very diverse and welcoming campus. I enjoy all the different clubs they have and also an opportunity for someone to start a new club. The professors do a fantastic job with lectures as well as being able to set up office hours with them if needed.
I really like the size of the campus. Not too big and the free bus system makes it easy to get around campus and even all over the city. Kalamazoo is a great town full of things to do!
While I haven’t gone here for long, WMU seems like a really good school so far. As a transfer student, they make the transition super easy and do a really good job preparing me for university life. There are many different tools at my disposal to help guide you and the fsculty is really helpful.
I really enjoy going to Western Michigan because of the athletics that are available to all the students. Western has a variety of sports to suit every students uniqueness. I loved swimming for Western for two semesters. I was able to make more friends and travel to other universities for big competition swim meets. I felt safe while I was swimming at Western. Surrounded by friends and a friendly environment. Swimming at Western has taught me a lot about following healthy habits in life. Keeping in physical shape was and still is a top priority for myself, and I am glad to go to Western Michigan where they encourage fitness.
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I have enjoyed Western Michigan. There is always activities on campus. I like that Western Michigan is a smaller campus size and you can easily walk the campus. I would like to see more shops/restaurants within walking distance to campus for those who do not have their own transportation available. Instructors/professors are knowledgeable and I feel the education I am obtaining will prepare me for my ongoing career and graduate school.
I love Western Michigan University. The atmosphere is so welcoming and there is so much diversity. There is always something fun going on around campus.
Western is a very good school. It has very friendly people and it is very diverse. When I first started to attend Western Michigan University I met a bunch of friends and had the ball of my life. Western showed me a great time which made me even more excited about my education at Western. Western also has amazing academically.
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