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2,986 reviews
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I am in the art department at WMU and all the teachers are like a family. They know whats going on in your life and make it a point to know. They are always willing to help you. Many go over the usual to help you. The facilities are amazing, we have one of the top darkrooms, and photo facilities in the country. The Gen-Eds here are what you would usually expect. Once you get into your major you know your teachers, and from what I've heard from all my friends is that their teachers are just as much dedicated to you as they are in my college.
I really love the campus, and the new housing being built is awesome! There is a lot of diversity within the campus, for you can meet new people of different cultures and race.
I actually transferred into Western Michigan University as an incoming junior. If you are looking for a good D1 school that is not too big and not too small, Western is the place for you. There are over 20,000 students and the diversity is great. Class sizes, besides lecture halls, are good sizes. Ranging about 20 to 30 students. There is always something to do as well. The amount of clubs available to join is abundant. Not to mention on the weekend, there is always something fun to do. Western is a very good and fun school.
I love Western Michigan University. It is a true college town, though. There's not much going on in Kalamazoo, MI other than WMU. The classes are a good size--not too big, not too small. The instructors are knowledgeable and helpful. Our football program is stellar, 13 - 0 in our conference this year. The in-state price is affordable. What's not to love?
Western has a great atmosphere, and all students and staff are really nice. Campus is very easy to navigate, and its kept up well.
Overall Western Michigan University is an amazing college. It is full of tons of new opportunities for students and they strive to do all they can to make sure their students are prepared for and ready to create the future
I am a freshman here at Western Michigan University majoring in Aviation management an I absolutely LOVE it here the people are friendly and the professors are really nice people that will help you with whatever you need as long as you go to them first I couldn't have asked for a better collage for me to go to and I believe that anyone that anyone that goes here will love it as well.
I like the diversity of Western Michigan University. You have so many opportunities and paths to guide you in the right direction. There's always someone to you help find out what major or occupation is best for you.
I don't think I would change anything so far.
It a really diverse school who's main goal is to prepare students for their future professions. I made the best decision for my future career by attending Western.
I love studying in WMU because as a freshman I can get to know people in my dorm and I have everything I need in campus so as I don't have a car I can walk everywhere easily.
One of the main reasons I decided to come to Western Michigan University was because of the diversity here and how beautiful the campus is. The professors here are very passionate about what they teach and truly want you to learn and succeed. Row The Boat!
Western Michigan University is the place to be! Being so diverse, this school has so much to offer and the feeling you get here is like no other. Everyone is kind here and willing to help give you the best education possible.
Western Michigan University is a great college. I am in my third year at the university and would not change my university choice for the world. There are so many activities to be involved with, the new dorms are spectacular. They have air conditioning, brand new furniture, spacious rooms, and even kitchens to cook whatever you want. All the buildings on campus are special in their own way. Some are brand new and some are older with great character. The people at Western Michigan University are unbelievably nice, and of course our football team is fantastic as we were undefeated and MAC Champions this year. I recommend Western Michigan University to everyone I encounter, I have so much love for the campus and the people.
I loved WMU! It's located in Kalamazoo and everyone in the area are huge Western fans and it makes it a lot of fun and a great atmosphere to live in. Western continues to offer courses that a lot of places don't. They work hard to build the campus and provide a ton of different opportunities to students. The food is fantastic at all the cafeterias and all within walking distance. I truly had a great experience when I was attending WMU. Their sports teams are exceptional and the student sections are so much fun!
I love western! I would highly recommend at least checking out this college. There are so many different things to do around Kalamazoo which makes it so much more than just a college town. Professors are great, and the sales and marketing program is amazing.
WMU is an exceptional university with some of the best programs in the state of Michigan. The university transcends racial barriers, making all students feel at home. Inclusion on campus is shown and all students are valued equally.
The campus and overall environment of Western Michigan University is very welcoming and there is a lot that you can do on campus. The university is very diverse and has many different groups that you can join so that you don't ever feel alone. Most of the professors are good, however some can be difficult and will test you.
I absolutely love Western Michigan University!! The campus and everyone on it is very friendly, and the staff is very willing to help students in need. The only thing I don't like is the wifi goes down so often. I definitely made the right decision by going West.
I liked the way Western's campus was set up. Their dorms were nice, and I loved the way they set up their food programs. They have great ways to get involved in the community and on campus.
I absolutely loved Western Michigan. I have been to Ferris State and Grand Rapids Community College before Western and neither compared to it. Yes, class sizes may be overwhelming at first but I felt that I actually did better in this scene. It made me account for myself. All around I instantly fell in love with this school and I know you will too!
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