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I love Western Michigan University. The atmosphere is inviting. The professors are awesome and willing to offer extra help. The only thing I would like to see change is the cost of tuition as I feel that it is too high.
WMU is such an amazing school to be a part of. Becoming a Bronco was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Diversity and acceptance would be two main characteristics that make this school the outstanding place that it is. The community events you can be a part of are a wonderful learning and growing experience and the people are amazing. The overall feeling you get when walking on campus just draws you in and makes you want to achieve your goals. The staff is so friendly and are always willing to help out no matter what they have going on. Come be a Bronco, you won't regret it.
Facility really cares about the success of their students and will do whatever it takes to see them succeed. The campus is absolutely amazing.
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I absolutely LOVE WMU, I feel like I am part of a big family, even though we don't all know each other. The atmosphere is great, the faculty is wonderful, and lets not forget about the sports. I never pictured myself loving school, but Western made it real.
My first year at Western was pretty good. I learned some tips that I can definitely carry on throughout the rest of my college career.
Kalamazoo is a horrible place to live, which makes this university probably one of the worst on the west side of the state. The university itself is out dated and doesn't have a nice campus. There is no greenery, just buildings and pavement. As far as academics go, they are just as poor. Most intro classes have a few hundred people in them and are straight lectures. There is not time for questions or conversation, you just write as fast as you can and hope you didn't miss anything. Honestly, if I were you I would not choose this college.
I have nothing but good things to say about Western Michigan University. A committed faculty, great student life, and a rich community
Western is a research-based college that is very diverse and friendly. There are frequent parties, but most of the students take education seriously as well.
I thought attending WMU would be the best years of my life. Unfortunately I do not feel safe on WMU's campus. Most of the teachers at the school do not care for the students and WMU makes it very difficult to graduate on time due to classes not being needed but make us take.
It has a very pretty campus. Not super huge but definitely big. Very friendly peers. It is close to town.
I'm a graphic design major living in Fox Hall, which is okay but not great. However, I am impressed by the facilities and faculty of the Frostic School of Art, as well as the amount of scholarships they grant to students.
It was a wonderful experience because everyone are welcoming when you first start to you finish. I love being a bronco because they not only encourage you but everyone. The support was always there and somebody always had your back. Yeah there are plenty of parties but studies are more important.
I love the campus i think it can be really beautiful. The people are really great with few exceptions and there are lots of clubs for just about any hobby. I would like to see them renovating some of the older buildings though, some of the classrooms are so old they are falling apart.
I feel at home here, I love the professors that I have had so far. I also have felt welcomed on campus, by being a part of multiple Registered Student Organizations.
I have no problem with Western. It's a big school with lots of resources. The only things I would like to see change is the tuition and meal options.
Western is very fun. The courses are easy depending on your major and if you actually apply yourself. The community is small so everyone knows everyone, which is good and bad at the same. Its something that someone have to experience but I wouldn't want to attend any other school.
I love all the people I met and the things Western has to offer! I have been involved with many RSO's and community service and it's only my first year. All the things I've done through this amazing school has prepared me already to be a grown woman for the real world. There's no where else I can see myself being than here. I love Western and Kalamazoo.
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I like how the professors are willing to assist you and make time for extra study for you to be successful.
I have very little knowledge of any part of campus outside of the School of Art so far so I will focus on that. Facilities are great - spacious and with excellent equipment for student use. There is always student work hanging in the gallery and throughout the halls so it is a great oppourtunity for students to get their work out there and also see what others are doing. The faculty are very knowledgable and helpful as well. They really do want to see their students succeed.
Over all this fist year in college has been pretty well. Nothing is horrible here I is just different that where I am from. This a smaller town than Ann Arbor, I just takes getting use to the ways around here. If love party there will always be one. My major is Fashion design, and program really good, they really put you as close as you can to the industry. Many of the professors have worked some where in the fashion industry.
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