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My first round here at WMU started in 2000. At that time the professors did not care about the students and it was hard to get what you needed to succeed for people like myself.

I just started back here in January of 2018. The professors now seem to bend over backwards for the students to make sure they not only undertand the material but succeed.
What I love about Western Michigan University it that they are a very diverse and welcoming campus. I enjoy all the different clubs they have and also an opportunity for someone to start a new club. The professors do a fantastic job with lectures as well as being able to set up office hours with them if needed.
I really like the size of the campus. Not too big and the free bus system makes it easy to get around campus and even all over the city. Kalamazoo is a great town full of things to do!
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While I haven’t gone here for long, WMU seems like a really good school so far. As a transfer student, they make the transition super easy and do a really good job preparing me for university life. There are many different tools at my disposal to help guide you and the fsculty is really helpful.
I really enjoy going to Western Michigan because of the athletics that are available to all the students. Western has a variety of sports to suit every students uniqueness. I loved swimming for Western for two semesters. I was able to make more friends and travel to other universities for big competition swim meets. I felt safe while I was swimming at Western. Surrounded by friends and a friendly environment. Swimming at Western has taught me a lot about following healthy habits in life. Keeping in physical shape was and still is a top priority for myself, and I am glad to go to Western Michigan where they encourage fitness.
I have enjoyed Western Michigan. There is always activities on campus. I like that Western Michigan is a smaller campus size and you can easily walk the campus. I would like to see more shops/restaurants within walking distance to campus for those who do not have their own transportation available. Instructors/professors are knowledgeable and I feel the education I am obtaining will prepare me for my ongoing career and graduate school.
I love Western Michigan University. The atmosphere is so welcoming and there is so much diversity. There is always something fun going on around campus.
Western is a very good school. It has very friendly people and it is very diverse. When I first started to attend Western Michigan University I met a bunch of friends and had the ball of my life. Western showed me a great time which made me even more excited about my education at Western. Western also has amazing academically.
Western Michigan University could be described as the best school in the country. This school is the definition of community. Walking around campus, you can't help being filled with Bronco pride and joy surrounded by peers and a beautiful campus. With great teachers, great programs and amazing atmosphere, Western Michigan University is a five-star school!
Great university in the heart of beautiful southwest Michigan. Many extra-curricular opportunities. Enjoy metropolitan Kalamazoo.
When I first came to Western I fell in love. The campus is very nice as well as the surrounding area. Going on as a freshman I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to make any friends, but right away I was welcomed by so many nice and friendly people. The professors there really engage with the students and make sure they understand what they are lecturing about.
I would recommend Western Michigan University to anyone! The faculty and staff at the school are very helpful and always refer to valuable resources around or on campus. Everyone that you meet always has a smile on their face, is very helpful, and loves being in the area and at the school! Go Broncos!
I love the diversity of the campus and the equal opportunities presented to all students to become involved in academic and campus life. I would like to see newer housing additions, like air conditioning in all dorms and free laundry in every building. Along with housing updates, several academic buildings could benefit from an improved overall aesthetic.
I love Western Michigan University. The diversity is outstanding. The counselors are always ready to help you succeed in any way they can. There are numerous clubs and activites people can join in, and make friends. The school is very open to anyone, and is down to earth
My time at Western Michigan has so far been rewarding. I feel like there is a place for everyone here. Teachers actually care for their students and want to see them succeed.
Western Michigan University is a great school. They honestly focus on the success of the students. They have many resources to assure that we succeed in our studies an branch out to explore a lot that is offered on and off campus. There advisors and teachers that are there with many resources to help. There are a number students organizations.
I think the best parts about Western Michigan are the people, faculty and students and also the convenience and the innovative new ways to learn like online classes. I would like to see them drop some of their focus areas that one needs to graduate. A liberal arts student shouldn't be forced to take math and science.
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I am in an Extended University Program for WMU and so far it has been amazing! The college is more than willing to work with me being hours from campus, and professors come to my location multiples times a semester for a class meeting. It has truly been really great.
I was a incoming freshman of Fall 17, I was nervous about the transition from high school to college. It’s challenges that will hit you left to right but Western has so many opportunities that will guide you on the right path. Which is why I had received a 3.7 my first semester of college and was inducted into the National Honor Society in the spring of 18. This all happened because of the help and motivation I recieved from Western’s staff. There’s honestly nothing I would really change about Western.
Western Michigan University is a great college for people looking for a diverse environment. They have affordable food plans and good professors.
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