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Of all the many things I love about Western Michigan University, one of the most important to me is probably the amount of things to do and the diversity in the students. For one, no matter your interests, there will be an RSO or club that will work for you. No one, no matter how weird you think you are, you will have a community to join. Not only that, but there is such a diverse crowd here that again, no matter how much of an outcast you think you are, you aren't one! There is such a diversity of people, that everyone can and will find friends.
All professors are very helpful and understanding. Everyone is extremely friendly. the campus layout is great and the bus systems are the best.
Western is not too big and not too small. The campus is beautiful, although there is lots of snow. The professors really care about the students. WMU is constantly updating their campus and technology resources.
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I have had great experience with working with people on my transfer and they always know whats going on and how to deal with everything in a timely manner
Great school! Business college and its professors are amazing. If you don't live in the dorms, it's difficult to meet people your first few years there because the campus is so large with so many students. I'd like to see more advertisement for campus events that provide opportunities to meet more friends.
It's a great school overall. I wouldn't recommend the nursing program. I switched early on and it was a good thing. I love my program now!
Most of the teachers are here to help you succeed, but the rest of the faculty (Bronco express, registrar office, etc) make your ability to go here very hard. They aren't helpful at all and make you jump through hoops to get a simple thing done.
It's good. It is diverse and has amazing classes and housing opportunities. I havn't lived ina dorm, but the apartments are worththemoney and are closeto campusso that you don't have to drive and apartments come with parking so you don't have to pay an extra fee for on campus parking.
I am currently in my Junior year as WMU and it was my first choice in universities and my only choice. I love the campus and the community both on campus and in the local area. There are constantly events going on both on campus and in Kalamazoo, giving students opportunities to explore everything that the city offers.
Good university overall, but you need to be careful to choose where you want to live depending on what lifestyle you want. Do you want more time and room for study or do you want to party?
The University is great. The very much diverse vibe on campus is great. The staff is great and they have made the transition from high school to college very smooth. I am very happy with the decision.
Western is a beautiful campus. The buildings are nice, as well as all the professors. I have not had a bad experience with any class besides one. You will miss home but soon Kalamazoo will feel like your home, its a nice place to be.
Western Michigan is a great college, it has everything from good food to great people. Im a member of its marching band and it is one of the most fun experiences I could dream for. Western has a great athletic program and their football games are great. the community at WMU is one of a kind, everyone is amazing. Getting your degree is an achievement that sets you apart. Get the one that interests you the most. Things will work out for the best.
I like WMU because it seems geared towards me and is all about me excelling towards my goals. The small experiences I've had with it so far just makes me feel welcomed and really excited to attend WMU next fall.
When I went to visit Western Michigan University they treated me very nicely with respect. They were interested in giving me the best tour they could and answered all my questions.
Western is overall a decent university. The staff and professors are pretty good and you will learn what you came to study. A word of advice “don’t stay on campus.” They have really bad policies on dorm life. The dorms are also disgusting and expensive. Kalamazoo has a lot of apartments close to Western that are more affordable and comfortable.
I like how Western Michigan University is a welcoming school. Everyone hear is friendly and willing to help you, from the staff to board members, to the students that attend the college as well. The staff here don't want to see you do anything else, but succeed and be successful in life. There are so many opportunities and help assisted to you if there was ever a problem.
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The campus is nice and the professors really care about your education, but it's kind of hard to fit in since it is such a large school.
Western Michigan University is a great place to receive an education. There are many resources that will help you be successful. The staff and instructors/profs are very helpful and welcoming. The only thing that may be work on some of the older buildings and dorms.
I love Western's reputation, and the value of the education I'm receiving here. However, prices are high, and the website is really hard to navigate. I had a really hard time transferring and registering for classes.
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