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Campus is overall okay but the dorms are not. Most of them have bugs in them. Heat/Air units work when they want too. Could have more things for students to do.
I do not like having to walk up a hill to get to class. The school is a little bigger than what I would like. I believe that Greek life and partying are too common and it is very unappealing.
WKU is in a transition period as our long-term president is leaving. The Kentucky governor has also been pitting himself against the schools, turning things a little chaotic. However, the campus is beautiful and I've never had a professor I didn't like by the end of the semester. The School of Journalism and Broadcasting is particularly important to this university. The program lives up to expectations.
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Coming into college I really didn’t like writing papers because it was hard for me come up with an idea to start writing about. But taking fundamental of composition course helped me learn writing a paper can be simple. All it takes is for you to have all the right step to take. The key to a good paper is knowing what you want to write about. A couple good things I learned from this course is to come up with a initial idea by brain storming, mapping, and free writing. With learning these new techniques, the process of writing became less complicated.
Western Kentucky University is a very diverse school and a clean campus. WKU advisors are not very informative toward the students.
Great atmosphere for learning with small town feel. Dorms are small and somewhat "dated" but upgrades are being made. Take a tour and see how friendly everyone is, but just know it's an uphill walk to get to your classes. Lots of activities on campus and also plenty of nice restaurants and shopping in Bowling Green.
I absolutely love western!! I am so proud to be a hilltopper, the people here are amazing and very helpful. The professors are very attentive and they are there to answer any questions. Also the student are bright and will always have study dates with you. everyone works together very well!! GO TOPS
Western Kentucky University is a tight nit atmosphere where everyone is willing to go the extra step for each other. The academics range in diversity enrichment which is makes for a wide range of interests.
I have loved my experience thus far at WKU. I get a big university feel while receiving the attention I would desire in a smaller school. Go Tops!
Western Kentucky University has been a wonderful experience from the start. From the first red towel given with your acceptance letter to your daily commute to the delicious Red Zone, everything at WKU is unique and special to each student. WKU is a beautiful campus that makes walking up the large hill each day worth it.
Western Kentucky University is an excellent campus to attend to. There are great professors and their many smart intelligent students. The only thing I wish the campus would change is having more parking spots.
Western Kentucky University is such a unique school. There is a sense of happiness all throughout the campus. Students seem happy and proud to attend this university. The school provides plenty of opportunities to support the not only the academic aspect of college but along with the social aspect.
I love that it was an exceptional university with a small-town environment. The professors were close with each student, and students were connected with the campus itself.
Western Kentucky University is the best place to go to school. At Western the teachers care and they want to help you succeed and help you do better in live. My experience at Western has been a great one.
Western Kentucky is a university that balances academics and social activities to create a wholesome college experience. The university creates a small town college feeling with their personable professors and friendly faculty; the campus life at WKU is reminiscent of a bigger college with greek life, athletics, and tons of student run clubs. I come from a long line of Hilltoppers and I have been able to find a spot on campus that feels like home.
As being a first year college student, Western Kentucky University has worked hard to ensure that my college experience is unforgettable. I've learned so much about the community of Bowling Green and have already been blessed to receive some of the best courses to study. I love Western and I'm looking forward to the next three years of school here!
Well, I haven't been there long as I have just finished my first semester there but I have overall had a great experience there- it felt like home from day 1. Overall the professors are great so far, however I have already had a rotten one (avoid Iraniparast- he's an awful math professor). The rest of my professors went above and beyond, some even giving multiple opportunities for extra credit or extending class deadlines for everyone so the work will get done.
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Western Kentucky university is everything I thought it would be! The faculty and staff are great! The cost of the school is a bit pricey but it's worth it.
Overall a really good community. My peers are diverse and full of different perspectives and ideas, which is what our world needs in times of more and more demanding and challenging issues ahead. If an option, I'd definitely consider WKU as a college for someone wishing to further themselves and their careers.
I love Western! There is always very friendly people and someone to help you if you need it. My teachers are all nice and considerate. It is a little bit difficult to find things at first then it becomes a second nature. The only thing I would change would have to be the freshman introduction to the campus because there really isn't one. Other than that I have loved everyday I have been here.
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