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Western Kentucky University is a great university. It has excellent programs, organizations, and opportunities to develop into a professional.
Fantastic staff and a wonderful experience overall. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and always willing to help.
Everyone on the hill is friendly and it makes for an overall great college experience. While walking up the hill itself does take some getting used to, this is nothing compared to the atmosphere of campus
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I enjoyed my visit at WKU and plan to go there next fall. I love the importance of the cleanliness that the campus has and I love the friendly environment. I have heard numerous good things about this University involving the professors, dorms, athletics, and academics.
I went to WKU years ago. Everything about them was great. People there to help. Campus life was fun. The college atmosphere was just all around great to me. Alot of hands on classes. Easy to get around except when walking up the hill lol. But other then that WKU is a great school.
I love the campus so much, it is very aesthetically pleasing. The proffesors are truly amazing. They all genuinely want their students to pass the class. The only problem i have with WKU is the Administration. As a minority student, I feel they do not accomadate to make me feel safe and secure. I love this University to death but would like to see more effort to make minority students comfortable at this predominately white instituition.
The professors I️ have had are the only reason why I️ am still here. The TOP guides are neck and neck with PTS people. Both groups are a waste of my tuition dollars.
WKU is amazing. It is a very friendly, hometown kind of feel. The student life and school spirit is great.The only thing i would want to change is the hill!
It has a awesome history department one of the best in the state! I am a current history major and I found the professors very helpful and guiding and I actually learn something from showing up to class! WKU makes the history department so much worth it especially that it is apart of potter college and we just had a fall festival the other day that was awesome!
Western Kentucky University offers a diverse campus full of all kinds of people. I have met my best friends here and enjoyed my classes. The hill really creates a homey feel. There are many opportunities to get involved and make the experience better for any student.
I love WKU and all it has to offer! Student life and party scene are a 10/10. I am challenged academically and I am learning a lot!
I like that this college is full of different people--Asian, African,s Americans, etc. The thing I want to see from this college is that ACT score should not be required because it doesn't show how smart we are.
I like everything about western except for one thing m, I live the hill and how everything looks! It’s really beautiful! The the buildings are huge and pretty! Especially cherry y’all at night time. But the one thing I do not like about it is the minority’s. There are very few if you think about it. We need more, we need more to get involved on campus. We need to help each other get our work done instead of push them down. We are not unified at all.
The campus is so beautiful, especially during the spring when the Cherry Blossoms come out. I have always felt safe on campus, because the police patrol often and most of the students are friendly and would help you in a problem.
It is great. Great place to go for a degree of any kind. especially if you don't have really good grades. They are very flexible
Not a good school. Everyone who attends here is a failure who will never amount to anything in life. No one here is exceptional. Although some professors are good, the majority are underpaid and really don't care about their students. Don't attend here unless you want to take out debt to be part of a redneck party school and get a low-paying job after graduation.
Parking is in very short supply and the food service is very expensive ....nice class choices and a very pretty campus
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Western Kentucky University is a great college to attend, not only because of the amazing programs they have here on campus to help and reach out to students, but also because of the variety of options they have to offer.
Western Kentucky is a beautiful college. They have a very clean campus and are always trying to improve it. They work to give every student the opportunity to do great things. If I could change something I would say they should offer different Foreign Language classes. Great school.
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