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Wonderful classes, professors, excellent safety. Affordable. Multidimensional class abilities and major/minors.
I have been there for many events. WKU is a college with spirits and wonderful professors. I always do feel welcomed when I talk on the campus. The student are very diverse and I feel like I am home when I am on campus. My only concern is the condition of the dorms especially the mold situation.
I love going to school here. All of the teachers I have had are super caring and want to help you succeed. If you are failing, you aren't trying. The food choices are nice and people generally just want to help. The atmosphere is super welcoming and the school is small enough that you can actually get to know the people around you.
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I really enjoy going to school here at Western Kentucky University. The campus is beautiful and the faculty and staff are wonderful and genuinely care for us students.
Literally the most basic college. Huge hill that is a pain to traverse. Dorms had a mold infestation this year - and previous years, too. Professors are pretty rad but it just depends on the teacher. Wish there were healthier / more vegetarian dining options. Free wifi and cable.
During my college visit I fell in love with this school. The school really has open arms and I can tell that this school really helps its students.
Western Kentucky University offers a large variety of classes and degree programs. Various teaching styles are provided by many diverse teachers at WKU. A great well-rounded college experience.
My application has been accepted by this university not too long ago, as I am a senior in high school. I have visited their campus only three short times and yet it feels like a place that I could make my home. It gives me so many academic opportunities and the chance for one-on-one interaction with my professors, which is something that I value.
I am in the latter half of my first semester, but it so far I love it. It's a great school with many interesting topics to choose from. The food is good. They provide transportation to classes, and anywhere else on campus.
Plenty of spaces to study quietly and many food res at campus. Easy to get to classes and on time. Lots of parking spaces available (first come first serve).
The school itself is fun but if you go here DO NOT LIVE IN MINTON HALL! Every worker here has been nothing but rude and disrespectful. There is endless amounts of mold and when we bring up the issue, nothing happens. This is an unsafe and uncomfortable dorm and I HIGHLY recommend not living here.
This is my third at Western Kentucky University and I recommend this university to future college students and even present; if your interested to transfer? Athletic events and games where students engage in sports fun and support their fellow Hilltopper athletes. A campus of international acceptance and a diverse student body, a thriving campus with a constant growth each new school year. WKU, where Spirit makes the Master!
The overall environment is so positive and out going it doesn't even feel like your in college. Even though you are you are still having fun while learning. The campus is very neat. It's such a great place that even though i wanted to go far away from home i ended up choosing western because it is so neat and has a lot to offer even though it is close to home.
It started off great, but unfortunately has come into significant money trouble in recent years. The Campus is great, and the hill is great exercise. I Would recommend a philosophy major but they just cut. Many teachers are great, and a willing to work with students to accommodate their needs.
Western Kentucky University offer a wide variety of majors and academic programs, great athletics, a beautiful, clean campus, and a positive environment for learning and engagement.
Very helpful at returning to college after 20 years and highly proficient professors. The diversity and programs available are superb. Very excited about applying for graduate studies.
Western is a great school with professors who really care about their students. The campus is beautiful and there are plenty of ways to get involved. The atmosphere is very welcoming and inclusive. Because of the size of the campus, it's easy to see familiar faces and make friends.
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Western Kentucky University is a great school, but they have issues when it comes to giving students the right information regarding to their online programs. They send you into a dark abyss of emailing continuous people, who will send you to another person, so on and so forth.
WKU has an amazing, diverse campus and a great staff that can help you through an problem. Attending WKU has been the best experience because the classes are engaging, the professors are easy to work with and get to know, and there are many organizations to join that fit your interests.
Very nice campus. The perfect size between not too big and not too small. People were friendly and willing to help even if they were just everyday students.
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