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Western Kentucky is a very nice school. The campus is clean and has a very nice environment. Many professors have cared for me as a student and helped me to do good in their classes. They are all very nice staff. Highly advise taking a visit to WKU!
I will be returning to Western Kentucky University in Fall 2018. I first attended this school from 2011-2012, during which I learned from some of the best professors I've ever been in a classroom with. It's a large school that provides a personal learning atmosphere, which I can't imagine being very common. I have had several very close friends graduate from this school and move onto some exciting careers, so I know that the education I receive there will set me up for future success.
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I feel that WKU is very much a suitcase school, meaning many students go home every weekend. I personally did not like this as I did not have the opportunity or ability to get home every weekend.
As a non-traditional online student, my experience so far with WKU has been great. Most of the professors have been understanding of life circumstances while maintaining a rigorous courseload.
I am currently a junior, majoring in nursing. My overall experience at western has been good. It puts a great emphasis on the Greek community as well as strives to grow in diversity. My advisor is fantastic, and the majority of the professors I have had have been great. However, the quality of the professor greatly impacts the pass/fail rate of each class. I love the restaurants on our campus, and western is constantly looking for ways to improve.
Western Kentucky University is one of the best colleges in Kentucky and has a great dance program for those who are interested in a bachelor in dance like me
The campus is so beautiful and everyone is just so welcoming. It's like you have your own little family there.
Western Kentucky University has a great campus. Not crazily spread out, it is very accessible. The town around us is very pretty and very safe. Over all it is just a very good school to be at. Would definitely recommend to those trying to decide where they are going to go to school.
I love Western Kentucky University's campus. It is very easy to navigate and I feel very safe walking around at any time of the day. The professors are wonderful to work with and they understand that you do have a life outside of your school work.
My experience at wku was very exciting. There was literally something new on the campus everyday. The university experience is very opened to new things everyday and everywhere . At wku there is no wrong answer when it comes to just walking up on campus . The love of all the students seems to adventure out to the other students as well and to me that is great . I appreciate all the professors who have taught me true discipline even if it was hard to take part of , it was still needed.
Both of my siblings attend the University of Western Kentucky. I myself would also like to attend Western Kentucky. I just need t get scholarship money to help me attend this college. It would be a great honor if I was given this scholarship anything will help. I believe Western is the perfect fit for me and cannot wait to attend this college this year.
My experience at Western was a very good experience being a freshman. Everything about college was not what I expected especially coming to Western. I like Western with it being a public white institution and me being African American. Being at western I feel at home and for my spring semester to make it better. I plan to drive my GPA up with the excellent professors western has provided me.
My name is Emily Perry and I am a high school senior. I am considering attending Western Kentucky University. When visiting Western I was immediately welcomed and felt very at ease. During both the first and second visit at Western there was not one time I didn't feel welcomed. When walking around the campus students attending Western would be very friendly and enthusiastic to answer any questions I could have had. Western Kentucky University is a great option to choice for furthering a academic career.
Very friendly professors that are willing to be helpful.One of the most diverse field of majors in colleges in Kentucky! 10/10
I transferred from this school simply because it was too far from my hometown. But, overall I absolutely loves this school. It was so diverse had great food and a beautiful campus!!
Western Kentucky has been so positive in my life the short time I have been there. I love the people I have met and I love the way I am challenged everyday by the University. I highly recommend anyone to come to WKU as it will be a life changing decision.
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I’ve only been at WKU for one semester, but I’m already in love. As a student who is trying to pay their way through college on their own, WKU gives me the flexibility I need. Not only do they offer an abundance of scholarships to aid your education, but they offer a wide selection of classes as well. This has helped me as I work full time so the online and night courses they offer have been a perfect fit. But most importantly, Western Kentucky feels like home. This university is a community that welcomes everyone with open arms, and I’m a proud Hilltopper!
I love that Western Kentucky University feels like a home to me. I’d love to see it grow even bigger than it is. Not only by its size, but by the amount of students who attend the University.
I enjoy the campus. I have had both great and poor professors, and lack of financial assistance is an issue.
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