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The professors are top-rate in their qualifications, teaching style, and interaction with students. They are supportive of students and willing to go the extra mile for you. The college encourages professors and students to perform research in their field to present at national conferences. A large number of professors are published.
Western Kentucky University is overall a good school, even though they are facing a large financial crisis right now, it is being handled as well as can be expected. There are many good, even over-qualified, teachers here and it is a beautiful university.
The campus is ranked one of the top safest schools in the nation. They're professional and dedicated to their students and their educations.
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Always ready to help, and find every option to help us succeed. They are super friendly. Wku is definitely a 5 star school.
Western has a beautiful campus with a tremendously helpful staff. Every professor I've had has been patient and understanding and overall very kind. I would highly recommend WKU!
WKU is the perfect school. It’s not too big and not too small. Western offers Greek life as well as other clubs. Outstanding sports teams as well as Intermural sports for those who don’t play for the school. The professors are involved and caring and want to see their students succeed. I would recommend Western Kentucky to anyone who wants the ultimate college experience.
I LOVE Western’s Campus and the surrounding bowling green area! Food choices are very plentiful and yummy! most professors are nice some not so much! GREEK LIFE IS AMAZING! Such a good environment all in all.
I am a current sophomore at Western Kentucky University. This will be my first year at the university, but from what I have already experienced with staff and other students, I am very excited. I am proud to be a part of a community that is so welcoming and helpful!
I am an Incoming Freshman and Western has made me feel more than welcome. I eel I am ready to pursue my major.
I had an awesome experience at Western both as an undergraduate and graduate student at this campus. The campus has blossomed under College President’s Gary Ransdell leadership with innovative renovations of campus buildings.
Wku is a beautiful campus, not to big! Easy to get around. Dorms are nice, class size good. And fun on the weekends.
Western Kentucky University is a nice school overall. The campus is absolutely beautiful and the food on campus is great. There are some nice living options on campus and nice campus-affiliated apartments off campus. Athletics are a huge part of the experience at Western. There are numerous organizations to get involved in, therefore, everyone can find somewhere they feel they belong. The Department of Student Activities does an amazing job with campus events for students to enjoy. The downfall about WKU is the equity and inclusion of all students. The racial climate is a bit divisive and felt by the minorities on campus. WKU needs to do a better job with the inclusion of all students and their organizations, as well as appropriately handling incidents of injustice and hate amongst students on campus.
I love Western! The campus is beautiful and I feel like everyone really cares about my future and my education!
As an online student, I enjoy the flexibility of the course schedules. It works with my daily life as a full-time employee off-campus. The faculty and staff are often very quick to respond back and help you resolve any issues you may have and better understand the material.
Western Kentucky University is a great school located in the small town of Bowling Green, KY. It offers a diverse array of majors. It is mostly known for it's award winning photojournalism program. The campus is beautiful and features many hills and trees.
WKU is a great place to further your education! Great people, great atmosphere, and great facilities!
I have had a wonderful experience at WKU. I have had the best educators minus a few here and there and many people here supporting me. I am apart of the Greek community and it was one of the bet decisions I made. One thing that I could suggest to WKU to fix is that I struggle every year finding classes to take or getting into a class I need to graduate. For this upcoming semester I had a class get cancelled that I needed to graduate this spring and I won't find out what I need to do to fix it until I get there in the Fall.
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WKU has strong academic programs. I enjoy my nursing professors and the courses that I am available to take. Academic advisors could be more organized. They seem to put students in courses that they do not need. Student life is average but there is a lot for students to do on campus. There are a lot of events that are free and allow them to use their ID's to gain entry. The food is good and they are always updating the campus and bringing in new vendors.
Western is definitely a beautiful place. From the building to the people, its a wonderful experience. The professors are more than understanding and they go out of their way to ensure that us as students are understanding the material and getting the help that we need. As far as student life, there is always at least one or two events a week, and those working the events make it very welcoming. I think that the main reason I love Western is because of it's obvious diversity. There are so many different cultures and backgrounds, and for me that makes me feel more accepted, welcomed, and understood on campus. Western is a beautiful place inside and out.
I love Western!! The professors actually care about the students, tons of work opportunities, and it’s beautiful!
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