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Western Iowa Tech Community College Reviews

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I love this college it is an amazing place to start of for your new career. First of all the campus is beautiful with wonderful dorms right next to the college. Second the staff and professors are super friendly and can't wait to help you on the right path to your new career. Third the school works with you and your life.
I enjoy going to Western Iowa Tech Community College. The teachers in the Physical Therapist Assistant program are great and very helpful! The dorms are nice and have plenty of space, since you get your own room. They provide free laundry and printing! They also have great financial aid opportunities and provide a variety of services.
Even though this is a community college, its a great start. You get the one on one help that you need and teachers are helpful.
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I am excited to be a student at Western Iowa Technical Community college. I love the teachers and the students that I have encountered thus far because they have such new and fresh ideas in the classes I am currently attending.
I like the campus. It is very nice. I hated the food it was mostly gross and it sometimes would make you sick. Most of the professors are good. I had one that just didn't care about teaching and that was difficult, but overall it is good.
Everyone is very helpful. You always feel like you belong. You can focus on your education without the extra pressure of a clicky college. Help is always available.
College is very good. Administrative office is willing to help anyone, anytime! The professors are helping people whenever they can. If you have questions ever someone is there to help you figure it out.
I love WITT. I am not just a number. My professors all know me by name. If I ever need help, they are all easily accessible. They are genuinely interested in my success. I was nervous about going to a large university and becoming lost in the system. WITT is "my sized." My largest general education class has about 30 students in it. I am very comfortable being in this size of classroom.....even though I am shy by nature. I have many opportunities at WITT. Besides accademics, WITT has an amazing student center where the activities are FREE to students. I can take yoga, zumba, work out, or just hang out. WITT also offers opportunities to travel with my classmates to foreign countries!
I have taken classes through WIT online as a high school junior and senior, so I don't have too much of an opinion of the college as a whole, but I live in town so I've been to the campus. I think the professors i have are chill at times, but also very rude at times as well. Also, sometimes they don't even reply to my questions. The food isn't very good either. Otherwise, it's a pretty good college.
I love the flexibility with the classes. I love the additional programs to help students succeed. Witcc offers a wide variety of sports, hands on learning opportunities, practical on the job training for your area of study and a genuine interest in its students. The professors and staff are great about being flexible and understanding that "life happens". Whether you are just starting out or starting over this is a great school that will get you headed in the right direction. Once you complete your associates degree Witcc offers many transfer program options to continue your education. There are frequent career day and continuing education fairs to help get you matched with the right continuing education school for you.
I liked the price of the classes. I feel like I was able to get a quality education with smaller class sizes for a fraction of the cost of those state universities. It's a great atmosphere with quality professors. They offer a ton of hands on experience and really want you to become successful. As long as you are willing to work hard and apply yourself the professors will help you all they can. I would like to see the IT department get newer equipment to use. An update is sorely needed in the TSI building.
Western Iowa Tech Community College is a technical school as the name implies, and learning is awesome with the technological equipment's used in the class room. It's also situated in a very safe environment both for resident, non resident and international students. They also welcome multicultural students from diverse background and nationality. Lastly they offer attractive tuition rate which is very affordable for student especially when compared to other two year colleges.
I loved how versatile it is and how you can work it around your schedule. You are able to get your degree and save money. You can develop relationships with your teachers which helps learning the material a lot better. I loved being able to be a work study and earn some cash while I was at the school. Everyone is super friendly and helpful with putting me on the right track for my career.
WITCC (Western Iowa Tech. Comm. College) was and is a great college for all of my many experiences. I have taken and completed the dental assisting diploma program about six or seven years ago, the licensed practical nursing diploma program, and have just completed the associate's degree of nursing. I have had no major issues with any of the courses, and would recommend this college to anyone and everyone.
It's a very good beginner college but does not provide a curricular diversity that some other community colleges posses.
I like how everyone is so helpful with things. I like that it doesn't take hours to see an advisor when you need too. I also like that fact that you can set up appointments to see an advisor and the technology program to borrow laptops and keep the same one as long as your in classes for the upcoming semester. This help with not having to delete all of your work every semester just incase you need it again. I don't like the fact that the grading scale is so strike. So like i was told a passing grade was a C average which I feel that a C is a C but I made a C- in one of my classes and I have to retake the class because it as a - which mean its more money when it shouldn't be. I would like the grading scale to change but I would do it again I just know next time that that little small - in the front make a lot of difference.
The teacher are very reliable, they try their best to teach you the required material, and are nice to be around. They treat you with respect, and give one-on-one attention when it is asked for and needed. The students are respectful, and tend to be friendly. It's a nice place all-in-all to study, and further your education.
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its a very fun and comfortable place to be. I love going to school here and the professors are very good at teaching.
I went on a campus visit. The people/instructors are kind and encouraging. The main building for classes is clean and welcoming. The dorms are home feeling. Overall the campus feels like home and I am 98% it is the college for me.
Great school. It works very well with area high school for dual credit college courses. They also make it very easy to get ready to go to their school. Will be getting my AAS in paramedic here along with my AS in Biology. My only problem is they're going to be giving iMac computers and they run office 360 and use word Etc. not the end of the world, I just prefer Windows over iMac, but can't complain for the price.
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