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The gym had a good college campus community. It had good facilities. It had good and reliable public transportation systems. Most teachers were passionate about their subject and the students they taught
Overall my experience at Western has been a good one. My brother had recently graduated with a Bachelor's in business. The environment and campus is very laid back and friendly.
Wonderful University! The Staff is beyond excellent, the students are welcoming as well as helpful. There are over 200 organizations on campus, and the student life is awesome as well! Academics are taken very seriously, and with small class sizes, more specialized attention is given to students.
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It has a nice campus, people are great, and it feels homey, plus my sister is there so I will not be alone. It has my program that I would love to be in and it is third or fourth in the university overall.
I really liked the rec. area, It was a very nice university but if I were to change anything I would make sure to schedule college visit days on days that the athletic program ca speak to the students.
Great staff and great friends. The teachers where there to help when need be. If I needed to miss class for work they worked with my schedule. They helped me keep my grades on track and keep up.
It’s a fun experience. The classes are really cool. The teachers and advisors really want to help you succeed. I recommend getting in a study group of people from your class or even making a few friends from classes to help study for exams. The people in your major are like your family, you spend most of your time with these people in class
My experience at western was okay. Sometimes they are not helpful with their students, depending on who you are talking to in the office. Most of the dorms need updating, especially the freshman dorms. However, I liked that you could access everything online. The campus is easy to figure out and small. There aren't many stores there. There's a walmart and a few fast food restaurants.
I love the campus and my professors are all very good! I would like to see better residence halls for freshman.
The School is losing people and tends to fine you for stupid reasons. But on other news. The LEJA program here is great and I love going to school here I mean I am in a Greek social group named Theta Xi it is a very small group with low numbers. I blame the school for trying to change Greek life here on campus. The OPS officers are very kind and are always there to help but the judicial board people are horrible and only want your money they fine you outrageous amounts for small violations. But overall WIU is okay.
Western Illinois University is a really diverse schools and is very military friendly. Being in the National guard I have been able to manage both lifestyles very smoothly. The staff and students always ready to help you in anything you need. The transition into being a new student is smooth and friendly.
I really enjoy Western Illinois University especially the teachers because they want you to be able to be successful in their class.
It's peaceful, with challenges and experiences. I love my organizations such as Cultural Expression, which is a poetic group. I'm also in BMAN (Black Male Achievement Network). Those are my main ones that I'm currently in and as far as being here on campus, it;'s much to unconventional and get into to learn, acquire skills, and be around my true friends who's willing to help build each other up into better people of tomorrow!
Honestly almost all of the teachers are great and you will learn a lot. My problem with this school is that I attend the Moline location which does not offer a lot of the classes needed for graduation so you have to go to another school. Also, the classes that are offered fill up almost instantly in person so if you need to change anything with your class schedule you will get stuck with online classes.
My experience at Western Illinois has been filled with ups and downs. The campus if beautiful and the people are friendly. The only complaint is the system that runs the housing department. Last year my building excessively charged for infractions that were small, for example charged $100 for someone leaving dryer sheets on the floor. I have yet to feel a connection with the feel of campus, but hope to change that this semester.
I am a distance learning student. All of my courses are online, I love the flexibility it gives me. The only down side is that not all areas that I am interested in are online.
I enjoy being a student at WIU because I am considered a non-traditional student and there are several of us that are older, work, have families etc. The professors are very helpful and knowledgable. They want us to succeed and do well and will help us in any way possible. The campus is a beautiful campus and over looks the Mississippi River which is neat to be in class and watch the eagles fly over the river. There is food catered in for lunch but I haven't ever taken advantage of that I pack my own or go home for lunch. The housing for students is apartment rentals just across the parking lot so you can walk to class. There are numerous activities and clubs a student can get involved in.
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Western feels just like home! Macomb has a small town feel, and the University provides tons of opportunities for students to get involved on campus!
This is an amazing institution where professors, faculty, and your peers want you to succeed. I love the fact that my tuition remains the same for all four years.
Overall WIU offers a lot of opportunities and help to the students . It very safe and has many safety precautions for all students and faculty. The student life is good it’s a lot of active groups to get involved in.
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