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WIU is a fantastic school. It's safe, diverse, and the professors are great. Unfortunately, Illinois is going through a budget crisis, and so aid can be limited. However, they do lock in your tuition rates for your time there, and so fluctuating costs is not something to worry about. The food is decent, and from what I know, the party life is good. Just if you're underaged, be careful, because there are four police entities on campus.
I've only been here for a year, but my experience was pretty great. I met a lot of new people and it was very different than high school. The only thing I wish could be changed is the food. There should be a wider variety of choices, as well as healthier choices. Overall, I think it's a pretty good school.
Here at Western Illinois University I have met a variety of new people. I love the diversity at this school, and the class sizes are small. The teachers are willing to work with you if you are struggling. Their main goal is to see that each student makes it pass their course.
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during my visit to western Illinois i was treated well and giving a great tour of some of the schools finest areas. The tour guides were very respectful.
I think Western Illinois is a great University. It is in a small town but honestly it was great for me because I’m not a fan of living in a city. It felt like home. Of course the classes were amazing! The professors I had were great and always helpful. Class sizes were a good size therefore I got the chance to talk to my professors when I needed help.
I like how well the entire faculty works to keep the campus safe. everyone wants to see the students succeed, and the resources available are so helpful.
I enjoy attending classes at Western Illinois University. The class sizes are smaller than much larger universities. The professors are very knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful. Students are friendly. My courses so far are challenging but not overwhelmingly difficult. When I need help, there's tutoring labs, and the instructors have regular office hours.
Western Illinois University challenges its students to achieve the best academic career. The school allows for students to attend in two different cities, allowing for a more nontraditional education. I myself am attending while living at home and working two jobs. I would not be able to do this and afford my education without the duel campus opportunity that Western provides.
I would say that some professors here at Western actually care about their students and some are a little hard core. Advisors really try to help you with classes you might need but I will advise you do that on your own because sometimes they try to make you take classes you don't need. My experience has been pretty average as long as you do the work and study efficiently then you will be fine, I honestly had a challenge that due to not studying in high school.
Western Illinois University is an affordable college in the Midwest region. There are plenty of fun activities to do on campus such as joining intramurals, Greek life, or video game clubs. There is a club here for everyone and the environment is very peaceful.
Good school, though has a lot of safety concerns with students who do not exhibit college behavior. The school is losing numbers and needs to be more open to student option on campus without growing a lot of problems under the bus. The buildings are good and the food is average. Professors care and the LEJA majors have all the classes they need.
What I like about Western Illinois University is that the campus is very nice and clean, the professors are kind for the most part, and you just get a very safe feeling being on campus. There is much diversity on campus, and most of the students are very friendly.
My experience at Western Illinois University so far has been interesting. As an incoming freshman, College was not like the movies and tv shows you see. There’s a lot of adjusting and time management involved. The campus is beautiful. The classes are a different set up than high school but it’s easy to adjust to.
This is a great campus! Plenty of diversity! Everyone is welcome. I would love to see more student organizations like the Macomb campus has.
I went to visit western with a friend that now goes there. He showed me around and we did fun things and I would like to go back.
Very good university. Affordable to attend. Not much of a party school. It's located in a small town. People are very nice
School is full of activities and there's plenty to do, however students are not as involved as they should be.
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I liked living in the dorms because I got to meet people from all over the world. I dislike the area and the food choices. The area is really dry and there aren’t many food choices in the area.
The faculty and staff here are great! I feel that I will be very well prepared for what the future has is store after graduation. Being able to work with and study alongside great students and professors here at WIU, has been an experience that I won't forget.
When I took a tour of western I thought the school was going to be great for me. I like that the people were friendly, the class sizes were small and the tuition was cheap. The thing is you get what you pay for. The school has had a lot of budget cuts. If you're freshman they won't feed you in your dining hall on the weekends. My freshman year all the power went out the dorms because something malfunctioned. This year I'm in another dorm and the pipe exploded and flooded some of the boy's rooms and destroyed our C-store. I came to Western for fashion merchandising and the department is a joke. One professor literally had no clue what she was she doing so we learned nothing. Only one of the professors in the department actually does their job. There were three professors for fashion merchandising and now we're down to two. We could soon be down to one this year. This school was not what I expected and I will be transferring after this year.
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