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Very good university. Affordable to attend. Not much of a party school. It's located in a small town. People are very nice
School is full of activities and there's plenty to do, however students are not as involved as they should be.
I liked living in the dorms because I got to meet people from all over the world. I dislike the area and the food choices. The area is really dry and there aren’t many food choices in the area.
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The faculty and staff here are great! I feel that I will be very well prepared for what the future has is store after graduation. Being able to work with and study alongside great students and professors here at WIU, has been an experience that I won't forget.
When I took a tour of western I thought the school was going to be great for me. I like that the people were friendly, the class sizes were small and the tuition was cheap. The thing is you get what you pay for. The school has had a lot of budget cuts. If you're freshman they won't feed you in your dining hall on the weekends. My freshman year all the power went out the dorms because something malfunctioned. This year I'm in another dorm and the pipe exploded and flooded some of the boy's rooms and destroyed our C-store. I came to Western for fashion merchandising and the department is a joke. One professor literally had no clue what she was she doing so we learned nothing. Only one of the professors in the department actually does their job. There were three professors for fashion merchandising and now we're down to two. We could soon be down to one this year. This school was not what I expected and I will be transferring after this year.
The professors are helpful. The only issue is odds are for classes like math you are running into a professor that you have no idea what they are saying is half the time. I have a lot of free time though even with a pretty heavy schedule. The only thing to do really is party hard. Which for some people is a plus others a negative. There's really not much campus life besides the parties. The campus is usually pretty dead unless it's a high peak eating time and a lot of people are eating. The only other issue is really only as a freshman you are SUPER far away from class and eating most of the time. A lot of the time I just don't eat instead of walking in the freezing cold. But at other grades this probably wouldn't really be an issue because all of the other dorms are much closer.
I love the campus size and all of the professors are nice and are ready to help when needed. The food is dangerously good, so be sure to pace yourself and don't become a victim to the freshman fifteen! The dorms are very clean and nice, rooms are on the small side but they get cleaned every week day. Overall a great college!
Western Illinois university have excellent academic and the professors are very helpful and you can come to them when you are lost or struggling to understand the assignments. The Campus is small which is comfortable and good to have a close space to get to know everyone and meet know people better. My experience with western is new but so far I like how this university gave me a better experience to come out my comfort zone plus its many organizations,clubs, etc .. So western is a good choice if you wanna experience that comfort and independent life
I go to the satellite campus in Moline, Illinois and the class sizes are quite small. I think this semester the most I had in one of my classes was 20. The faculty and staff is very friendly. The campus was completely redone a couple years ago and it is so pretty. There are study rooms in the library which are great. There is also a lot of resources including a writing center. This campus is right along the river and it's very pretty.
I would like to see more involvement in helping students achieve and support. I like how challenging it is to be in Western
My first semester at Western Illinois was absolutely the best experience I ever Had. It was very different because I’m from a big city where you can go outside and see a lot of people and may not even noticed you seen them the next day. In Macomb, it’s a small town so you pretty much see all the same people plus their very kind hearted. The campus is very beautiful and the mascot “Rocky” is everywhere. The teacher are very helpful and there’s many resources all around. The food on campus is very tasty and there’s a couple of good restaurants around campus that serve great foods . The parties are always fun and there’s always activities inside the residence halls for anybody that’s not going out or looking for any fun inside. I love Western and you would too !
I am current student at WIU and I love it. The school has awesome professors and they truly seem to enjoy their job and helping students. Also the diversity is amazing there are people from all walks of life and everyone is really friendly and amazing
I would Like to see more diversity within the girls basketball team. There are many great aspects of this school, especially with academic resources and tutor sessions.
I like the overall environment of WIU, there are a couple things I would change not academic wise but campus wise.
Western is nice school very diverse university. There are always different things going on with organizations and events. The staff is wonderful, there are academic advisors for students and different tutoring options for students also.
The school is in the middle of nowhere and people are generally not friendly here. The food is horrible you have the same thing over and hour again.
I wouldn't recommend for nursing majors. If you are looking for a good nursing program do not come to Western Illinois university. You will be disappointed
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I’ve been in love with the idea of attending WIU since I was 13 years old. I had no reason, just thought it was the school for me for no reason. I soon realized after attending WIU that it’s really hard for me to fit in. I don’t drink or smoke and it’s not like I’m judgmental if people do choose to do those things; it’s just I don’t make friends easily because that’s all anyone wants to do her. Plus it’s just hard to settle in and feel at home when I don’t feel safe to leave my dorm room after dark. We get emails about any sexual assault reports and I am not kidding they have been flooding my school email inbox. I plan to switch schools at the end of the semester but would recommend this school for anyone who wants to party their entire career of college!!
Good place for an education. Affordable and still an accredited university. The food in the dining halls isn't the best, but edible. The union is a good place for other food options during the week.
My experience at Western Illinois is pretty great. Everyone is nice and hard working. It is easy aking friends and getting along with others. The classes here are challenging but it is easy to talk with your teachers when you need help. Here at Western Illinois, we are big on asking questions about anything that you might have a concern with.
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