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The enrollment is low. People start and then you don't see them anymore. ..
You only learn the basics
They only teach you the basic. .. nothing more
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What career center. . We have outdated flyers posted on a board with people who were hiring two years ago
There is nothing special about this school. . Run go somewhere else!
They pride themselves on teaching you the basic. Yes you will pass state board. Why? Because that's all we work on everyday is how to pass state board. Now if you are someone that already knows alot about hair then this is fine. However you won't learn any new techniques or styles to help you become a better stylist.
I don't think the education is worth twenty- two thousand dollars. The school prides themselves on teaching you the basic. They charge you extra hidden fees for things like a manaquin. They put it on your "tab".I think it's some shady things going on with our financial aid. It's not worth the money.
Do not enroll here! When I first enrolled into western hill school of beauty I was so excited. After a few weeks my excitement started to diminish. The administration is very nasty and rude, however they are very pleasant while enrolling you and having you sign contracts. Tim Hornsby the owner is an arrogant jerk. He doesn't even speak. You would think that he would be a little more humbled seeing that student enrollment is low. His ego is bigger than what he wants to spend on supplies for the school. They water down the shampoo and conditioner and anything else that they think will go unnoticed. The school is out dated. The hair kits are outdated compared to other schools. Mrs kacey is rude and nasty. School embursment checks are never released in a timely manner and when question about it Mrs kacey is always nasty and defensive about it. Hmmm it's my money right. I have worked in a company where there was some shady things going on like embezzlement I wouldn't be surprised if this Was going on here. It's not what you would expect when you are paying twenty - two thousand dollars. The teachers are nasty and scarce. So if you have a problem with an instructor, guess what, you can't switch because there isn't enough teachers. We don't have supplies all the time. Oh let's not forget we have roaches. Don't waste your money. You will just be a number. I regret enrolling here. I'm looking for a different sscool.
We dont have all the tools we need as far as people first starting we should learn how and be able to use the same tools that the seniors use on the floor so that we can be more prepared to do customers hair when we go down stairs. We need more things to work with hands on!
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