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The ease of enrolling and the degree of responsiveness from the enrollment counselor. The price is right too!
I enjoy the freedom to work on courses and assignments whenever I need to. I also like the availability and guidance of the mentor and course mentor team. The WGU framework has a lot of information and support built in with it's online tools. Very accessible, affordable, and up to date knowledge. 21st century learning at it's best!
Good value if you learn to game the system. Student mentors are unengaged. If you do well with self-guided learning, you can finish quickly. If you need structure, choose another traditional or accelerated online program.
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I love that I have the ability to earn a bachelor's degree from home. I also love having flexibility and access to the web. I also love working at my own pace. I love studying when I want.
I love WGU because its competency based learning gives students the opportunity to work at an accelerated pace. You dont spend time on classes you already are knowledgable in. I would like the proctored exams to go a little more smoothly.
Communication is amazing. This program is so affordable, flexible, great teachers, and so happy I found this program!
I like Western Governors University, my classes are all online, you can move at your own pace, there is not much I don't like about it, just like any other school you have the occasional instructors you clash with.
I have only positive things to say about my experience with Western Governors University. The Course Mentors have been extremely helpful in every course and without their support I don't know that I would have made it this far. Western Governors University is the 8th college/university I have attended due to life events which kept making it necessary for me to find alternative solutions. In my experience Western Governors University goes above and beyond in many ways. The library access is terrific and the mentorship is amazing. I have had 45 minute scheduled daily appointments with instructors at times to get through the course material. Where else can you do that? I have recommended their programs several times. I enrolled after knowing other people who had received promotions and/or new positions shortly after graduating. (All my knowledge of the university is based on their Education department for people earning degrees in teaching.)
I had a wonderful experience getting my BA in education online through WGU. My student mentor was helpful along the way. I graduated over a year ahead of time because I was able to work at my own pace. I finished a 4-year degree (122 credits-34 I transferred in) in less than 18 months. Student mentors were helpful along the way and student groups on Facebook were amazing. I did not feel alone in my struggles and I was finally able to finish something! I am the first woman in my family with her 4-year degree and plan on returning for my masters as well.
I love the weekly touch points with my mentor, and being able to reach out to other course mentors as needed.
However, there is a big discrepancy between their pre-assessments and the assessments. They need to be more closely aligned or why even take them.
I am in the process of enrolling at Western Governors University. So far everyone has been extremely helpful and I eel very good about starting a graduate degree there.
WGU is a university that fits into my schedule. It allows me to work, raise a family, and still get my degree. I can take classes at my own pace, within reason, and complete them on my schedule. I do not know I could make a regular University work into my crazy schedule, but with WGU, I can get my studying done and still live my life!
Very easy admittance assistance and easy application process. The enrollment specialist was super knowledgeable and went out of his way to help me with transferring credits.
I like this university because it’s cheaper than the others college. The online classes are very easy and flexible. I will recommend anyone to take classes.
Great school, great advisors, and great accountability! I was able to finish my BSN in 12 months. Working on my MSN now. Hope to have it completed in 12 months.
I love that the tuition is a flat fee no matter how many classes I take, its a go at my own pace and very visual college which I needed!
This is a great option for working adults. The 6 months term and only have to take 4 classes. There is no excuse for not being able to fit that in your schedule! This is my 3rd online school so I feel I can rate the interface and class layout with some confidence, and it is the most intuitive and well designed of any of them. Instructors are easy to get a hold of and there are tons of additional free resources all for a very low enrollment fee.
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I highly recommend this University to anyone, but especially those who are working full time and looking to go back to college. It is Accredited and Not for Profit. The tuition rates are very affordable, best of all the semesters are 6 month terms, work at your own pace, 1 class at a time. You can go as fast as you like no fee per class, it is per semester. In some cases if a test is required to pass and you are already familiar with the material you can test out!
Do not waste your money elsewhere if you have not checked this out!
I attend Western Governors University based on recommendations from coworkers and their experiences. It has been a good experience but is only successful to the ones who have motivation to work on their own time.
The enrollment counselors are so helpful and
Have been right with me every step of the enrollment process.
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