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Western Governors University is great if you are a working individual and are looking for flexibility. Tuition is flat rate, and if you want to pursue your track at a faster rate and take more courses aside than what is assigned, you can do so without incurring additional charges. Included with your tuition is your reading materials--so no more having to purchase your books. They provide you with many resources that supplement your coursework. Professors are helpful and keep to their scheduled appointments. Your assigned counselor is also helpful whenever you have questions. You have a weekly call with an assigned counselor.
Such an easy college to apply for, the teachers are easy to contact and the streamline education program is unbeatable!
Tuition is very affordable and they really work with you. They have so many different majors to and options to choose from. I like the fast paced speeds we are learning at, because im trying to finish up and start my career. They are all for it and supporting their students and our success.
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Western Governor's University has been a dream come true for me! It is an online, fast-paced learning environment which is perfect for me. I am a full time mother and full time employee and the flexibility of this college gives me the power to complete my degree on my terms. In addition, it is very affordable--a perk when you have two teenage daughters!
Western Governors University is a great online school. It is affordable and flexible. The professors are very knowledgeable and helpful. Each student also has a mentor to help you stay on track with your weekly and long term goals. Their website is easy to use and looks nice. They provide tons of resources for all different learning types.
If it wasn't for WGU's online learning platform, I don't think I would've been able to achieve my degree.
I love Western Governors University! It is so easy to apply and I love the fact that it is online. From the very start of my enrollment process, until now, in my second term, it has been so wonderful. It does not focus on what you already know, by what you don't. So you do not spend precious time reviewing prior knowledge. This has been the best decision for my education. Online, on my time, and my goals are being met. Win!
I am currently in the enrollment/application process with WGU Online and i have been assisted every step of the way. The online enrollment portal is such a great resource available to prospective students.
Academically this is a great place to go to school, and the tuition is really affordable! I like that you can move at your own pace, and if you have the time complete many courses quickly in order to pay less for your degree. However, I don't believe their financial aid department is very strong in their beliefs that they are there to help the students with their financial needs, more than they try to deter any financial aide other then the general subsidized and unsubsidized laons.
This college has helped me to be able to go to school as well as be at home with my children. The university mentors guide me weekly on my school studies to keep me focused weekly. Without them I wouldn't be able to go to school fulltime with a family.
Low tuition fee which is really good for student with tight budget. Good counseling experience. Academi. Support are really great
I can move at my own pace and take classes while working. It is helpful because I work full time just to get by and have a daughter on the way. There is no way I would be able to work full time, attend a campus, work on school, and I am about to be a dad in 2 months. This school is flexible and fits me.
Perfect for non-traditional, military and military spouses. Go at your own pace and take as many classes as you can and the cost remains the same! It is tough and rigorous courses but worth it. WGU also has the only fully online accredited teaching program in the nation.
What I love about Western Governors University is that I get to work at my own pace, I am able to work in the profession I want to be in while studying on my own time and still be gaining experience. Another great thing about Western Governors University is that it is accredited and it cost half the money it would to go to school at a regular university! I would not change a thing about my experience at WGU.
The structure of this school is much better than any school I've ever seen. It is an online school and isn't meant for everyone, but I would highly suggest it because of it's versatility and flexibility with anyone's schedules and learning style.
It's competency based, if you know it, you can take the test right away. You have a student mentor that calls you every week, there are also course mentors as well. I wouldn't chance much other than we need a community forum.
Excellent school! Love the fact that you can get certifications WITH your degree. I feel more prepared and excited for opportunities that this school prepares you for in spades!
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Fantastic university with more support than traditional campus locations. Multiple degree options available to fit all needs and interests. Low-cost and opportunity to progress at your own pace make this win for all students!
Only my first term but pretty good so far. Its go at your own pace and pay per semester not oer credit so you can go as fast as you want and can pass in a term (6 month period)
WGU allows students to work at a pace that works for them. Students no longer have to work based on deadlines given by a professor on topics they already know. This has allowed me to more quickly move through certain classes to allow time for those I need to focus on to learn. I have been nothing but impressed since starting my program.
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