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I love that I am able to go my own pace and learn as fast as I want. The courses are clear and instructive and the mentors are helpful. They work hard to make sure you understand the information so you pass.
While I enjoy being independent and doing the course work at my own pace. Motivation is sometimes hard to find.
I have had a pretty good experience with them. Everyone whom works there is extremely helpful. Your study sessions are on your own time, which makes it very convenient for those whom have jobs.
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For the cost the school gives what you pay for. Don't expect an ivy league education. It is beneficial to someone who leads a bust life outside of schooling to be allowed to attend school at your convenience.
The structure WGU offers for the students along with the high quality of instruction is bar none. I highly recommend this University. It is very accessible, yet thourough. This is a serious college providing a serious degree.
I have had a great experience with applying and being accepted into WGU online nursing program. Everyone has been so helpful and I am excited to start and learn!
So far I am extremely happy with Western Governors! It is a flexible user friendly learning environment where I can still work full time and be a mom!
I love being able to work at my own pace. Accelerating through portions of the curriculum that I have already mastered and taking my time on more difficult items was a wonderful aspect of this university. Not only that, but paying by the semester, not by the credit hours, is a great incentive to stay on track and finish in a timely manner all while saving money!
My experience at Western Governors is different than any other college. The college allowed you to focus on studies that was needed for the course and nothing more. I was able to work part- time and study with out any problems. There are many student and course mentors available to help with academics and encouragement. There were some issues that need to be change; which are having preceptors that are able to teach, and more organization with clinical placement.
I have had a great experience with WGU. I like how hands on they are and the seemingly unlimited resources they provide. It would be helpful if they added more test prep for individual state licensure exams.

WGU calls every week to make sure students are on track and keep them on track. They are available for calls when additional help is needed. When they call, they are on time and respectful of your family life; acknowledging that each student has a reason for online learning. WGU is a great University for students looking to learning online while working and taking care of families. They are affordable, offering a reasonable tuition that includes books and flexible payment schedules.
I am looking to enrolling into WGU. The recruiter are great. They do not harass you like most recruiter
Please note this is an online school. That means that the average mark is because those options are simply not available.
It's very easy to get started and the staff are very accessible. The courses are designed to allow you to accelerate and fit around your schedule. If i want to take a test at 3am, i can. They have weekly check-ins with a personal mentor to keep you on track and setting goals or helping you navigate the system if you're hitting a road block.
Western Governors University is a great school. It is more affordable than traditional universities. I prefer it to a traditional school because you only work on one class at a time, with most classes taking about a month. It keeps things interesting.
I am new to Western Governors University, but the online staff and resources offered online have been vey helpful. I have my undergraduate degree, and I am beginning to pursue my graduate degree. I really like this school, because it allows its students to choose their time frame of completion. Also, the affordability of a high quality graduate degree program is greatly appreciated in preparing me to be more competitive in the work force.
I enjoy that Western Governors offers degrees online. The application process was a little long and the enrollment counselor wasn't as helpful as I would have liked. But overall it's been a good experience.
Good customer service and easy sign-up process. You are helped through every step of the process to ensure that you complete your degree in the amount of time that you want.
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WGU allows me to work towards higher education while maintaining my already hectic schedule. With tuition costing less than half of competing schools, it’s helped me to earn a degree without breaking the bank.
I absolutely lover Western Governors University! I enjoy being able to go to school and have a job at the same time. The course mentors for all my classes so far have been great at helping me with the resources I need. My mentor calls me every week to make sure I have all my questions answered and helps me set goals to get my work done in time!
I have had nothing but an amazing experience with WGU. My enrollment counselor is ON IT! Any issue I've ran into with either my previous college or FAFSA, they've always had a solution.
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