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I researched several schools to get my BSN-Nursing, but I can truly say Western Governors University WON!!! I just completed the BSN Program this past November 2017, and then in December 2017 Started the Masters Program- Nursing. Since day 1, this School has been wonderful!! The staff is amazing. Very dedicated to seeing you succeed. Lots and lots of resources to learn from. You have to be DISCIPLINED!!! You decide how fast you want to go. But you have to stay within the time they allow for each semester.
I am so happy I chose WGU!!!
I enrolled in WGU Nevada January 1, 2017 as a freshman with only 6 credits transferred in from my previous university. Fast forward to February 2018 and I am now a college sophomore with 41 credits. The curriculum is very straight forward and, because the school is competency-based, you are able to accelerate courses if you prove you know the material. 10/10 for me.
Western Governors University seems like the right choice every day moving forward. From the start of the application to the school, to being admitted and starting school, it truly seems like the folks working at WGU are there for you. The service that they provide is thoroughly helpful, and their insight guides all applicants to setting up for a successful foundation for their online school system.
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Western Governors allows me the opportunity to achieve my education dreams while I work full time, run a goat farm and raise three children. WGU allows me this opportunity with an affordable price tag. There is no substitute for WGU when it comes to working parents in my situation.
I had a GREAT experience attending the university and I'm very thankful I made the choice. As the full-time breadwinner, studying at my own pace was a real advantage. The courses were relevant and the postioned me well with regrads to carerre advancement.
I really like how individualized WGU is. I have been able to just work on my courses at my own pace and I've completed 3 in 3 months and get to keep on moving without paying any additional for extra classes. You have to be very self motivated in order to succeed at WGU, but for those that are, this is a great school for you.
I think that they need to work on their admissions department. The format is good though for students that do not have time to go to classes but still want to earn their degree. I would recommend this college.
Western Governors University is a great learning experiment. Mentors help keep you on task weekly. This is a strong self-driven learning experience. If you stay on task, put in the time and effort you can pass it faster than going to school. Rates are affordable! Proctors for testing are great, if you never have taken a test online it’s an experience I would recommend to all and will be a requirement as well. Loads of resources at your fingertips to help you grasp the subjects too. Make going back to school fun, by attending WGU, you won’t be disappointed. You can do it!
I love attending Western Governors University! I am a single mother of four children, ages 1, 5, 7 and 9. I work full time and still manage to work toward my BS and teaching credential. Degree mentors are always checking in on you to make sure you are staying on task. Course mentors are always available, and you can take exams any time of day. Perfect for me and my littles.
Love it! I’m just getting ready to start and they have been very helpful!
My enrollment counselor has contacted me several times as scheduled and been great to talk to!
WGU is wonderful! I get consistent support from my mentor, as well as from every course mentor. I have been set up for success from the beginning, and honestly have had MORE support with this program (online) than I did during my undergraduate. I highly recommend to anyone seeking higher education for a low cost, flexible program.
I am scheduled to begin in March. They are great with follow up. I am hopeful to complete my graduate degree in a short period of time.
this is a online university that you go at your own pace, with excellent mentors who call weekly at a set time to motivate you
I did not like the transfer of credit process and actually lost some course credits that I should have had considering I already obtain a masters degree before beginning the Bachelors program.
I have enjoyed being a student at WGU even though it’s online there is such a support system!! You have a student mentor the whole way and each class also has mentors !!! Each class has cohorts to also support and each subject has help. I can work full time and work on school work in my own time frame ! I would recommend this university .
My course mentors and student mentors are very hands on. When I need help I often get it pretty quickly. I love that it’s something I can do at my own pace and prior knowledge helps me in my course work.
The mentors and course mentors are all so very nice and helpful when it comes to helping with school and also understanding how personal life can get in the way. I would change the length on how long you can spend on classes.
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Western Governors let's you work at your own pace and has mentors guiding you. For those who have a full-time job, I believe this university is the best!
My experience with WGU has by far exceeded my expectations. From the beginning with the enrollment counselor to my course mentor it has been simple to start up school again. They are very helpful and will find ways to make your experience as unique as you are. I am very satisfied in my choice to finish my education and receive my degree in Mathematics with WGU.
although it is an online school that is suppose to cater to working adults...they show no mercy when you get behind in monthly payments....also there is NO grandfathering program. If you take a break to put finances in place, you will have to re-enter into a readjusted program that probably include 3-four more courses.
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