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Easy to navigate, well educated student mentors, experienced professors, and the ability to complete as many courses as you are able to in a six month period is amazing.
Excellent experience so far. Finished my Bachelor's degree in 2017. I had a great student mentor, she helped me and encouraged me along the way to get it completed. The program is great with the online competency based study.
Compared to a state university and another online university (UMUC) I attended, I have found my time at Western Governors University to be a better overall experience. I have found all of the Course Mentors to be very invested in my success within the courses and go above and beyond, not only answering questions but also providing guidance in how to approach aspects of both objective assessments (exams) and performance assessments (tasks that need to be completed). Unlike at a traditional college where you might stalk a professor's office during office hours hoping to have a question answered, only to find the professor is not available, there is an easy process to check your Course Mentor's schedule and book an appointment, sometimes for the same day. I have been working on getting a Bachelor's Degree for a very long time and have a crazy home life but I am managing in get it done little by little and have about 1 year to go. I highly recommend Western Governors University.
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This is an all online school and it meshes perfectly with my needs. They have an excellent mentoring program. i have loved learning this way and not having to drive etc. to classes. I can also can do as many classes as i want in a 6 month term so it's great value.
I am new to Western Governors University, but so far I am loving the flexibility because I work full time with wildly varying hours.
I am just starting out at WGU, but from what I've seen so far it is a great experience and very useful to adults looking to grow their career opportunities.

I highly recommend anyone looking to change their lot in life to give WGU a chance to broaden their horizons.
Their admissions department is very good at handling new students and very friendly. So far it has been a great online college experience.
Western Governors University has great Counselors. I have started the process to start and so far all of my questions have been answered appropriately. I do however wish they had a better financial aid, such as breaking down payments into smaller portions.
I have really enjoyed this college. Even though that I have had some set backs with some courses, my student mentor and also my instructors were there to help me every step of the way to help me achieve my goals.
So far so good. I have been learning a lot and moving at a quick pace. The value for the tuition is great as you can complete as many courses as you'd like for the same flat rate.
I love that I can work at my own pace. Anytime you need help tou can reach out to the course mentor and they are always ready to help.
I could not have asked for more out of an online learning experience! There is a lot of support through counselors, professors and online learning tools to help you be successful. While you do need to be self motivated and organized, this is a great option for working professionals who need a flexible schedule. I highly recommend this school- and have recommended it to many friends and family.
WGU offers a phenomenal level of support and mentorship ranging from program mentors and course-specific mentors. My program has been rigorous and comprehensive with a TON of resources at my fingertips, from writing and math to an astounding web-based library. I am the homestretch of my program and would highly recommend WGU to anyone searching for an accredited online university.
makes working and college have the opportunity to test out and advanced to other courses , competemcy base
So far I have only gotten enrolled in my program but everything I have heard and read sounds great! I am excited to start my bachelors degree here at WGU!
Great for anyone who works full time and anyone who has been in the workforce for quite some time. Those with sufficient workplace knowledge will benefit by attending this college. Everything is at your pace.
I have loved being at WGU! They make it really easy to understand what you're learning, and help keep you on track towards graduation.
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I love Western Governors University. It is so simple. You take the courses on your own timeline and when you know the required material, you pass the class. It is so wonderful to base a college on how much you know about your desired field rather than wasting time getting necessary hours in before obtaining your degree.
I've only completed one course, so my rating is extremely limited. The best feature is the tuition is a set rate per semester. You have to take a minimum if 12 units, but it you can complete more the tuition is the same. Perfect for a dedicated student willing to put n the work to get a degree at an accelerated pace. They give you course mentors, student mentors, and program mentors always there to answer any questions or help you any way they can. That is one of the greatest aspects of this online college.
Western Governors University is great if you are a working individual and are looking for flexibility. Tuition is flat rate, and if you want to pursue your track at a faster rate and take more courses aside than what is assigned, you can do so without incurring additional charges. Included with your tuition is your reading materials--so no more having to purchase your books. They provide you with many resources that supplement your coursework. Professors are helpful and keep to their scheduled appointments. Your assigned counselor is also helpful whenever you have questions. You have a weekly call with an assigned counselor.
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