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So far, so good! As a freshman at WDT, I am pleased with how my instructors teach and everyone is friendly and helpful.
I am pursuing my Health Information Management degree with Western Dakota Technical Institute. This is currently my second semester with them and doing online courses from home. I enjoy the interaction with other students through videos an posts in class that way its more reasonable and you can put a name with the face. I enjoy their feedback also if you ever have a tech issue or just a question the are very active at getting back to you in a timely matter.
Going back to school was something I honestly never thought I would do. I realized that I would not be able to do physical labor all my life and Western Dakota Tech was there for me regardless of the time gap between high school graduation to my college acceptance. Academically, Western Dakota Tech is an amazing school with instructors that genuinely care about you and your future. They are always there for you if you don't understand something or if you are just wanting to get a broader grasp of things. I really like that Western Dakota Tech has developed more athletically by starting up basketball teams to compete in our city league programs. I am beyond grateful for all of the knowledge and support that Western Dakota Tech has provided for me that will open up doors I could have only dreamed of for me and my wife.
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Western Dakota Technical Institute has been incredibly uplifting for me, because I struggled around my senior year of High School with the generic courses and now that I've found myself at WDT, i'm actually attending meaningful classes that I truly and am proud to associate myself with. The campus and clean, people are friendly, and the food is a remarkable note all its own!
Western Dakota Technical Institute is a wonderful school. The student population is culturally diverse and a great mixture of nontraditional and traditional students. Classes are challenging and extremely informative. There is an atmosphere at WDT that makes a student feel like they are alone one their path to a successful career. The instructors and staff constantly convey a message that they too are responsible for our success in school and in our career of choice. With the school behind you, it makes it feel like you are a part of something great and makes the quality of student life wonderful. The courses and programs available at WDT are directly related to the need of job placement in the region which makes it extremely easy to gain employment in the career/program of choice.
I dont really have any online classes. but if i did im sure they would be bomb.
Everything everyone has told me is that it is really easy to get into a job after graduation. which is another reason i relaly love my school.
I love what im doing and i wouldnnt change it for anything.
The career potential is crazy. Thats why im so exicted to graduate and get out there and work.
The instructors are very experinced and that helps me know that they know what there teaching and gives me more confidence to keep doing what I'm doing.
Im so excited and i cant wait to finish school and get into the field.
I am doing online classes for now so I am pretty much on my own.
I went into these online courses without knowing anything and it was a bad idea. I struggled to get started and did not get much assist from the teachers.
There is a wide variety of advancing options for your chosen career. Western Dakota has the ability to help students find jobs after graduation.I have not dealt first hand with the career center but I am planning on it within the years end.I am unsure about the alumni networks as well.
I am doing quite a bit online. I would not recommend starting out as a new student online. I was very difficut learning how to navigate the blackboard program. I feel person to person training would be a better fit for new students. The teachers are not very helpful and don't reply to emails in a timely fashion.
Western Dakota is part of the Build Dakota Scholarship program. One can get a full ride through schoo for these offered choicesl as long as the students commit to their career and stay in that career for three years. They must stay and work full time in SD. I haven't had a lot of experience with the job search area because I am a new student but I am confident that Western Dakota will see me through.
This school has all the latest training technologies.They train with the SIMS program. It is an amazing training experience. You become more prepaired for the real challenges when you enter the work force.The workload isn't to bad after you get into the swing of things.Time management is a big part of school.The classes are up to date and the job oppertunities are wide open in SD.
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The Student Success Coaches are amazing. You get designated one coach based on your choice of major and they do everything they can to make sure you suceed.
About the same as other schools just different layout
Waiting for emails and grades is lengthy
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