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I am looking to go to Western Connecticut State University as a a freshman next year. My boyfriend goes here and I have been to the campus and eaten there multiple times. It is a great school and I am very excited to start my career here!
This is my senior year and so far I have had an amazing experience here at Western. The only con is that it has two split campuses (there is a shuttle that brings students back and forth). Academics, student life, professors, parties, athletics, etc. are all great and pretty much what you would expect at any great college. (Only at Western the cafe food and dorm life, in my opinion, is much better than meals at other Universities that I have experienced). Furthermore, being it is a smaller school, it is a lot easier to create meaningful relationships with fellow students, staff, and professors.
WCSU has been a great college and I am very glad that I chose to attend the school after acceptance. The profeesors for my major are amazing, and the amounts of activities designed to meet new people and join clubs are endless!
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Western Connecticut was a great school with helpful professors, and a very affordable tuition. However, it was not the right fit for me.
I transferred to Western and I love it so far. As a commuter, i don't have trouble finding a parking spot and everyone that I meet on campus is friendly. Professors are hit or miss like every other college. Decent campus and library
I like the instructors I have had in the Economics department. Some down sides to the University are the separated campuses. It can be a hassle to go from one side of Danbury to the other and get to class on time. I am an adult student who lives off campus so I can not speak to the quality of the residence halls or cafeterias. Overall I would recommend Western to others.
WCSU is a great college to go to because they have a great course of selections and great professors. The budget is great as well.
I liked the lowkey kind of vibe that the university has but the fact that it is still a fun school that offers many opportunities to meet new people. I just wish the majority of freshman wouldn't go home on the weekennds
WCSU is a good school. You hear about students getting into grad schools and being able to travel like at any other school. You have to really advocate for yourself and be active because how much you get involved will determine how rewarding your experience here will be for you. Professors are average or amazing, no in-between. Same with faculty. Only cons, parking gets tricky if you want a good spot during the week and dining doesn't have options if you have a lot of dietary restrictions.
Western Connecticut State University is a very nice school. The professors are nice and the campus is very welcoming. The only glaring issues with the school is the fact that WCSU is located in the heart of Danbury, CT, and that the university is comprised of two separate campus locations.
The professors are great. They are willing to help. Most of the student population at Western are commuters. Additional parking for commuter students is needed.
I love the professors and they're very resourceful. The common areas where the tutors are very helpful with homework and exams preparation.
Western Connecticut State University is an ideal school for those who are determined to excel in their academic career and achieve success.
Western Connecticut State University is a great school! I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences here, the people I have met and the opportunities I have been giving. Living on campus is a huge bonus at this school, as meeting people can be hard on a predominantly commuter campus. However, the school gives out whatever you put in.
Western is a great school, but there is two campus's. The other connecticut school systems are able to spend more money on student involvement, but we have to constantly run a shuttle across to allow students who dorm transportation. Also, a lot of the classrooms are outdated, and the management professors are very mundane.
I went to Western CT ST University for my undergraduate and graduate degrees. What I liked most about this school were the teachers and how dedicated they were to helping you succeed -- in particular, the English-Writing Department. These professors helped me develop my thesis and guided me through the process providing inspiration and valuable insight whenever I got stuck, and the professors in Psychology were just as dedicated. Overall, West Conn, for me, was a very community-oriented college that went out of its way to make everyone feel welcome. It's was definitely my home away from home.
I have a great experience with the school and would recommend it to anyone. There is a great variety of culture and the teachers are very professional. The parking could improve as there are not enough spots for everyone to park
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Midtown campus is welcoming and inviting and there is always a place outside to hangout or do homework.
I like the area it is surrounded in it's a very safe environment, I also like that the school is small but not to small so it's easier to get one on one time.
I transferred to WCSU the second half of my freshman year because of the study abroad options, location, and affordability. WCSU is in Danbury, my hometown, which is very diverse, developed, and vibrant. Going to WCSU gives a real-life feel to the college experience, rather than the "away at college" in a small town vibe. There are lots of opportunities to work around and within the campus. The classes are VERY small but the professors have a chance to learn students' names and invest more time individually. Overall, WCSU is a great school for commuters, returning students (night classes are great), and residential students.
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