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I love the faculty and the students at Western. Everybody is extremely nice, helpful, and the individuals who I have asked for guidance have done such an amazing job in giving me advice and getting me on the right path to success.
I have had a great time at Western Connecticut State University thus far. The professors that I interact with are caring, invested, and intelligent about their field. They are always there to help when in need and want to see the students succeed. I am usually not on main campus, my classes are on west campus and I enjoy being there. It is a bit secluded and parking is always good. The dining hall they have there always has fresh food and at a reasonable price. The graduate classes are long, but breaks are given which help. I am enjoying my time there and am learning a lot.
Very affordable tuition with well educated and trained staff. Mostly organized. I completed the RN to BS program to which I was not favorable of. The use of online materials and programs made it much more flexible then typical programs. The program prepared me well for graduate composition.
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I like going to WCSU a lot. I just don't like how they have changed the class schedule and how they plan to keep it. Other than that the classes are fun and great. Very inclusive school to get people to enjoy their college experience.
This school is only 25 minutes away from where I currently live. WCSU has opened its in-state tuition to certain counties of NY and NJ allowing me to got there for instate tuition. The school is really nice and has two campuses depending on what your major is.
The Music Education major is phenomenal. Music Theatre and Nursing are also very strong majors here... but that's about it.
WestConn is an average university. The people there are polite but not very friendly or helpful. There isn't much diversity on campus. There are no cultural clubs or cultural activities, so if you're interested in culture I wouldn't recommend this university for you. The performing arts department is good. This university is most suited for theater and acting majors, as it provides a good education on theater and drama and has many opportunities for students to showcase their talents on stage.
I like that there are many things to do and clubs to join. I like working on campus because I get to see friends, and I am also able to do my homework when it's not busy. It's a great school, not too far from home.
Coming in as a transfer I thought I would feel a little out of place. However, all the students and professors were very welcoming and friendly. I found myself fitting in right away and adjusting quickly to life on campus. The professors are more than willing to make sure you understand any material completely and really urge you to visit them during office hours with any questions or concerns. My fellow classmates are very encouraging and outgoing. The theatre arts department is like a little family. I’m very glad I chose WestConn to finish up my undergraduate degree.
I am looking to go to Western Connecticut State University as a a freshman next year. My boyfriend goes here and I have been to the campus and eaten there multiple times. It is a great school and I am very excited to start my career here!
This is my senior year and so far I have had an amazing experience here at Western. The only con is that it has two split campuses (there is a shuttle that brings students back and forth). Academics, student life, professors, parties, athletics, etc. are all great and pretty much what you would expect at any great college. (Only at Western the cafe food and dorm life, in my opinion, is much better than meals at other Universities that I have experienced). Furthermore, being it is a smaller school, it is a lot easier to create meaningful relationships with fellow students, staff, and professors.
WCSU has been a great college and I am very glad that I chose to attend the school after acceptance. The profeesors for my major are amazing, and the amounts of activities designed to meet new people and join clubs are endless!
Western Connecticut was a great school with helpful professors, and a very affordable tuition. However, it was not the right fit for me.
I transferred to Western and I love it so far. As a commuter, i don't have trouble finding a parking spot and everyone that I meet on campus is friendly. Professors are hit or miss like every other college. Decent campus and library
I like the instructors I have had in the Economics department. Some down sides to the University are the separated campuses. It can be a hassle to go from one side of Danbury to the other and get to class on time. I am an adult student who lives off campus so I can not speak to the quality of the residence halls or cafeterias. Overall I would recommend Western to others.
WCSU is a great college to go to because they have a great course of selections and great professors. The budget is great as well.
I liked the lowkey kind of vibe that the university has but the fact that it is still a fun school that offers many opportunities to meet new people. I just wish the majority of freshman wouldn't go home on the weekennds
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WCSU is a good school. You hear about students getting into grad schools and being able to travel like at any other school. You have to really advocate for yourself and be active because how much you get involved will determine how rewarding your experience here will be for you. Professors are average or amazing, no in-between. Same with faculty. Only cons, parking gets tricky if you want a good spot during the week and dining doesn't have options if you have a lot of dietary restrictions.
Western Connecticut State University is a very nice school. The professors are nice and the campus is very welcoming. The only glaring issues with the school is the fact that WCSU is located in the heart of Danbury, CT, and that the university is comprised of two separate campus locations.
The professors are great. They are willing to help. Most of the student population at Western are commuters. Additional parking for commuter students is needed.
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