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It is what is expected from a public 4-year university. The location is rather rural so I would only recommend it if you prefer nature over city.
I like how a lot of the professors do care about your grades and want to help you succeed in your education. The campus is gorgeous, especially in the fall. There are a ton of food options, and it is in the beautiful mountains and good town.
Western Carolina University is a welcoming diverse community that cares about the success and progress of their Catamounts.
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The teachers I have had so far have been very involved and excited about what they teach. They are great with their students and really care about each students' success. The only complain I would have is Western's population is growing quicker than the campus can manage. They are running out of dorm space and parking is terrible.
It has been a good experience, where the professors are always willing to help if you reach out, and the community is generally welcoming.
Overall Western Carolina University is a very well established place to receive a higher education. With it's beautiful outdoors, student to teacher ratio, and variety of clubs and organizations; you can get very involved. The only negative part of WCU is the parking situation on campus very difficult to find parking as a student.
WCU is a great school for those who are looking for a quaint, homey environment. It is nestled in the beautiful mountains of Western NC. If you are more of a city person, this school will not be for you.
Western Carolina has a beautiful campus full of overall diverse, successful students. Western Carolina University offers many different majors and programs, and has a wonderful student life program as well.Football and basketball stadiums are always packed with roaring fans and students there to support their team. Greek life is also offered here and they are great for bonding with other students and being active on campus and in the community.
Seems like a really great school. I know several people who have attended and enjoyed it immensely. The setting in the NC mountains is serene and peaceful and would be the perfect atmosphere.
The people there were really nice. It is a really nice and big campus. I went there for band competitions and every time I went I was more amazed. A few of my friends are going there. My friend's brother just graduated from there.
Western Carolina University is a great school full of friendly faces and beautiful scenery! There’s are countless way to get involved from leadership opportunities to outdoor adventures.
So far, I am liking the ease of getting things done remotely before I get there in a couple of weeks!
It was more of a suitcase college, many kids went home on the weekends. There was not a lot of different clubs to do compared to the size of the school it was.
Western Carolina University is an amazing school! The people at Western and around the community are great. There is always fun events going on around campus. The food has always been good to me. Plenty of housing options on and off campus. The campus rec center (gym) is super nice! I spent many hours in there. My favorite part about Western is the fact that it's in the mountains! I love outdoor activities, such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, and more. I have made some long life friends here, and a lot of wonderful memories! The reason I gave Western a 4-star rating is because I wish they had an exercise/kinesiology undergrad program I could've taken. Other than that, my overall experience at Western was great! I'm so excited to be able to attend graduate school at Western this coming fall!
Students are passionate and diverse, the staff cares about the future of the university. its a cornerstone of the area and central to life in the surrounding small towns
The food options on campus can get repetitive and the cafe is my least favorite place to eat for dinner. There always seems to be some sort of activity going on on campus which is nice.
Since a junior in high school, I knew I wanted to attend WCU. I was drawn to the family-type of environment, where you really get to know your professors and you get to know more people more closely. Being a transfer student, I was a bit intimidated at first, but I have really gotten into many student events (especially outdoor events) as well as having interesting classes. I have loved my experience here this far, and would recommend to anyone that loves an exceptional small-town atmosphere.
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I love it here!! The sense of commmunity is unreal and the friends I've made have become almost a second family. The views of the mountains and the skylines are just gorgeous and something I think we all look forward to seeing everyday. If I had to go back and reapply for college I would definitely choose this one again!
I’ve so far only attended orientation, but everyone I met was super nice and supportive. Every person was interested in seeing the student succeed.
I have experienced few problems at Western. The professors are nice and understanding. The events they hold in dormitories are interesting: They range from general get-togethers to information on a specialized and specific topic.
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