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Last Minute Productions puts on a lot of great programs throughout the year! The parking situation isn't great for freshmen, but i have the storage lot pass and it is tons cheaper than a freshmen or residential pass. I mean you have to park a mile away from campus, but its not that far when you take a cat tran.
Western Carolina University is amazing. The campus is beautiful and just slightly bigger than the University of North Georgia's Engineering Campus. The school is not far from Franklin, North Carolina.
WCU was my best decision of a college. Everyone is friendly and there are many ways and activities to get involved on campus. My experience here so far has been a blast and I can't wait to continue my education here and see what lies next for me at Western Carolina University!
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I would love to see more Art and Design classes offered at the Biltmore Park location. The campus is growing and the school offers outings to students at majorly reduced cost that are fun and help students get to know other students.
Overall, the workload is heavy and the courses are tough. The scenery is breath-taking and the friendship that is made are lifelong lasting. The professors are incredible and the University is very accommodating to students needs. Also, the school provides many different extracurricular activities that will fit each student interest, whether outdoors or indoors. The only thing that I would suggest is having more social activities for the incoming freshman to make friendship.
The breath-snatching views of North Carolina's finest mountains are the first thing you wake up to in the morning, starting off every day with a view of what the real world looks like. Brown cafeteria is the hotspot destination due to its fresh food, beautiful architecture, and brand new everything. Afternoons and evenings can be spent enjoying membership in the many clubs and organizations on campus that truly make WCU thrive. Academically, WCU exists as only one of two colleges to offer a minor in leadership -a highly recommended 18-credit program for all. The School of Stage & Screen is one of the nation's top programs for anything theatre, and members of the school will stress this (however, the school's undertakings speak for itself). The Honors College just celebrated its 20th anniversary, and continues to stand out among higher ed institutions for its dedication to research and involvement. WCU is perhaps the most welcoming mountain college in the world!
Western Carolina University is an amazing college. I love. Western has become my home away from home with my new chosen family. I have made so many awesome new friends and had so many new experiences I might not have had if I chose a different college. Everyone is so accepting and kind and even the professors are nice. College is usually a big adjustment that many people cannot handle; however, Western made this an easy transition because it was such a welcoming environment.
Great atmosphere and friendly people, it is a nice rural area, with a great academic, and athletic feeling, when I went to the open house, I met some of the students there, and I felt like I fit right in, I like that there is free tutoring if someone falls behind, or struggles in the course. the campus is a condensed, user friendly campus, and a nice surrounding area. The courses at the university are challenging, but not impossible, and there are many opportunities for internships, and for job shadows, and job creations. Western is a unique school with a very kind atmosphere.
I love the scenery around the campus and the staff is very friendly. If you do talk to other students, the welcome you with open arms.
I love the atmosphere and the encouragement of learning, but I would like to see an improvement in diversity and food.
WCU is an amazing school! It feels just like home: everyone is so nice, helpful, and supportive. The atmosphere is lovely, the views are breathtaking, and the studies are rigorous but not impossible.
Very good first experience. Small campus with lots of nice people. Easy to fit in and be yourself. Lots of opportunites to get started and lots of support groups.
Did not do much to make freshman feel welcome and meet new people. Campus feels very isolated,most professors are great and willing to help.
Western Carolina University is such a beautiful campus, filled with friendly staff and professors, all held together with students who also make it great. Anywhere you go you will see someone with a smile on their face, and the mountains surrounding the campus are one of the many things that make it so beautiful.
Perfect size school with tons of different elements that make well-rounded students. When I first toured WCU, I instantly felt at home and I couldn't picture myself anywhere else.
I love the diversity in the student population and ability to feel free to express myself. The community is very kind considering I am from Connecticut. My professors are willing to do everything they can to help me out with anything I need. I feel like my education is important when I am at Western Carolina University. The environment is great and I love the opportunities I get here.
I have enjoyed every second of my college experience. I had my eyes set here for the past three years, and now that I'm living here, I know that this is the college for me. I am proud to be a catamount and proud to be a student and future alumni of Western Carolina University.
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I like western as a university. It has great scenic views and it allows for various forms of creative freedom. However, when working with some of the staff at the university It can be difficult. As a minority on campus I often fee ostracized by my peers and the staff. In my program of study I feel I do not blend well with my cohort because seldom do we discuss people who look like me or face the same life situations as myself. There seems to be a feeling of “you need to have it together”. The professors don’t understand that sometimes life gets in the way. They often make you feel bad if you are struggling or asking. For help.
It is a wonderful location. It generally has small class sizes and lots of way to get involved both academically and extracurricular.
I love being in the mountains and being forced to come to this school was not a bad thing. I love every minute that I am here. This is a walking campus so once you get here, be ready to walk everywhere!
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