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Western Carolina University is a great school full of friendly faces and beautiful scenery! There’s are countless way to get involved from leadership opportunities to outdoor adventures.
So far, I am liking the ease of getting things done remotely before I get there in a couple of weeks!
It was more of a suitcase college, many kids went home on the weekends. There was not a lot of different clubs to do compared to the size of the school it was.
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Western Carolina University is an amazing school! The people at Western and around the community are great. There is always fun events going on around campus. The food has always been good to me. Plenty of housing options on and off campus. The campus rec center (gym) is super nice! I spent many hours in there. My favorite part about Western is the fact that it's in the mountains! I love outdoor activities, such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, and more. I have made some long life friends here, and a lot of wonderful memories! The reason I gave Western a 4-star rating is because I wish they had an exercise/kinesiology undergrad program I could've taken. Other than that, my overall experience at Western was great! I'm so excited to be able to attend graduate school at Western this coming fall!
Students are passionate and diverse, the staff cares about the future of the university. its a cornerstone of the area and central to life in the surrounding small towns
The food options on campus can get repetitive and the cafe is my least favorite place to eat for dinner. There always seems to be some sort of activity going on on campus which is nice.
Since a junior in high school, I knew I wanted to attend WCU. I was drawn to the family-type of environment, where you really get to know your professors and you get to know more people more closely. Being a transfer student, I was a bit intimidated at first, but I have really gotten into many student events (especially outdoor events) as well as having interesting classes. I have loved my experience here this far, and would recommend to anyone that loves an exceptional small-town atmosphere.
I love it here!! The sense of commmunity is unreal and the friends I've made have become almost a second family. The views of the mountains and the skylines are just gorgeous and something I think we all look forward to seeing everyday. If I had to go back and reapply for college I would definitely choose this one again!
I’ve so far only attended orientation, but everyone I met was super nice and supportive. Every person was interested in seeing the student succeed.
I have experienced few problems at Western. The professors are nice and understanding. The events they hold in dormitories are interesting: They range from general get-togethers to information on a specialized and specific topic.
I love the family feel at Western. The campus is big enough so that you can always meet new people, but small enough that you can run into your friends while walking to class. The professors are also there to help you succeed and will do anything they can to help you succeed. Being friends with your professors there is also not an uncommon thing and is great to be able to ask questions outside of classes.
Western is a great school if you like to get outside. The outdoor program here is incredible and I would recommend taking advantage of it. There are always different events happening on campus that are fun to get involved with.
As an only child, Western Carolina is the perfect fit for me. I love the mountains that surround the campus. The professors are top notch and truly care about the students. I have been so happy there and can not imagine being anywhere else. I am so grateful that I am a student there.
Western Carolina University is located in the mountains and always offers beautiful, breath taking views. Most of the professors are amazing, kind and ready to teach. The campus is gorgeous and kept clean all year round. The faculty is always trying to find new ways to encourage diversity and kindness across campus. There is always something exciting happening on campus. The campus is also always expanding offering more for students to do and see.
Western Carolina University is the perfect school if you want to be surrounded by the outdoors. This university provides many outdoor programs that keeps students busy. They decreased their tuition to five-hundred a semester to help students, like I, afford a four-year university. WCU has also been recognized as the number one outdoor school in North Carolina. They offer activities like whitewater rafting, hiking, rock climbing, and fly fishing. Western is not only outdoor oriented but ethnically diverse as well since they have a large portion of EBCI tribal members, like myself, that attend the university. This school is perfect for any student that wants to be surrounded by the beautiful Appalachian mountains and ethnic diversity.
I really love that everything is close by. I love the fantastic views and the amount of happiness that is here. This school is really amazing and I love it. I wish they could change how people drive because there has been some pretty bad wrecks already. I wish they would give all dorms AC units also. It’s kinda not fair that freshmen dorms get no AC and have to use a fan but the upper class gets AC.
I loved the campus. It was small enough to feel comfortable and big enough to offer many programs. I love the mountains and was really interested in their cherokee museum and programs of study. We took a tour and everyone was very nice, informative, and eager to get to know me. I am interested in psychology and they have a great program. The campus was large but easy to get around. They had the Cat Tran which was a bus that takes you anywhere on campus. The dining hall and numerous restaurant options were great. I was very impressed with their fitness facilities.
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I loved the school. The campus was beautiful and diverse. The two classes I attended were enjoyable. There is also a good amount of stuff to do on campus, and it a a very enjoyable experience. The food was amazing, and there are a lot of budget friendly things for students to do on campus.
I love the location! The campus is beautiful and the atmosphere is friendly. I have enjoyed most of the classes I have taken so far. I especially love the School of Music and the Marching Band.
My experience with Western Carolina University has been overall average for my first year. The food could be heavily improved, as it makes a lot of students sick. Academics are great. Diversity is average, as i've seen it increase due to transfer students. Housing could be improved, as well as the procedures induced in order to complete tasks in general.
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