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I came to Wesleyan because they have a pre optometry program and their campus is small. That's not even the best thing about the school though! Everybody there wants to help you succeed! The departments are so small we're like families. I love this college so small.
Nice and small college perfect to focus on studies. You can be in class faster than almost any other colleges because the campus is really small. It takes me 2 min to go to my classes every morning.

Professors are nice and they always have the door open to solve any question that you have, you can also email them and they will answer really quick.

It's an small campus so everyone know each other and also there is a lot of diversity. Everyone take care of each other. All people is nice there.
What I like about West Virginia Wesleyan, is that the class sizes are small and allows personal relationships with professors to develop. I enjoy knowing my professors and being close with them. The professors are so supportive and will help you achieve any goals that you put your mind to.
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Wesleyan truly has become my home among the hills. I have met amazing and talented people and did rememberable things throughout my freshman year that I will never forget. The close knit campus made me feel right at home when I first moved in. The food is a little too much, but nothing a trip to Walmart can't fix.
WVWC is an amazing place! It has a unique culture of service and community that is far beyond other schools
I play on the West Virginia Wesleyan College soccer team and I love the campus. I am doing very well in my course work as I made the Dean's List the first semester.
West Virginia Wesleyan College provides an excellent academic environment for students of all majors. The professors work closely with all students, and the class sizes are generally small so it is easy to work one on one with a professor. Campus Life has scheduled activities for all of Wesleyan's students that create a sense of community. The athletic teams are overall good and are involved in helping out in the community.
I think the people make it all the while ! Wesleyan is definitely my home among the hills. Since I've stepped foot on campus I have felt nothing but a positive and supportive atmosphere. It is a small and accesible campus which I love, makes it easy to get around. Buckhannon is such a safe and friendly environment. There are tons of little gems around town that is totally worth seeing. The athletic events are always super exciting to attend considering most people on campus are athletes. I can't even put into words how much I love it here at Wesleyan. EVERYDAY IS A GREAT DAY TO BE A BOBCAT!!! :))
This will be my second year attending WVWC and I can't help but brag on my experience here! Ever since my first visit I knew this was my home among the hills. Everyone is so excepting and very helpful here on campus. They never fail to make someone feel at home and is it as if we are all one big family. The professors are unbelievable, academics are some of the best in the state, athletics you can't even get me started on, and the safety is just indescribable! I've never once doubted this college!
West Virginia Wesleyan College is an amazing school. It is comprised of a small campus, a dedicated group of faculty and staff, and vivacious students. It is a place where any individual can thrive, regardless of their interests. Both athletic programs and fine art programs are award winning programs with excellent professors, mentors, and coaches as the backbone. Wesleyan is the heart of the small town of Buckhannon, where the locals are friendly and almost everything is within walking distance. I would recommend WVWC to any student who wishes to thrive on a small campus with endless support.
I like Wesleyan's family feel and security. Also, the small and beautiful campus is wonderful. Although it is a pretty sight, the college all in all is not financially sound and struggles to keep up with state funded schools.
I like that West Virginia has helped me find who I am. I have been giving lots of opportunities on campus; Resident Assistant and Student Ambassador just to name a few.
Wesleyan has a beautiful campus, watching the scenery change every season is breathtaking. Things that I would like to see change is the professor's involvement in lectures. What professors put into a lecture is what students will get out of it. I personally find it very important for the professors to elaborate on topics, answer questions, and find different ways of explaining topics.
It was very welcoming and the school building was large and absolutely beautiful. It's small but it allows individualized focus and they'll make sure you'll keep up your grades and I just really enjoy that one on one learning.
I am very proud of this school. I love the at home feeling that this school is able to provide. The cafe needs some better food options but all around this school is very good school to attend. The professors get to know each students well and try to help them successed as much as they can.
In my opinion, WVWC is one of the best colleges around. The students here get the best education and are more prepared for graduate school or the workforce.
The best thing I can say about Wesleyan is that I've never been somewhere the instructors genuinely cared so much about my education. Otherwise, Wesleyan is a disarray of changing leadership that doesn't know what to do with the school. Cost of attendance is ridiculous for the sub-par facilities and the faculty and staff pay is abysmal. You go to college for the education, and my education itself was good, but everything else about this college makes me wish I had chosen another school.
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This college has provided a multitude of oppurtunities for me. From mission trips, local service, to internships an professional career preparedness. The college I have come to find out has a national recognition and the students are placed on a high pedalstal when being compared to other students coming from different colleges. Yes it has its flaws but all colleges do.
It's a pretty good college. Though the college is a bit pricey, there is definite good reason. The campus is small, the professors are involved, and everyone is overwhelmingly nice.
I loved the variety of campus organizations you could be a part of. The campus offers a small community of students wit professors so its easier to get one on one help. The campus is a tight small yet friendly family.
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