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The best thing I can say about Wesleyan is that I've never been somewhere the instructors genuinely cared so much about my education. Otherwise, Wesleyan is a disarray of changing leadership that doesn't know what to do with the school. Cost of attendance is ridiculous for the sub-par facilities and the faculty and staff pay is abysmal. You go to college for the education, and my education itself was good, but everything else about this college makes me wish I had chosen another school.
This college has provided a multitude of oppurtunities for me. From mission trips, local service, to internships an professional career preparedness. The college I have come to find out has a national recognition and the students are placed on a high pedalstal when being compared to other students coming from different colleges. Yes it has its flaws but all colleges do.
It's a pretty good college. Though the college is a bit pricey, there is definite good reason. The campus is small, the professors are involved, and everyone is overwhelmingly nice.
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I loved the variety of campus organizations you could be a part of. The campus offers a small community of students wit professors so its easier to get one on one help. The campus is a tight small yet friendly family.
Going to visit Wesleyan, they make you feel as if you are a part of the family. They give intimate tours that get you involved with the students as well as some of the professors. I will be playing softball there in the spring and the softball team made me feel as if I was already on the team.
My experience at Wesleyan so far has been amazing. My only suggestions, however, would be to provide better food options and to fix up the older dorms.
Wesleyan is a great school and I feel so lucky to go here! The students are all so incredibly nice, and it's great being able to know everyone on campus. The teachers are genuine and care about every student, and there are hardly classes with more than 30 people. It's true that you have to make the most of it, which is the case with any small school, but the environment overall is welcoming and friendly.
WVWC is a great small-town school, with a student population of about 1500. The classes are small and the professors care about every single one of their students.
Being at wvwc has changed my outlook on life. I have met so many people from across the world and I have been blessed with all of my amazing professors. There is nothing I would change about my experience here.
I love the small atmosphere. The classes aren't huge, but that enables the professors to be personable and really assist their students.
I love the small campus. The professors are so helpful. they get to know you by name and they truly care about you. There are two nice dorms but they are very expensive. The affordable dorm rooms need to be remodeled. The campus is well lit and I personally feel secure walking on campus by myself at any hour of the day. Overall, Wesleyan is a great place with a nice atmosphere and I would heartily recommend it to anyone looking at colleges.
The school is not bad itself, the best part about it is the people. You make it as fun as you want it to be and I'm glad I met my friends. I like how the campus is small and that majority of people are in a sport. The academics are good, it have no spectacular things to say about it nor bad things. Overall it is a pretty nice school.
I first visited West Virginia Wesleyan College through the Governor's School for the Art's and I fell in love with the campus. The campus is beautiful and the professors are always willing to help out. I was able to begin creating a new organization through the college thanks to two faculty members who were willing to become my advisors and help me get started. I am also apart of the marching and concert bands on campus and the members of each have very different interests. About 75% of the concert band is not a music major, which shows that there are a large number of people who love other things besides just music. Not to mention that nearly everyone on campus is very friendly along with being in a small town.
This college is perfect! The campus is small and beautiful. The faculty and staff are very helpful and kind. I've never met any professors kinder and more student oriented than the ones at Wesleyan. This is a college that really cares about its students.
I wouldn't want to change a single thing about this university. I had a very good experience when I went for a campus visit. The campus is beautiful, and everyone is so nice. The staff is very helpful, and helped me chose the career that I wanted to study. I can't wait to attend this college next fall and get to experience the next chapter of my life at West Virginia Wesleyan College. I highly recommend this college.
This website gives me a variety of scholarships to choose from. I am given many options in finding scholarships that would suit me best. I like how I am given the option to search for scholarships by state, major, minority, and so on. I would like to be able to use the filters at the same time.
I wish this school wasn't so expensive, but you get a quality education. The teachers in the science department are very helpful and always willing to give extra assistance. The fact that this is a small campus is nice and gives you an at-home feeling. The only downfall is there is not much to do in Buckhannon.
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Our party scene is positive because thats how many people meet since there is nothing else to do. Really the only semi large parties are at the frat houses. Its more socializing than drinking, dancing, doing drugs. Our parties consist of beer pong, music, and talking. The only nights people party is Saturday and some Wednesdays. Greek life events are the big social parties. All bars are 21 and older so half the students can't even go and be social and we have no clubs.
There really is not much to do. There is typically one pretty good party on Saturday nights but it is mostly going to houses and socializing. We could definitely use clubs or hangout areas besides frats. There is no place to just dance and have fun. It can be fun if you make it fun but you have to be social. Many many many people complain about how bad the nightlife is.
There are many different races and ethnicities. Wesleyan is expensive so many people are wealthy or are on scholarship for sports. Religion and political beliefs are diverse but neither are forced on you. The amount of diversity with out sports teams would be NONE. If it wasn't for sports that everyone would be white, wealthy, and smart.
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