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I had an amazing experience so far. I joined in fall of 2015 as a nursing major. They offer free tutoring in multiple locations, and the ability to become a tutor as an employee of the university. They offer many clubs and groups for you to be involved. There are many activities the school hosts where you can learn about job searching, furthering your education, and just to meet new people at the university. It is a large campus so they have the PRT, Buses (which MLTA is free with your student ID), and some PRT bus shuttles to help you get from campus to campus. They have a financial aid office and you will get assigned an advisor to help you graduate on time. My nursing advisors have been wonderful, they help me plan a schedule and then really spend time to talk to me and learn about the courses and how i am doing, especially so they can prepare students in the preceding semesters. I chose WVU on a whim in high school, and it was the best decision I have made.
I love how the campus is intertwined with the city. There is always something to do and so many people to meet. The possibilities are endless.
I like The atmosphere and classes. Teachers are very friendly. I wish there was a easy way to see all the activities on the campus
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What I love about WVU is the people, and the great times. There is a good social scene with many parties and bars to go to. At WVU we hold are Athletics to heart always supporting are teams. Campus is like no other in the small town of Morgantown, in graved in a mountain.
Overall I think that this college has a friendly environment. There are classes to accommodate almost all majors. Most of the professors are compassionate about the subject that they teach and are willing to explain things further in detail. The professors have office hours and are fine with working with you if you aren't able to make these times because of your schedule. There are also TA hours for some of the classes. Generally the lectures are more enjoyable than the lab (if there are any for that particular subject).
I like the diversity of the college; it’s lively, and crazy, but quiet and majestic, all at once. And the Professors are all about helping the students, they are always asking if they need help, and of a student can’t make it to office hours, they are willing to take more time out of their day to set up an appointment.
I love the school so much! I didn't plan on going here but now I'm so glad I chose it! Great campus! Love the professors!
The entire atmosphere at WVU is pretty great. Everyone is so friendly and most of the professors are very helpful and welcoming.
I could not ask for a better university. Top notch professors, safe and secured campuses, diverse student lives.
I have so far enjoyed WVU. I am a STEM major and the programs, including pre-health are extremely good. I rated WVU as average because while the university does go above and beyond, and have very good prices, it can get dreary and like any university, all professors are not very "good".
This university was fantastic. As a WV resident, I was able to afford a quality education at an accredited school. There were plenty of on-campus activities and opportunities to excel in my field of choice.
Great overall atmosphere! Had a very warm welcome when I visited and if you are into city life and big schools, this is definitely the place to go.
Morgantown is good place and save , the wvu university staff is not very help full and it is not easy to get the rescores you need . must professor are good
I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to attend WVU (Penn State or WVU).

I absolutely love this campus. Amazing- I am out of state.
West Virginia University to me is a great institution. The academics and the student life are great here at this school. There are several different ways to get involved and hundreds of different organizations to be a part of. WVU is a large and diverse school which makes the college experience ten times better.
West Virginia University has an amazing atmosphere. The professors really care if you succeed or fail and the vast amount of majors and minors are extremely impressive. If I could change one thing, it would be the fact that WVU tends to overcharge students, and there is not enough parking on campus!
I visited and it's such a beautiful campus! I olan on applying soon !!! Cannot believe how nice the buildings were also !
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I've grew up being a wvu fan watching sports and such I've been to the campus and ate there and it was amazing. 1 of a kind expierience that you cannot find nowhere else.
WVU is easily the best college I could have come to. The staff and faculty work super hard to make every day a great day. The facilities are clean, the atmosphere is diverse and I've never felt unsafe.
West Virginia University has become a home away from home for me. Coming from New Jersey it is a bit of a culture change coming to West Virginia, none the least to say an exciting new adventure. The professors and existing students are welcoming and I felt welcomed within the first week.
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