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West Virginia University is a beautiful campus located in Morgantown and I enjoyed every minute of my time spent there! I cannot wait to be back!
West Virginia has made an incredible impact on my life. The faculty is so kind and helpful as are the students
Where to start? My experience at West Virginia University was filled with beautiful views and everlasting memories that will carry over for a lifetime. As a member of Greek life, I can say firsthand how much that played a role in the person I became since graduation high school. I am so grateful for all the opportunities the school has given me, from academics to the social interactions. There is always something to do in several parts of the university, so you will never get bored. The nightlife was out of this world and with a town solely built for a college campus, every street corner had lively settings. The academics varied depending on what major you chose. The majors that did require tougher classes, however, called for long nights of studying and a newly found love for coffee. Being a big time sports school, you will find nothing but a passionate fanbase at every single football and basketball game.
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very expensive school, all your tuition money is spent on athletes of the school as they are showered with unlimited freebies while those students who are struggling to pay are left to fail.
WVU is hands down one of the most fantastic universities within the U.S.
I have had the absolute time of my life. Words cannot express how much I love my university, the city of Morgantown, and its people. Old gold and blue is a staple part of every student's closet and the school spirit here is unlike any other! I just finished my first year at WVU and it was the BEST year of my life! There is so much history and tradition seen on campus every day its hard not to be in awe every time you walk to class. I would highly recommend this school for the individual who wishes to have the connections and education necessary to obtain their goals all while having the absolute time of their life! I could write novels about how wonderful WVU is, but I think its best that you experience it yourself!
The campus is beautiful, and there are a lot of dedicated professors within the Engineering school, as well as in most majors. The environment as a large school in a relatively small city is very unique and endearing.
I think WVU is a great choice for in-state options. I currently live at home and mostly attend WVU out of convenience, but have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of my college education thus far. Even if I had options to attend a different university, I would still choose WVU again.
The only thing I would change about WVU is the price of everything in the vending machines. Absolutely everything is $1.25 or more, and there are very few places on campus to grab a quick snack. I am a music performance major and jazz minor, which means I spend the majority of my time in the Creative Arts Center. Unfortunately, the only place to grab a snack while in the CAC for hours on end is the overpriced vending machine.
Gross and old looking campus, town is nasty and has no to do beside drink. Stay far away from Morgantown.
I love West Virginia University it is beautiful here and the teachers really do care. I go to office hours to get help and I've never been disappointed about the help I get because the teachers want more students to come in and ask questions. The views here and the environment is honestly amazing and I'm so happy I found my place here at WVU and I wouldn't want to attend any other school. Also, there are so many opportunities for internship and get connected with WVU alumni.
My first two years at West Virginia University allowed me to make remarkable strides as a student as well as a person. Living on my own has given me a glimpse of what the adult world will be like, while the academics have challenged me, preparing me for my future career.
I love WVU! The campus is absolutely beautiful and I love the free activities they have to offer every weekend.
WVU is a good school that has excellent professors and many different ways to get involved including greek life, honor societies, clubs, and other student orgs. However, the tuition continues to raise every year making it difficult for low income students to continue their education. Also, if you are not into the partying and drinking scene it can get frustrating and annoying to deal with majority of WVU students who are practically obsessed with going out. In addition, despite the efforts of the NAACP chapter here, Muslim student associations, and the LGBTQ center this is not an inclusive campus and can be dangerous for minorities and women in general. WVU had one of the worst cases of rape culture I have ever seen.
WVU is a great school. The professors I've had truly care about the students and whether they are learning. Both the downtown campus and Evansdale are beautiful and easy to navigate (though hard to get to at times), the dorms are well kept, and the resources here are abundant. However, WVU makes sure to get all the money they can from its students. One way they do this is by requiring freshmen to live on campus, which would be fine if the dorms weren't more expensive than an apartment in Morgantown. Despite this, WVU is a good school and is worth the money.
I love WVU. I'm planning on going to school there this fall. The atmosphere there is great and so home like. I can't wait be a Mountaineer!
West Virginia University is an integral part of the Morgantown community, it has a vibrant student body and a diverse group of students from numerous nationalities.
I loved it there. The only thing that had me upset was some of the teachers. Some are too smart to teach. My one dance professor was not professional and did not work well with us students outside of class regarding assignments.
I am a senior Gold Team cheerleader for West Virginia University football and men's basketball, and a one of the first 6 to graduate from WVU with a music therapy degree. The dedication of the professors to provide us with the best education possible is outstanding.
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If you are looking for a very diverse college with lots of activities going on, WVU would be the school for you. I fell in love with the campus, along with how you feel like you are part of a huge family while you are here. The professors are great, it is a great location with clubs, restaurants, stores, all in walking distance.
West Virginia University is by far my favorite place on this planet. The atmoshpere is very home-like. The university is a one big community that continues to give to the state of West Virginia. I love it so much here. It is my home away from home and I would not change a thing.
My experience at WVU so far has really been one to remember. From the Academics to the student life, it's all top notch. The professors love to see you succeed and will work with you to make sure you accomplish your goals.
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