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West Virginia University to me is a great institution. The academics and the student life are great here at this school. There are several different ways to get involved and hundreds of different organizations to be a part of. WVU is a large and diverse school which makes the college experience ten times better.
West Virginia University has an amazing atmosphere. The professors really care if you succeed or fail and the vast amount of majors and minors are extremely impressive. If I could change one thing, it would be the fact that WVU tends to overcharge students, and there is not enough parking on campus!
I visited and it's such a beautiful campus! I olan on applying soon !!! Cannot believe how nice the buildings were also !
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I've grew up being a wvu fan watching sports and such I've been to the campus and ate there and it was amazing. 1 of a kind expierience that you cannot find nowhere else.
WVU is easily the best college I could have come to. The staff and faculty work super hard to make every day a great day. The facilities are clean, the atmosphere is diverse and I've never felt unsafe.
West Virginia University has become a home away from home for me. Coming from New Jersey it is a bit of a culture change coming to West Virginia, none the least to say an exciting new adventure. The professors and existing students are welcoming and I felt welcomed within the first week.
The school is fantastic when it comes to diversity! This not only means that there's different types of people but there's everything you can imagine to do. The pride is amazing, the people are wonderful and the history is like the cherry on top to what makes WVU great. The academics and classes are also superb , and the professors really do care about each individual student even if there is 40,000 of us. Lastly, don't forget that once youre a mountaineer you're always a mountaineer. Let's go Mountaineers!
Its a very goos experienece so far. Everything is slower but efficient i like the campus for the most part.
West Virginia University is an incredibly diverse institution with largely expanding programs of research in the STEM and Social Science fields. Generally, professors want to ensure that students have the best learning outcome, which may not equal the best grades, but best understanding of the material. Usually, general classes and largely needed prerequisites have a high student-to-professor ratio. So most of your prerequisites will not give you a personal interaction with the professors.

The campus is nice, but it is intermingled with the surrounding city of Morgantown. It is kind of odd, so if you're a student who wants the true "college campus" experience, you may not get it at WVU. However, what WVU doesn't have in campus, it makes up for with its party scene. If you are so inclined, there are always parties, clubs, bars, anything and on any day of the week. This may not be great for your GPA, but if it's part of your college dream, WVU will probably be a good fit for you.
It's a very large campus with a small town feel. Everyone there is so friendly it's like being apart of a family. There is nothing I would change about it it's perfect.
Its a very historic looking college . Its not too far away from home ." West Virginia University is a wonderful place to attend school. The professors are very helpful, the students friendly, and the atmosphere is great. WVU is not only good in academics but also very good in athletics.'
A wonderful university with excellent academics and student life
Very happy with my decision to attend this great school.
West Virginia University is a unique college. It is known for being a party school, but it has so much more to offer. Some of the professors for introductory classes are too easy, but they all seem like they care. The PRT and hills of Morgantown create a campus that is one of a kind.
West Virginia University is a wonderful place to attend school. The professors are very helpful, the students friendly, and the atmosphere is great. WVU is not only good in academics but also very good in athletics.
West Virginia university was not my first choice, but I'm glad I went here. My first choice was Ohio State university, which I did get accepted into, but it was cheaper for me significantly to go to WVU. At first I thought the school was rough, but once I got settled in to campus life I love this school to pieces. I came from a small town where everyone knew everyone in Ohio. I feel just at home except there is a lot more places to eat! Every class I've had I have known atleast 10 people and every day walking to classes I know atleast 5 people I walk by. You get the small campus feel in a massive campus. I would highly recommend applying and going to WVU
Very good college environment. Most professors are will to go over and beyond to help you succeed. Would recommmend.
I am originally from Virginia but came to WVU for undergrad. I loved everything about this school; I met so many great people and became friends with many of them. During my four years of undergrad I never felt home sick because of the great people at this university. I recently just started graduate school and I am so glad that I am able to come back for three more years.
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I haven't attended yet but I have been on the campus twice for the tour and my student orientation. Ive already been accepted and I am happy to say the the community I feel is one huge family. Ive enjoyed my recent visits and can't wait to become an official mountaineer!
West Virginia University is home to me. I honestly cannot imagine attending another university. The campus is unique, historical, and beautiful. There's always something to do and something going on. The people are friendly and supportive and everyone there is striving to learn.
I have one full academic year of experience under my belt with West Virginia University and I love my college for many reasons. WVU is one of the most prideful universities out there, and the campus is super diverse which brings in a lot of different ideas and new experiences to the campus. It is almost heaven!
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