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It's a great university with an amazing alumni program. Alum stay connected to WVU to give undergraduates the opportunity to have access to their resources.
I like how close the dorms were close to places to eat and activities. Like how lincoln hall is close to the rec center or how stalnaker hall is connectd to downtown.
Ever since I was little I have wanted to go here. Both of my parents and aunt and uncle went here and loved it. This place brings me so much joy and happiness I love it. I can see myself going here and starting my adult life. WVU is a place that I can grow and explore my future due to so many opportunities the university provides. I can't wait to begin my life at WVU.
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I love the location and the friendly people! There is always something to do here. The transportation is nice. Not including the PRT. Haha. The buses run often and are always clean. The bus drivers are normally very friendly.
I enjoy my major at West Virginia University, however, I do not agree with how students are treated or how news is relayed between the university staff and students. Students are never notified when short term parking will be closed/limited, and then are constantly penalized for finding parking elsewhere with expensive tickets. When one of the students, a close friend of mine, got hit by a car on campus last year, the university stayed silent and provided no resources for us to reach out to.
I very much enjoyed all aspects of WVU when a toured the college a few months back. The environment was easy to get around and our tour guides were very nice. I really like the weekend activities they put on in the cafeteria area and I like that they have the emergency buttons around campus. I look forward to going on another tour in November.
Country Roads take me Home! As corny as it is, this university quickly becomes home to the thousands of students here. Here, at West Virginia University we take a lot of pride in being a mountaineer... Great food, safe environment, amazing resources and opportunities.
I would like to see more parking added to WVU for students and possibly lower parking pass costs or parking costs. I would like to see better crosswalk conditions for pedestrians as well as more reliable transportation.
WVU is truly a great school. Easy to fit in with any crowd, football games are great, and the party scene is unbelievable. Nice to be able to work hard during the week, and play hard on the weekends. Cops have been getting a little out of hand though, always busting parties and citing students for dumb things.
West Virginia University is a quality institution filled with vibrant student life, instructional professors and faculty, accessible amenities, and much more. Not only will you succeed in the classroom, but outside as well thanks to over 400 student organizations that help you get involved and connected on campus. Everyone is a friendly face, and once you are here, you will feel you are at home.
Overall, West Virginia University has challenged me on both a personal level as well as an academic level. I have learned to overcome personal adversity through persistence and dedication to achieving my overall goals. Academically, I have been challenged at the highest level, but have been able to complete Nursing School with the help and dedication of really competent professors at all levels. As you know, college is what you make of it, it is no longer a question of why am I here, it is how am I going to make a difference in the world today. And that is what West Virginia University prepares you for. It is easy to make a living with a college degree, but it is more gratifying to make a difference.
There are so many benefits of West Virginia University, great education, so many majors, challenging academics, fun & friendly campus. It has become my home away from home.
West Virginia is an excellent school when it comes to the academics. There are people here to help you learn as well as help you succeed
WVU has a beautiful campus with a lot to offer in terms of majors, athletics, and student activities. I just wish that the school was cheaper (as most do) and that the state had more to offer.
I like the diversity here and how there is so much to do in the city of Morgantown. I, also, like how the university welcomes its students whether new or coming back with a lot of fun activities like FallFest and FoodFest. It's just amazing! I am proud to be a student at WVU.
The campus is amazing, and the people you meet here are too. WVU offers many resources to help you transition into college life. The university is well organized and that makes things so much better. This school will forever have a place in my heart.
The PRT (our campus transportation) is an absolute menace. It takes forever to go from station to station, breaks down all of the time, and is generally unpleasant to use. A few of the buildings on campus are getting old and need to be renewed, but that is made better by the fact that we have newer buildings available as well. The best thing about WVU in my experience is the actual learning environment. Most professors are really great and helpful, and are generally very good at what they do.
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Although I am new here. I feel very welcomed and the transition from home life to here has been seamless. The community around campus is diverse which can be frightening, but finding your group is easy.
Although WVU has a lot of potential, and great programs. I find that the school lacks some important values a college should have. The party life is very big and sometimes too out of hand, many students avoid the school thinking they won't be able to concentrate with all the events constantly happening through the semesters. Greek life and sports celebrating (tailgating/parades) are also a large part of the school, and the campus hasn't shown to have the best security for it. On the bright side, WVU seems to be improving through the years and has two great, impressive programs for medicine and engineering.
I love the entire school: the people, the atmosphere, the classes, and athletics. Everyone is friendly and the school has many great facilities and resources. They want you to succeed. There wasn't any time where I wished they had something because they had it.
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