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I love WVU!!! You should consider this school. They offer many major and the people are amazing. The location is iffy but the campus is full of surprises. The school is soon fun and I love it. The application process is nerve wrecking, but it wont let you done when you get accepted. West Virginia is a great state as well, it is close to Maryland and if you move here from out of state you will get accustomed to what they do here. There are many bad things that are said about this school, but overall, I would not want to go anywhere else. I am a major in Biology, and the science program is wonderful. come to WVU!! You would not regret it at all.
Everyone around campus is friendly and the professors are interested in helping you learn. Gamedays in Morgantown are hard to beat, especially during football season. The school has an excellent academic reputation as well.
I loved West Virginia University! My tour guide was very informative. The campus is beautiful. West Virginia has everything that I want in a college. I am very excited to attend there next fall! It has diversity, great athletics, and good academics. I recommend all of my friends to apply to West Virginia University.
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During my time as a student, I worked at the NASA Space Grant office at the Engineering Campus. Yes, NASA, in West Virginia! WVU is one of the best colleges in the state, there are so many opportunities for every type of person! The state of West Virginia needs a lot of work, but West Virginia University is really the best thing about the state. They are bringing in jobs, educating people, and overall contributing to the betterment of the state. I actually went to a different college first and transferred here later, and I am so glad I did! My life has changed for the better because of my time at WVU!
West Virginia University has a great group of professors and ancillary staff. I feel they are more into helping you succeed instead of fail. The campus is nice and easy to navigate. They have a great love and following for their sports and when they play Country Roads after each game I get chills!
I wish they were not known as the party school because people may steer away from campus. As a grown adult going back to school, I'm looking more for the academic and sport aspects...not partying.
I am not currently enrolled in wvu but I have signed up to attend next year. The academics are great and I’m really excited to experience life on a college campus
I have not attended college yet, but i know from pictures and students there that it is a clean environment and a safe place to be. It has a nice campus and the football team does super well.
Most of my teachers have been good or decent. The course materials are useful. The food isn't the best. I think that maintenance wise, especially during the snow, WVU does a bad job keeping sidewalks clean and safe. Accidents have occurred because of this and because school is never cancelled, even during horrible snow fall.
I love the atmosphere. People are very friendly and I feel like we are a family. There is something for everyone. I recently became an ambassador for The School of Public Health and I love sharing my enthusiasm for WVU and my major.
West Virginia University is a great place with great people and an explosive party scene. It is a great school for those who want to have a load of fun but can balance their fun with school as well.
I love that they have so many activities to be involved in. You can be as busy as you want in social and academic clubs and activities. I also love that each campus has plenty of places to eat and several outdoor places to sit and study.
Overall, the teachers are knowledgeable. The course material covered in lecture covers a wide range and in great depth. There is a great variety in the food, all of which is delicious. In addition to a rich learning environment, there are many opportunities to have an enjoyable experience as a college student. For example, there are many family days and many clubs to join that allow students to delve into a particular interest. Overall, this school is well rounded in the sense that both school work and relaxation are needed to balance each other.
I loved everything about West Virginia University in Morgantown. The people were great, it was really clean and everyone was happy! I suggest that everyone takes a visit down to West Virginia University, you won't be disapointed!
I have lived by West Virginia University my entire life. I have been programmed to go to this school my entire life and I have come to love this campus. I am super excited to attend this University and I can not wait to experience my freshman year!
The institution itself is fine, just not for me. It’s huge, with other 30,000 students. Transportation is a huge factor in this school. You will literally be waking up 45 minutes to an hour earlier just to make it to class on times. Additionally, the school has a tram system that goes around the main campus, but it ALWAYS breaks down. You can be stuck on it for as little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour. And some teachers don’t excuse this.
They are very helpful! They hold multiple fairs for the upcoming freshman to feel ready and answers any questions. The university is very organized and has great counselors that are always available in case of needing something changed with your major. There is not much of anything that I would change!
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It is a beautiful area and very welcoming. WVU hosts the most fun football games and is the life of the party, all while studying for your future.
It is a wonderful environment at WVU. It has a very home-like feel and has unlimited opportunity for anyone.
I am originally from Jersey not very pretty in the part that I live it. When I came here I thought it was beautiful. The views from different places on campus are all amazing. The campus is also amazing very nice and old looking. I definitely made the right choice coming here to continue my education.
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