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What I loved the most about West Virginia University was the family atmosphere. From students holding doors for you as you walk to class, to the singing of country roads, this University makes you feel at home.
The professors will challenge you in the best way possible. They make you think critically and from perspectives you may have never thought about. If you are struggling they are always there to help and guide you. I have personally never had a bad experience with a professor after two full semesters.

My personal favorite part about WVU is the diversity. Coming from West Virginia you don't see that many people that look different from you. However, when I stepped foot on the WVU campus I was surprised to see people of all races and ethnicities in my classes and around town. Its beautiful to be able to connect and talk to others about their cultures and how they feel at WVU.

Overall WVU is a wonderful school that has left me thoroughly impressed after my first year.
west virginia is a great school. There academics are wonderful and there campus is beautiful. the professors try there best to make sure every student does there best to succeed.
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WVU has many opportunities to choose from such as degrees, classes, sports, clubs, and on campus activities. The professors I have had so far are all kind, and they know how to teach the material. The professors are also very approachable and certainly willing to help a student out.
I do like WVU. I've had some really good classes and great professors. The one area I do wish they would improve on is with advisors. The advisors I've had have not been the most helpful.
What I have heard and seen is just beautiful. The students are very dedicated to their school! Let's goo..
Good school, always room for improvement, as with anything in life! PRT's are convenient. Buses maybe run alittle more often.
West Virginia University makes everyone feel as if they are home. There is always somebody willing to help and the professors assure that you are never alone.
West Virginia University is an amazing school. Most everyone from professors to advisors to RA’s genuinely want you to succeed. While they want you here at WVU, they also do a great job at helping you if you decide West Virginia isn’t for you. I would like to see there be a little bit more interaction between mentors and professors and students in the school of journalism.
I love WVU! The environment is so positive and everyone really has school spirit. Some of the classes I've had were a drag but I've had professors i will never forget. Wvu overall has been one of my favorite experiences so far!
I love WVU! Everyone is so nice and open to making new friends. The staff is incredibly friendly and super helpful. The campus is really big, but there is so much going on that you don't have to walk far to find something to do.
I absolutely love this campus. It really is beautiful here during the spring and even the winter. The biggest issue is the walking and transportation. It really is a major pain to get between each campus. Most journeys take about 30 minutes to get between the both. Other than that I enjoyed my time here.
WVU has a great culture and a great engineering program. Currently pursuing a dual degree and Mechanical engineering and Aerospace engineering. The night life is great if you are into that and there is a great state park nearby if you are the outdoorsy type. The sporting events are must attends.
West Virginia University is a place to expand your mind. Very nice campus with many types of people, and a lot of history. Great sport programs and transportation.
West Virginia University is a wonderful, very diverse school. Its campus is huge and very beautiful. Theres always something to do or new people to meet. They have the states top flagship education!
Nice, big campus. Inclusive environment. Professors care about students and listen to their suggestions. Some buildings are old but the university is continually updating them. Parking can be very hard.
I loved the small town feel in a city atmosphere. Everyone from the University and Community are extremely nice and willing to help you in anyway possible.
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WVU is a large spread out campus but the town is small and many instructors want to help you succeed.
I love WVU and the atmosphere that goes along with it. It may be a big school, but it has a family small school feel to it. Everyone is super nice and you are able to meet friends right away.
WVU is a very diverse school with many opportunities and professors who are mostly willing to help as long as you put in the work. You will meet many great people with many different backgrounds and learn so much more than just academics.
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