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The PRT (our campus transportation) is an absolute menace. It takes forever to go from station to station, breaks down all of the time, and is generally unpleasant to use. A few of the buildings on campus are getting old and need to be renewed, but that is made better by the fact that we have newer buildings available as well. The best thing about WVU in my experience is the actual learning environment. Most professors are really great and helpful, and are generally very good at what they do.
Although I am new here. I feel very welcomed and the transition from home life to here has been seamless. The community around campus is diverse which can be frightening, but finding your group is easy.
Although WVU has a lot of potential, and great programs. I find that the school lacks some important values a college should have. The party life is very big and sometimes too out of hand, many students avoid the school thinking they won't be able to concentrate with all the events constantly happening through the semesters. Greek life and sports celebrating (tailgating/parades) are also a large part of the school, and the campus hasn't shown to have the best security for it. On the bright side, WVU seems to be improving through the years and has two great, impressive programs for medicine and engineering.
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I love the entire school: the people, the atmosphere, the classes, and athletics. Everyone is friendly and the school has many great facilities and resources. They want you to succeed. There wasn't any time where I wished they had something because they had it.
Homey, but huge. Although there are over 30,000 undergraduate students, you always feel welcomed and at home. Always fun, always wild, but education centered. Choosing WVU will always be the greatest decision you'll ever make.
I enjoy WVU because it has everything a student could need. From solid academics to fun social life opportunities, this campus is very well-rounded.
Love it! Amazing academics and environment! So much diversity and many clubs to choose from. Overall great experience at this beautiful school!
WVU is my home away from home! The beautifully scenic campuses and knowledgeable faculty make this university the perfect place to attain a degree.
West Virginia is a very hands on and interactive institution. Here you’ll become accustomed to how a real football game is done as well getting to explore all the new and exciting things Wvu has to offer.
West Virginia University is a good college. I like how they care about the students that are graduating from the high schools, I had a prep college course in Morgantown WV and two of the doctors of WVU came to tell us more about the college and answered our questions. They also spoke to us about the study abroad, scholarships, and other different subjects.
Overall this university is perfect for anyone. The narrative of WVU being a "party school" is an old one and often misconstrued. If you want to party, you will be able to find parties, however that does not mean that someone interested in activities other than partying will not be able to enjoy their time at WVU. WVU UpAllNight, the student rec center, places downtown to eat, bowling in the MountainLair, activities at Towers and other dorms and plenty more are available for people who are worried. The one thing I always tell parents of students considering attending here is that, you have to put effort in to find parties and stuff that worries parents. Your son or daughter will not just step out of their dorm room and suddenly be at a party. West Virginia University is an amazing and beautiful place, a great learning environment, and provides countless opportunities for college students to grow both socially and academically.
From the first time I went to visit the school to the new student orientation, WVU made me feel like this was the place I needed to be. Everyone has been so welcoming and really make it feel like you are becoming part of a family.
I was part of the accelerated nursing program and came here from out of state. I was extremely impressed with the accelerated nursing program, especially the SIM lab and clinical offerings. My instructors were knowledgeable and most were actively working in the field and were able to provide real world advice and stay up to date with the ever changing field of healthcare. Overall the tuition was affordable and Morgantown was enjoyable. The pride for WVU was apparent and contagious and I was very happy with my decision to go here.
The staff and other students make attending West Virginia University an absolute pleasure. Not only are the people kind and authentic, but there are countless opportunities in the surrounding areas of the University.
WVU is a very great college to go to, there are so many activities on and off campus. It's such a fun place to be and there's nowhere else quite like it. There are numerous interesting things in the Morgantown area so nothing is ever boring. The people you meet there will change your life forever and the professors are sure to make a lasting impact on you. It is one of the safest places to be and it is so welcoming to everyone no matter what.
I am a 1st time student in my late 40's at Wvu I love how the school has excepted me no matter of my age and didn't look down on me for starting at late age the advisors are wonderful and instructors are amazing the best thing about wvu it is not just for the young they work well with all ages. From 1st timers out of high school to the old timers too. This is a great school. I only see one down fall it is a college town and the traffic is horrible if you don't live on campus it takes forever to get to class. They have a personal transpertation bus which helps a lot to classes since this college is spread out all over Morgantown. But overall I give Wvu a thumbs up. I could of not chose a better college for my age no matter I live off campus and traffic is overwhelming a small price to pay for this exceptional school .LETS GO MOUNTAINEES......
Awesome campus! Great advisors!
After transferring from IUP, I realized that WVU was where I should have been from the start of my college experience!
Since I live off campus i was able to justify the "out of state" cost.
I do however, wish out of state students were given more of a tuition reduction!
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I transferred to WVU in the Spring of 2018 and I absolutely love it! I am double majoring in fine arts and every single one of my teachers is willing to help me no matter what. There are plenty of attractions around Morgantown, including hiking, biking, and taking the PRT. The food is great and so is housing!
Other than the fact that the school population is enormous, the school is great and have some very intelligent professors. The only thing I would change is the amount of professors. It seems that there are way too many students for the amount of professors they have.
Any school can be a party school if you make it one. WVU is known as a party school but it’s really so much more. The professors here really care about you and the school spirit is incredible.
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