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I am an "early enrollment" High School student. I have toured the school on several occasions and I absolutely LOVE it. The staff there are amazing and the over-all atmosphere is very warming and friendly. I have no other college in mind for my undergrad degree!
West Virginia University Institute of Technology is a great school for students pursuing an engineering degree. The majority of students are engineering, but there are plenty of other degrees too. The engineering program is hard, bur rewarding. Besides school there isn't much to do on campus and the surrounding area has some activities to do. There are some athletic events and other events held by the school though!
I really enjoy the small classes size that allow students to develop a relationship with the professors. I would like for the school to have more research opportunities and more options for time of classes, since many classes only have one schedule option and it is often conflicting with many other classes.
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My experience here has beem awesome. All professors I have had were very friendly, and taught the required material very well. The walks to each class are not very far, even if walking from one end of campus to the other. 10 minutes are given to go to the next class if a student has one immediately after, and this is sufficient time to get there. All buildings have WiFi, and this is very nice. The only thing I would like to see change is the drainage system in the parking lot next to Life Science Building, as when it rains, it's basically a river that covers your feet as you walk through it.
Overall the school is really nice the staff are nice. The dorms are liveable but th cafe food sucks.
While WVU-Tech is a relatively small campus with small student to faculty ratios, the overall feel of the university rivals that of larger institutions.
They make you feel at home and are always trying to help. Offering many varieties of helping option to not only get you started and settled in but to also help you keep the grades you are striving for. I would like to see the flag pole become safe so we can fly the American flag outside of our building. We need a flag!
The small class sizes make for a very personal experience as you get more one on one time with the professors. The school has a widely respected Engineering program.
The school is very supportive of all the sports teams no matter what they may be and the athletes get very good recognition for their hard work and dedication.
This college is very helpful and they make it so easy on students by answering questions, picking up the phone, and getting to know the students at the university.
the rooms are perfectly spacious.
everyone supports the teams in every event.
Every student is friendly and tutors are great
Our administration really cares about the students success and our overall education. They want to know and want to help when we have struggles and they want to be there for our achievements too.
The college may seem small and uninteresting to someone from a big town or with high expectations, but this college is far from. There is always something to do and someone to do it with. This campus is full of friendly, amazing people, and tons of activities. I'd always chose this school if given the chance to chose again.
I don't really hear much about anything negative.
It's okay for the size and price of the campus.
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The Greek life on this campus is where you will find your leaders and your most dedicated and full of spirit students. I happen to be apart of Greek life as well and it has had a huge positive impact on me.
Our athletics are amazing. Our whole school is very supportive over all of our teams.
This school has become my home. I have become an amazing student, a dedicated leader, and a great asset to those around me. I wouldn't be who I am without Tech.
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