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I like that it is a small campus and even then the class sizes are small. I also like that the professors are always willing to help with anything you need and work with the class to figure out the best way to go over the material.
I believe my school is great! I love living off of campus and commuting to school from home. The office staff and counselors are great and so helpful with any questions/problems I ever have. My professors are great teachers and they are good at developing lesson plans very well. They understand that not everyone learns the same way.
West Virginia University at Parkersburg has a lot of good qualities for the newly graduated high school student and the more non-traditional student like myself. The science teachers are tough but I feel like I'm really learning. I would probably make the teachers a little more accessible to students. They are all nice and great but can be a little intimidating to reach out to when struggling with areas of certain subjects.
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Nice community college. You can get a degree for less money than a big college with the same classes.
West Virginia University at Parkersburg is a good school for those who lack a huge income. They offer a multitude of services for veterans and the disabled, and are very welcoming to all who apply.
Unfortunately I am not working right now so my schedule is actually quite easy to accommodate. However, I know many who are working and have said that the availability of classes is great - especially the evening and online classes.
I have only had a couple of online courses and the system I took them in is not in use. They just updated to BlackBoard this semester. So far, the functions that I have needed to use in it seems to be great and I've heard others say how much they like it. Of course, it was an adjustment for those that were used to the old system.
Because I am in the nursing program and this area is low on nurses, the local hospitals are always looking to the college for new graduates to come work for them.
There are so many courses of study available at WVUP. From nursing, criminal justice, art, mechanic, music, teachers/education, and more! Classes are just the right size which helps with getting to know other students. The professors, to me, are top notch. I have not had one yet that I did not like! Honest.
I cannot give this the best rating because I am still not familiar with everything they have to offer for career prospects.
I am currently in my first semester of nursing school for RN. This program is one of the top programs in WV. Although the work that is required outside of class is intense and time consuming, I know I am getting the best education. They have the second best lab/simulation facility in WV with real life mechanical bodies to learn on. The professors and instructors work as hard as we do to keep us moving in the right direction!
So far, I have had the best experience at WVU-Parkersburg. This small college is close-by with so many different education paths available. All of my professors have been incredible and actually seem to enjoy teaching. As an adult returning to college, I couldn't imagine a better place. I would definitely choose this college again and wished I had my first time around 15 years ago. My favorite class ever was Deviant Behavior because the professor truly knew the material and was super engaging with the students. Hoping to take another class with him if possible!
Met a lot of interesting people an learned a lot from the professors
They always have a lot of stuff going on that's informational
I was able to sign up for the classes I wanted & needed quick and easily. My credits transferred with no problems.
The degree I'm pursuing will help me advance in my career as an ECE teacher since not only will I be certified as a teacher, I will also be able to classes on my own time.
So far everyone I've been in contact with at the school has been extremely helpful and kind. I'll be starting classes in the fall for the first time here as a transfer, and it seems everyone has gone out of their way to make sure I'm fully prepared.
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I have had a great experience at WVUP. The class sizes are reasonable to allow for a more personal atmosphere with the instructors. There are many degrees to chose from there as well, The entire staff are very helpful to enable my college experience to be rewarding.
It's WV and most people are using it as a stepping stone to get out of here
Could use a wider variety of classes
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