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I have great instructors, the classes are interesting. The online classes are user friendly. My class schedule is flexible so I’m able to work full time
West Virginia University at Parkersburg is a great place to go if you are looking to stay home and commute. They are a small but excellent school. The only downfall is they don't offer dorms for students, I believe if they did offer dorms they could continue to grow and become progressively better.
I went to West Virginia University at Parkersburg three years ago, and I find the school to be more organized. I recently had new student orientation, and it was so simple and the administration had it planned out of where to go. One of the education advisors was very helpful and made sure I was ready to move on.
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All of my professors have been nice, Professor Thompson in particular is always energetic and understanding, he really goes above and beyond for his students making sure we understand the material. The administrative staff is also really nice and they seem to care about the students as well. Those combined with the exceptional price of education makes this school an amazing place to study! The school has many study areas which are cozy, clean and well lit, as well as a tutoring center. The only slight drawback is parking for the Caperton Center and Applied Technology center leaves a bit to be desired, but the short walk is occasionally enjoyed.
WVUP is a great school. It's centrally located in Parkersburg and is fairly close to home. You get provided with a great education at a minimal cost. My overall experience has been amazing! I enjoy every minute of my time here. Nothing major needs to be changed!
My experience has been great. I love the flexibility of classes. Teachers are very considerate of student home life. The teachers provide good sources for the students to complete their work in a manageable amount of time. All the staff are very friendly and easy to work with as well. I feel like I’m home at WVUP.
At WVUP everyone is there to help you succeed. They do not leave and student behind. They have tutors there for any one to use, if needed. Class sizes are small so there is more room for one on one. The classes are not just lectures, you are allowed to ask questions and interact with the professors.
The professors are very intelligent and welcoming. The building is very neat and clean and the students are nice.
This college is definitely good for anyone who wants to be close to home and affordable classes. I have had a great experience here with the people and professors. The professors all want to help and class sizes are small and comfortable. All the students here range from high school to Older adults and everything flows nicely.
I love the diversity of the college, as well as the setting, the college is close to a lot of different atmospheres.
I love attending this school it’s in my home town so it’s nice to be near family. There are some very nice and professional proffesors/instructors and then there’s the not so good ones. I suggest that you meet with your proffesor before you start the class because even though it’s college some can be a pain in the butt. Overall love the school and the staff is always quick to jump with help they can offer. Love the tutoring center and the services they provide!
I am just about to begin my third year at this facility. I have to say that this place means business. I have had to work my tail off every semester to keep the acceptable academic standings I have. The courses, teachers and content are extraordinary. For being such a small school, they have one hell of a drive for success with all of their students. I am very happy to be attending. I am extremely impressed with this establishment.

As expected, there are no dorms or housing.
My name is Leah Sutton. West Virginia University at Parkersburg is great. I have lived in Parkersburg all of my life, and by going to school here I get to stay close to home!
I like that it is a small campus and even then the class sizes are small. I also like that the professors are always willing to help with anything you need and work with the class to figure out the best way to go over the material.
I believe my school is great! I love living off of campus and commuting to school from home. The office staff and counselors are great and so helpful with any questions/problems I ever have. My professors are great teachers and they are good at developing lesson plans very well. They understand that not everyone learns the same way.
West Virginia University at Parkersburg has a lot of good qualities for the newly graduated high school student and the more non-traditional student like myself. The science teachers are tough but I feel like I'm really learning. I would probably make the teachers a little more accessible to students. They are all nice and great but can be a little intimidating to reach out to when struggling with areas of certain subjects.
Nice community college. You can get a degree for less money than a big college with the same classes.
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West Virginia University at Parkersburg is a good school for those who lack a huge income. They offer a multitude of services for veterans and the disabled, and are very welcoming to all who apply.
Unfortunately I am not working right now so my schedule is actually quite easy to accommodate. However, I know many who are working and have said that the availability of classes is great - especially the evening and online classes.
I have only had a couple of online courses and the system I took them in is not in use. They just updated to BlackBoard this semester. So far, the functions that I have needed to use in it seems to be great and I've heard others say how much they like it. Of course, it was an adjustment for those that were used to the old system.
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