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The application process for WVSU was very easy going and it made things a lot less complicated when applying to the school. Now being at the school as a full time student, I have noticed after just one semester that the professors are here for the students and want the students to pass and succeed. I like how the class sizes are not that big which makes it feel kind of like a high school in that sense. The president of the school is wanting all students to pass in four years so no one has to pay more money than what they should. He is very big on the "15 in 4" policy and I respect that because if someone wants to go to grad school they should get out of their undergrad in four years! Overall, as much as I am not a fan of where the school is located, the academic side of things makes everything better because I know I can go get tutoring if need be.
West Virginia state university is a very small campus but it is family. There is always events happening that are thrown by, Student Life and Engagement, Greek Members, Resident RA's and more. There is not much to do outside of the campus, besides the mall, exploring scenery.
Remote diverse and incredibly awesome! Wvu is known for its football games but its geographic location of being nestled in one of the best geological locations is why it is perfect for me a budding geologist to learn of our planets dynamic development over the millions upon billions of years of its exisirance when you walk through the campus you cant help but to stop and take in the rolling mountains of stacked beds of strata of sandstone and mud stone.
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State is a great place with such a great and friendly environment. State has honestly given me my best college experience, I am A Junior and Transfer student. No matter what someone at State always has your back. The professors are great and are always willing to work with you.
WVU Dance Major
The staff and professors are caring, passionate and compassionate. They are leaders in their field and provide guidance to help you achieve your personal academic and career goals.
It is a good small school with great professor's campus is kept clean and secured. A good place to get a quality education.
I love how close-knit our WVSU family is. The school is not enormous, but it's not too small. This allows professors to be able to work more closely with their students, actually know their names, and care about their individual situations. At large universities, the professors just view students as a name on a list, instead of getting to know them personally. WVSU could be more organized, they tend to drop the ball a lot with student records, grades, etc. It's always best to overprepare when dealing with this school's administrative staff.
I personally chose West Virginia State University because I am pursing a degree is Elementary Education and they have one of the best Education programs around. In the education department the professors are very caring and helpful. I have encountered several professors outside of the program that were not helpful at all. The students are overall very welcoming and the food is average. The campus is small but this has its perks because since it is a smaller school students get more one on one time with their professors. The surrounding area is not very nice, but just a few miles down the road is the city of Charleston and that has more to offer!
I enjoy having he option of online classes and classroom classes. It allows flexibility, and gives me more freedom to maintain being a mother and having a family.
My experience at West Virginia State University wasn't exactly what I expected. I always thought the classrooms were bigger with smaller chairs attached to them. My favorite part of college is the classroom. I learned how to think outside of the box, debate, ideas and build friendships with people who are still now my friends. I was apart of dance team a WVSU. It was the most exciting experience. I enjoyed being the center of attention. I danced at different schools and made connections with people I never once thought would cross paths. West Virginia State University could in improve in being more involve in the students life on campus. Many times I see students complain that they do not receive enough financial help from financial Aid offices. Students often say that they lack support from their teachers as well. The best way that WVSU can improve in this area is by allowing students to be introduced to different scholarship opportunities.
Overall very good. Very diverse with many international students. Low student to professor ratio. Not a party school at all.
This university is very good if you (the individual) is very interested in doing research. There are a wide variety of topics of research to choose from.
I like the programs the college has to offer and the improvement in education. State has some of the top educational programs and I believe would help me in pursuit of my education degree. College is an important choice and I think that State has an exceptional program. I believe that after completing my degree that I will have help finding a career. I think the money is well worth the investment in college and will help me have a successful career.
They do not care about you at all!! The employees that are not instructors are absolutely useless and have no idea what they are doing. The commuter students are screwed because the awful President never cancels class even when the roads are undriveable.
I loved having a closed campus. No main roads through the campus which made for a wonderful place to study, participate in sports, or other activities that were held in the quad.
This small campus really allows you to get the personally college experience and allows a lot of one on one with professors since classes are smaller than larger universities.
I am a soon to be student, every interaction I have had has been very pleasant. It is a great school to work with.
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I like the welcoming that i received from the staff at WVU. They helped me feel like starting a new journey will be achievable.
West Virginia University is a great place to learn new things everyday. They work make students more involved throughout campus. The campus is very beautiful and it is such a big school, there is a place for everyone. I am not too happy about the way we register for classes because they do not anticipate for the amount of students who plan to register for a specific class and not everyone can register for the class that semester. It is solely based on luck if you hit the button to register on time before someone else. But all in all, I am happy I chose West Virginia because it gave me a chance to learn how to be more independent and prove to myself and others I can be successful.
An overly diverse HBCU in the middle of institute, WV. HAs no social atmosphere or party life... not a fan
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