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West Virginia Northern Community College Reviews

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The staff is great. The professors I have had so far are very fair, and fascinating to listen too. The administration staff is always ready to help. They have a lot of fun activities for the students.
I went to WPHS, and there were a lot of programs set up through WVNCC. I would not have finished my undergraduate English credits at WPHS if it wasn't for WVNCC. It is a lifesaver!
I love the location of WVNCC, it is close to home. It also provides a wonderful education. I have learned and extraordinary amount while going there. I recommend this school if your just getting out of high school and are not ready to leave the nest. Also, it is a great experience with other students and the teachers. I have had an amazing time there so far.
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I started at Northern right after graduating high school. I have had nothing but issues with them. The advisors there do not want to help you. The instructors do not care as long as they get paid. The administration is even worse. They constantly change program requirements without grandfathering students whom are already in the program resulting in them starting completely over. I would not recommend going here.
West Virginia Northern Community College is an extremely low key, laid back school. They cater really well to older adults, whom also have another life. The instructors are really nice, and understand that you may have children at home that need help also.
It's a great college to start off at.
I love taking online classes because it gives me time to work. I also like that I can speak up by writing in the discussions of my opinion and viewing others. Sometimes, I wish I could take in in a classroom, but online is the best option for me.
Class registration is made easy with workshops to help the clueless.
Most Classes will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible.
We have a lot of different study rooms and places that are quiet making homework and studying at school easy.
You are not just a number you professors know you by name. Also there is always one on one time when ever you need extra help.
It has a variety of different age groups ranging from just graduated to in their fifties. Overall everyone is friendly and happy to help out.
Its super affordable. The financial aid office is a great help and can always answer your questions.
Some online professor have passion and care and others seem like they did not want to teach online courses. Some courses had some minor and major malfunctions.
People know that graduates from WVNCC are some of the best!
Printing on campus is limited to the computer labs. Not very fast but it works.
There is one building per campus. Not much more than what your basic needs are.
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They do have 3 different campuses and one of the best Nursing programs around.
I think the school has done a great job in spacing the class times to accommodate people with busy scheduled only that they cant really accommodate every single person. But the alternative is, people can do online courses which makes it a lot easier for very busy people who have conflicting schedules.
It is wonderful. Students that cant create resumes know where to go and the school hosts as many job fairs as possible which is good because students are given first opportunities.
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