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West Virginia Junior College - Morgantown Reviews

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Getting my degree with WVJC was an easy process. However, I'm still looking for employment one year later. Their job assistance has been non existent. Plus, degree won't transfer to further my education.
My overall experience with WVJC has been great. The online course is very easy to manage with working and a family.
I love this school. Even though I am an online student, I feel like I get the same amount of attention as an on campus student does. The faculty are always willing to help with anything I might need. The teachers are helpful and involved in the classes too.Tech support is very fast at replying to anything you may need them for and they work hard to fix whatever issue you are having. Friendly, helpful and supportive describes the staff at this school. I would highly recommend this school to anyone!
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I am an online student with WVJC and was very apprehensive about doing online classes. WVJC made the experience amazing for me and I love it. Can’t wait to get started back to classes after the first of the year.
Everyone at the college are nice and helpful and make learning seem easier and more fun to do. It's a helpful college with many helpful life related programs and is very helpful even after graduating. I would not change anything about the college or anyone within the college campus and professors due to everyone being so helpful and explaining work environments.
Information is severely outdated and there is no consequences for unacceptable and poor quality coursework. If you are lucky you will get a decent professor, lucky being the best choice word.
I am loving all the medical terms and learning about new an exciting things!
I am loving this experience of West Virginia Junior college, It's everything I dreamed and hoped for! I love being able to take care of my little family while being in the best school!
West Virginia Junior College, has been amazing my first 6 weeks. I have only had one course but can already see the school is a great fit for me. The staff at WVJC always responds to me quickly when I needed anything. Each week, my professor really made sure the class understood the assignments and always reminded us if we have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact him. WVJC, has given me a chance to be a mom and go to school. I waited so long to go back to school and so thankful that I now can. It is extremely convenient for me to do my motherly things and still be able to work toward my career.
Online courses are not much different than traditional classes. Although,you do not actually sit in a class next to peers and face to face with the teacher it is an exciting adventure and you can learn just as much. All the discussions are alike instead of a teacher writing on a black board they are writing on a internet board. You can still talk with your teacher and peers and have conversations about topics, etc. You still have assignments do when the instructor tells you a due date, also reading materials, and books.
WVJC has many things to offer to help one graduate. They have support services, counseling, if you are having trouble with any subject they will set u up for some help.
I am only on my first professor and he seems really great. He is making sure we have the tools to succeed online. He has been very supportive and answers questions very quickly. My professor also makes sure we have narrated videos for our lessons, which I love. It helps me understand topics better. He also reminds us to talk to students on the discussion board.
WVJC online schooling has been so great so far. The professor is amazing and all the services they have are great. They really take pride in their students and have made me feel like I can achieve my goals. I communicate through emails and everyone I talked to have been very nice and have answered my questions.
I have not had my major class yet. I can say the program seems interesting and fun. I will be doing Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Insurance and Coding, also doing some Anatomy. Really excited about the Medical Assisting internship. I will absolutely love being able to learn in the environment I am getting my degree in.
I just started my first class at WVJC, and so far everyone has been great. The people offer so much help and advice. They also make sure you get started right and with a positive attitude. I would diffidently choose this school again. WVJC is the school that stood out to me the most of all the online schooling.
The school has a great job placement program.
The nursing program seems to be real world application ready.
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A great academic experience that has definitely shown to be above other surrounding schools.
An amazing school that's definitely centered around its students.
I love the school already and I haven't even began classes. I have chose to take online classes. I have a two year old daughter and it is easier to take online classes at the moment. But the admission caller was so nice and the financial aid caller was so friendly. I have had nothing but complete friendly service the whole beginning of the enrollment process.
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