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West Virginia Junior College - Charleston Reviews

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Love this school! Instructions are great. Always willing to help. Some classes are big and some are small. But no matter the size they always have time for you 1 on 1. And in the smaller classes you learn so much because it's also 1 on 1. They hold you to a high standard and only accept the best
As a new student the staff has made me feel so welcome! They do a great job at explaining and going over things to make sure you fully comprahend
It's terrible. There's roaches all over the school and the "teachers" don't teach, so you have to go learn on your own
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Everyone at the college is very helpful and informative and helps you make an informed decison on attneding the college. Also they have an Externship and set everything up for you. They will help you with resumes, applications and job placement.
I appreciate the flexibility of the classes and curriculum. I am able to work on my assignments when I have time as long as I get them turned in by the scheduled deadline.
I have not had an opportunity to attend a traditional college so I can not accurately compare these 2 experiences.
After you finish college if the course work has been updated you have to opportunity to take the new classes for free.
My experience with the professors is that they are available to answer any questions that I may have. They are all prompt in grading assignments that have been turned in.
The school that I am attending has the opportunity for an externship at the end of the courses.
I am majoring in accounting, one of the classes that I am taking has me doing a spreadsheet about budgeting. At the end of the program there is an opportunity for an externship in your field in the area where you live.
My experience with West Virginia Junior College has been awesome. The professors that work there are very helpful. They are fast at grading assignments and answering any questions that they may be asked. They make sure that the instructions for assignments are clear and understandable. They also make videos if class work may be a little too hard to understand.
My campus doesn't transfer credits to other campuses and they aren't that flexible with anything. Either you'll have to make it up or do it online is the first solution is online courses.
I am unsure about the online courses. I feel that in order to succeed in something you must do it hands on unless you are going to be doing things that involve computers.
Usually whenever students go in an internship they are hired into the internship and start working after it is finished. This is a great success rate from my campus.
Class sizes vary, in our anatomy and physiology class there are between 35 & 40 students. The first anatomy class I was in was horrible. The instructor could not keep her students under control and it was a terrible learning environment. However, these new classes I am taking the instructor had great control over the classroom. There are many courses offered through the program, but the length of the courses is not long enough. 6 weeks is not enough time to go over something at all.
Despite everything else a lot of employers hire from this campus with an associates degree.
Accessibility and resources are limited. We have a lounge with barley anything in it, flexibility is out of the question it's very strict on this aspect. However, extern ship is picked for you and you must do an externship to meet the requirements to graduate.
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With my experience with the campus they make it a set goal to be there for one another like a family, it's far from ordinary. People truly go out of the way to help others succeed.
It's been great, everything went smoothly
Could not have asked for anything more.
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