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West Virginia Junior College - Bridgeport Reviews

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I liked the small class sizes and everyone is nice but that's about it. If your looking for a fast track specialization field like medical assisting this is the place for you. But be aware the credits will not transfer anywhere. This is not for people, who have further educational dreams, other than just an associates. If you were ever interested in a Bachelors degree do not go here, it will be a waste of your time. This is a fast track career specialization college, not a real college. It is a private for profit college, and that alone should give you question about it. Can a college really have your best interest at heart, if they are private for profit? It was really expensive, and I really did not learn a whole lot. I learned the very basics and that's it. I now have a job that doesn't even require a college degree, so I'm not even using the degree. An associates doesn't mean much in today's world.
Very nice junior college somewhat small junior college with about 3 stories and multiple different programs in other areas in West Virginia. Not sure how you are suppose to rate a party scene.
Would like to see better communication between the staff and the campus president they don't have very good communication at all.
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The campus is small and inviting. The staff are eager to help in any manner they can and the students are very involved with clubs and want you to be involved as well.
Overall I have had a good experience here. My instructors do their best to help in any way possible.
WVJC-Bridgeport is a great choice for individuals that are looking for an allied health associate degree. They offer Certified Medical Assistant, Medical Office Administration, Dental Assistant and Pharmacy Technician. They also offer Information Technology for those interested in the computer field.

Students are always the top priority. Every member of the faculty and staff is willing to give extra time and effort to individual students to help them succeed.
Local employers love to hire WVJC-Bridgeport students. They call the school to find prospective employees and frequently hire the students that are externing with them.
The West Virginia Junior College is a very small campus with fairly small classes. This campus is extremely hands on and has wonderful professors. They genuinely care about each and every student. It's an incredible place to learn skills needed in the workplace. However, I would like to see more general education classes offered online.
I don't personally like learning by online classes. I do think WVJC's online classes are still very beneficial.
They have a great program to help their students get a job.
The class sizes are fairly small so you have more one on one with the professor. The courses are designed to help you with your career.
I really enjoy this school. I honestly feel like the people at this campus care about me and my career.
I am getting my associate's degree as a dental assistant! I love this program and the facility!
I honestly love this school. It has made me a better person and student!
WVJC is extremely flexible because they offer complete online programs that don't take as long as traditional schools do to earn the same degrees. I'm a mother of four, and it's hard for me to attend classes on campus; it takes a ton of planning ahead on my part securing babysitters, making sure that I have the funds to pay those sitters, etc. Online is just much more convenient. I choose not to transfer any credits, although I could have. I chose this option because all of the courses that I could have transferred, I feel I need a refresher in anyways because it's been since 2009 since I've done anything with them. So I felt it would be in my best interest to just retake those courses.
It was very easy to apply and be accepted into the online program. Literally less than a week and I'd been accepted and started my education. A quick admissions/registration process is extremely important for someone like me, because when I set my mind to something, I want to do it now. The things I like best about the online program are that it's very convenient for someone such as myself that has kids and finds it harder to attend campus courses. The discussions in an online format are also much more active I think. Sometimes in a traditional setting students are maybe a little shy or afraid to speak up in class, but when they're hidden behind a screen, it seems to bring more into the discussions. Also, I think that communication with the professor is stronger because in an online course, students have to be self motivated, and in order to do so, you have to be able to step up and ask your professor if you have a question, because although you have classmates, you can't just lean over and whisper a question in their ear if you need something. You have to e-mail the professor.
WVJC has a variety of courses taught by different professors taught in various settings such as traditional, blended, and online courses. The quality of the courses that I have seen so high is very high and full of useful information. They even have a class, Student Success Strategies, designed specifically to help ensure students learn how to balance all aspects of their lives so that they can achieve their highest academic success while in school, and continue those good habits after graduation and they enter into the workforce.
Although I haven't actually gotten into any major specific courses yet, I have no doubts that they will be direct and to the point to help me develop the skills necessary to advance in my chosen field.
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Hello there! I recently started online at WVJC. The admissions process and financial aid was so quick, easy, and painless that I was shocked! My first impression of Brianna, my admissions rep, was a good one. She was very outgoing and seemed genuinely interested in me and my goals. She was very eager and willing to answer any question I had to the best of her knowledge, and if she wasn't sure, she found out. After I spoke to her on Wednesday, I was accepted and financial aid was completed Thursday, New Student Orientation was Friday, with early entrance to the online courses the same day. Today is the official first day of classes, but I have already submitted most of my assignments for the week due to the easy layout of the online course. It's a simple and effective way to present the courses. My instructors seem professional, and like the rest of the staff, are willing to go out of their way to answer any questions I have. They also give their personal phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc., to make it easier for their students to communicate with them. This is something I very much appreciate. I've had instructors in the past that I couldn't get in touch with at all the whole semester! Here at WVJC, it is MANDATORY that the instructors reply to any message you send with 24 hours of you sending it! That's amazing! I just can't say enough good things about my experience here at WVJC so far; I would definitely recommend this campus to any student or adult seeking to go back to school! Thanks for reading!
My college is a great place to go. just go in confident and don't stress
I have been doing well in classes, my questions are answered immediately, and the cost is very low compared to other online schools I have looked at for the same degree.
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