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I really love West Valley. The campus is beautiful. There are lots of trees, and they are always updating the campus. All the teachers are passionate and very thorough. There are always lots of activities and the student body is very involved. They even have really good food in the cafeteria. The breakfast burritos are amazing!
West Valley has a gorgeous campus and a fantastic staff of teachers. I do wish their counselors were more ambitious and would inquire to make sure students are on track. This school very often will have students there for much longer than was originally anticipated due to poor planning and lack of help from councelors.
I love this school. The professors are amazing and they truly care about your success as a student and as an individual. I have never felt so secure in my education than I did at West Valley. The faculty, staff, and the President are absolutely fantastic and I am honored to have been a student at West Valley and I feel so much more confident going into San Jose State!
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The College Campus is beautiful, it is surround by nature and is a peaceful place to relax outside and focus on your work. The students are all very friendly and are very diverse.
West Valley has great online class options. The professors are usually pretty fair about letting you add even if the class is full.
The admissions process was horrible. We worked extra hard to have priority for getting into our classes and the admissions office kept losing our things or telling us the wrong information. I even went into the honors program to have higher priority; however, because of the mistakes of the counselors, I ended up being lowest priority and had to be put on the waiting list for SUMMER classes. I eventually got in but had to go West Valley in person multiple times to fix THEIR mistakes. Not cool.
This community college, situated on the Saratoga hills in sunny California, provides students with the necessary resources for certificates, associates degrees, and transfer classes. Their various classes are taught by dedicated teachers in picturesque facilities. The transit from class to class takes you through the forest, up and down walkways, and over creeks. Some of the buildings are old, but most are being remodeled and overall, they are not that bad. The staff at admissions or assessments, for example, are not the friendliest, though. Still, you can always count on the benevolent and helpful counseling staff to guide you in whatever it may be. Their computer systems struggle a bit to keep up with the amount of demand the students have, especially since this year they have switched their internet servers.
West Valley College has something for everyone at a low cost; excellent degree and certificate programs, activities and clubs, and instructors who are devoted to student's success.
My Park Management professors brought many years of field experience to the classroom and made my college experience exciting and hands-on.
The campus itself is like a park, with a creek running through it, and a preserve behind one of the buildings. I admire WVC's commitment to sustainability and to student success. I would not change anything about this college.
I only took one online class with West Valley so far but it was a well-structured, well-organized class. The teacher was very helpful and professional.

Personally, I learned a lot from the class. It took a lot of time and was just challenging enough for me to grasp the concepts as well as get all the work done.
I've had a great experience with West Valley. Every professor and administrator has been amazing to work with, and they've made it very easy for me as a new student to navigate everything. The counselors helped me pick the right classes and understand my course of study. The financial aide department has been excellent in answering all of my questions and showing me the aid thats available to me. And all of my professors have been knowledgeable and inspiring. All of my classes are either online or in the design building on campus. The building is brand new, and everything is beautiful. The online system, Canvas, is clean and easy to navigate. I love it!
My experience at West Valley has been remarkable. From the caring professors to the AMAZING breakfast burrito's, West Valley is the perfect college to help with transfer to a 4-year university. They offer a wide variety of classes, clubs, campus activities, office hours, and tutoring center, student health center, counseling, and many other attributions. Not only the the campus ranked #1 for community colleges in California for being the most beautiful campus, but the nature of the campus is so calming and delightful.
I have taken a regular person to person, class experience course however we it wasn't any different from an online class. Everything we did was based on internet use and peer help. I prefer the trafitional classroom experience but will definitely take to my advantage any online course I will need.
West Valley staff have helped me to get the classes that I will need to complete my bachelors but done by a great staff for a less cost. As well they help each student to fit the needs to transfer to a higher level in their education.
I take part in EOPS and TRiO. The counselor that they have and the counselor in the career department are fenominal!! I truly enjoy the great support of staff given to the students. They care about out success!!
My application to the was quick and done. I wasn't able to attend the fall semester since it had started but I enjoyed that semester off to get to know myself better.
The administration of justice teachers are former law enforcement agents. The chairman is a former sheriff and they share what we will need to know for when we enter the law enforcement agencies. We have forensic agent teacher, former Palo Alto lieutenant, former Palo Alto Sergeant, former Narcotics unit. We have resources and real people telling us what they experience so we can be prepared in our field.
This school is AMAZING!! I love attending and enjoy each single day I come to school. My proffesors are well rounded and engaged in the topics and if they happen to not know they will admit it and help solve your answer.
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Not all the classes I need are offered. For example, anatomy and Portuguese are not offered.
I have still yet to take a course online. I was able to access the school portal easily. Angel was also easy to access; it was easy to check my grades and turn in homework.
A lot of the teachers are actually wvc alumni. They are able to give input on how to go about after graduating wvc.
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