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I really enjoyed the music department. It has great classes and teachers. The campus is also beautiful. I would make sure to look up teachers for math and English on just to make sure they are good.
The Teachers are extremely passionate and personal. They have all supported me and helped me see the different career options and opportunities available for me and my passions.
It's a pretty good school for getting basic cheap classes, especially if you're transferring to a 4 year. It's good for the credits, and the professors I've had are pretty hard-working and engaging. It also offers a year of free tuition to the incoming class I think - so it's a super good deal.
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I loved my years at WVC! It was the best choice I made going straight after high school. The professors and counselors there are all very genuinely invested in helping their students. Also, the food from the campus center is amazing! Not to mention the campus is like 5 minutes away from a really good plaza that offers an array of different food places.
I've had an amazing 2 years at this college. I joined a program (Puente) that has helped me succeed and push me to my best abilities and opened new experiences for me. The only thing I really have to complain about is the construction - it feels like it never ends. They should work on the parking as well, as it's very limited.
This school is great! The campus is beautiful, the wide variety of online classes helps me out so much with my work schedule as well. The cafeteria also has great, affordable food. The teachers are super helpful and are great communicators and also very knowledgeable. They are always willing to help and answer any questions. Overall, the school is great, the counselors that I've gone to have all been different, but they all provide excellent guidance and are extremely patient and helpful. I can tell they love what they do. Even when there is no class for me, it's a really nice campus to hangout and relax during gaps.
West Valley has a lit of resources for academics. The teachers and faculty are also very caring and helpful. Everyone’s also really nice there. Campus is nice and full of nature, spread out! Sports is a big thing at our school. You se sports players everywhere! I love this school because of the faculty and students, everyone’s nice and not really judgmental, everyone take to you and people are willing to help. Food is average, good. Breakfast burritos are delicious. I’m glad I picked this community college! Best choice ever. Feels like I belong here, second home.
West Valley College is an amazing school to attend. I believe that the faculty really want to help you strive in life and they offer many programs/ opportunities to help you succeed. West Valley makes you feel welcomed and the campus is clean!
West Valley is a diverse college filled with great teachers striving to encourage their students to a bright future. The accessibility to pick up classes is fairly easy. Great breakfast burritos in the cafeteria!
I really like West Valley’s great music program and the fact that they are trying to expand on it. The fact that they are really trying to make your college experience better is amazing.
It’s a great school to hone your craft before you move on to university.
Teachers are mostly very kind and helpful, most courses are super interesting! Campus is absolutely beautiful and people are super chill here.
West Valley College is a nice college. I believe it does its job as a community college and gets you ready for transfer to a state or university. I gave it 3 stars because there is nothing exceptional about the school so far. There is one teacher has inspired me to change my major to communications. So I thank him and am so glad to have had the opportunity to have take Public Speaking with Dr.Hannigan.I also like an academic counselor her name is Alicia Cardenas and she has been so helpful in my transition from high school to junior college. Besides those two teachers at West Valley I also have been custom to their Mental Health Services department and a counselor named Alexa has been so patient and kind and helpful in helping me out with my anxiety and my stress. Those three keep me going to West Valley and make my experience all the much better
The whole environment of West Valley is very uplifting. The teachers I have been able to have have been very helpful and focused on what the students need to do to be able to pass. There are techers who are not as organized unfortunately. There are lots of options for classes throughout the school year. For my major specifically being English, the classes I have taken thus far have been very intriguing. There are also many choices for physical education from swimming to yoga etc.. I'm very happy I made the choice to go here because I see a big difference compared to other community colleges. The downfault is that it's a little far for me, but I don't regret where I chose to go.
My first year at West Valley College I can say, I had a positive experince. The school's atmosphere is great and the teachers made me want to continue college. After high school, I wasn't even sure if I wanted to go to college, but upon my parents request I registered, got A's my first semester and developed positive relationships with my professors. The only thing I would be concerned with is some professors at this college. I had the misfortune to come across some professors who do not care for students or downright made the learning experince boring. I can't entirely blame the professors who are boring; some people just don't have it in them to be exciting, but the teachers who discourage students they are the issues in this school. If a student is trying to reach out to a teacher to understand a concept or get feedback the last thing a teacher should do is talk back to the student or worse ignore them. It goes to show that they don't care for the students in their class.
I really like West Valley college. I think they could use a little remodeling and upgrading. They have a beautiful atmosphere and it is very naturistic. I enjoy the walk between classes and the fresh air. Nice change to being inside a room most of the time. The teachers are very knowledgeable and are helpful. The online system took me a while to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze!
I enjoyed attending. I took online and in-person classes. I liked the teachers and the campus is really pretty. I really enjoyed the ballet classes that were offered. If I could go back I would!
At West Valley, you can be a full-time student while working! The professors I've had are all amazing people and teachers, and they all have a passion for their respective subjects. This campus has the ultimate diversity, as it has not only every race and gender, but the students are also a variety of ages. And, you save a TON of money while getting the same undergraduate education courses you would at a University!
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I like the location and how clean it is the campus is. The financial helped me a lot and the teachers are very good in explaining lectures
I really love West Valley. The campus is beautiful. There are lots of trees, and they are always updating the campus. All the teachers are passionate and very thorough. There are always lots of activities and the student body is very involved. They even have really good food in the cafeteria. The breakfast burritos are amazing!
West Valley has a gorgeous campus and a fantastic staff of teachers. I do wish their counselors were more ambitious and would inquire to make sure students are on track. This school very often will have students there for much longer than was originally anticipated due to poor planning and lack of help from councelors.
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