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I love the area and the people, however I dislike that we have to have 60 on campus hours to live off campus, its alot of money to live on campus and it's very hard to do for the amount of time it takes to get 60 on campus hours.
Amazing school! Overall amazing teachers and staff. Cultural diversity where everyone can fit in. Affordable education with many extracurricular activities for everyone.
Very good at following up on application process. Glad I was given an education plan to map my progress for the next few years to manage my home and work life schedule.
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I absolutely loved my college experience at WT. The great thing about attending a smaller university is it gives your professors a chance to know you you- and vice versa. While this is pretty general advice I can promise that it is true.
Very homey community, smaller university and town. Very affordable college education. Very good dance program however lacking in sciences other than nursing and agriculture. Holds the second best nursing program in the US.
WT is honestly one of the best colleges out there. I'm a music major and the music program here is among the top music programs in the nation. It's honestly the best college experience I could have ever asked for.
I'm a grad student at WTAMU and loving it so far. The level of education you receive for such an affordable price is incomparable.
Such a family feel. The school is small enough that you get that friendly atmosphere, but big enough where you don't have to know everyone and you have endless options for friend groups and organizations.
My experience has been great. They definitely try and get the students involved on campus. It is a very welcoming environment.
So far I have only been here for one semester and it feels like a new home. Everybody is diverse and helpful, professors, students, and everyone contribute an equal amount of fun here. I am having a wonderful experience at West Texas A&M University and there is nothing that I would like to change here.
when I first came here I was scared but after being here for a year and a half I have come to really love it here. All the people are warm and friendly and don't mind to lend out a helping hand. If you have ever felt alone before you won't with this school they make it there mission to include everyone that will come and participate.
While attending West Texas A&M I had some incidents with some of the Professors. From one giving me a test during surgery and not caring to round my grade by 0.20 percent to compensate for his wrongdoing to Professors not helping me when I wanted to transfer to a different school to get a degree, they did not offer, Aerospace Engineering.
Good people, great professors, food options could be better, living spaces aren't bad, could always have more university-led events going on/planned, campus resources available and better than expected. Overall 9/10, would stay here for all 4 years.
West Texas A&M University is an amazing college. It has a very nice campus and is located in small town South of Amarillo. All of the staff at the university is very friendly and the professors are always willing help you. They have a great agriculture program and offer many great programs. West Texas A&M University is a great choice if you are looking in to furthering your education.
Absolutely Love it here! Small town, easy to focus, close knit community, and always places to get free food and t-shirts.
WT is an excellent school, especially for music. The professors are hands on and very helpful. I have been here for 3 years and have enjoyed every minute. Have had the opportunity to travel and perform each year.
I am beyond satisfied with my life at WT! It's super easy to get involved with activities on campus, and there's a great sense of community. I have made so many friends within my major, and I've heard it's just as easy to connect with peers in all the other majors too.
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It is a small campus and small town. people are all very nice and classes are good also. No party scene which is good and bad. good because you can focus on your studies and bad because there is not much fun action going on. Sports teams are okay. Best attribute is the clubs, there area many fun clubs that can be joined that help out. The teachers area all very understanding and nice also.
I would like to see the business office work more with advising services and financial aid in order to better the experience of students being able to even come here. Other than that, it is a wonderful place to live, and has so much great community.
West Texas A&M University is a great school. The campus is small, but very pretty. I have enjoyed being a student at West Texas A&M because the people are nice, and for the most part the class sizes are small. It also offers a great education for a more reasonable tuition cost compared to other schools. West Texas A&M University has great professors and gives their students a wonderful, peaceful environment to get their education in. They have a variety of opportunities for the students to take advantage of, both educationally and in the work field. WT really cares about their students and wants to see each one of us succeed. I really like that the library is accessible until midnight throughout the week. This has been very helpful for me because I get a lot of work done there. The school could use more parking, but other than that it is a university I would recommend.
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