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West Texas A&M University Reviews

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West Texas A&M is a great school. Not only do I attend a University with a high ranking Education program, but I also made some amazing friends and had amazing experiences. This is a great college filled with wonderful academics as well as amusing student life.
WTAMU is a great place for a distance education as well as local college experience! There are wonderful professors who actually care about the students. They are very approachable and fair. There is a good selection of online classes available for those who want to pursue an online degree, although most of their majors do require some face to face time. Occasionally the communication from the financial aid department is a bit confusing and can be inconsistent, but they are always willing to help if you have a problem. I would highly recommend checking out this campus for your educational future.
My first year at this college was very memorable. I met friends and professors that helped me excel not only in class but my social life. The professors are extremely helpful and nice. The campus is beautiful, my favorite place on campus is the rock where you can hear yourself talk when you talk. Also there are many services provided to help with any needs including disabilities, and free tutoring.
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I am a transfer student at WT, and the transition was super easy! I also lived on campus my first semester, and the resident halls are so inviting and the residential assistance are very helpful and caring. There are always events going on, on campus, and they're great ways to meet people. Everyone is so friendly! I love my campus!
Great School! I love the campus and surrounding community, as for my education I feel that WTAMU will prepare me the best for my future career. No place I would rather continue my education
The professors have been tough but very helpful and responsive. The student advisor has been willing to work with me on a number of occasions to make sure the credits I have taken carry over.
I love attending West Texas A&M! The campus is extremely beautiful and well kept. The teachers are great and really work with students to help them achieve success! The only thing I would change about the school is the parking situation because parking is so hard to find and is very stressful.
Everyone is very nice and the campus is wonderful. I have enjoyed my time at this university and would recommend it to anyone.
The visit I took before I attend West Texas was a fantastic experience and would like for anyone to get the chance to enjoy going there.
I enjoy WT a lot because there are a lot nice people and the faculty here are amazing. They keep up with new technology to allow their students to get hands on training with the field they choose to give them that extra step for the future.
I love the area and the people, however I dislike that we have to have 60 on campus hours to live off campus, its alot of money to live on campus and it's very hard to do for the amount of time it takes to get 60 on campus hours.
Amazing school! Overall amazing teachers and staff. Cultural diversity where everyone can fit in. Affordable education with many extracurricular activities for everyone.
Very good at following up on application process. Glad I was given an education plan to map my progress for the next few years to manage my home and work life schedule.
I absolutely loved my college experience at WT. The great thing about attending a smaller university is it gives your professors a chance to know you you- and vice versa. While this is pretty general advice I can promise that it is true.
Very homey community, smaller university and town. Very affordable college education. Very good dance program however lacking in sciences other than nursing and agriculture. Holds the second best nursing program in the US.
WT is honestly one of the best colleges out there. I'm a music major and the music program here is among the top music programs in the nation. It's honestly the best college experience I could have ever asked for.
I'm a grad student at WTAMU and loving it so far. The level of education you receive for such an affordable price is incomparable.
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Such a family feel. The school is small enough that you get that friendly atmosphere, but big enough where you don't have to know everyone and you have endless options for friend groups and organizations.
My experience has been great. They definitely try and get the students involved on campus. It is a very welcoming environment.
So far I have only been here for one semester and it feels like a new home. Everybody is diverse and helpful, professors, students, and everyone contribute an equal amount of fun here. I am having a wonderful experience at West Texas A&M University and there is nothing that I would like to change here.
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