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West Texas A&M University has a lot of potential. I am a recent graduate from the Mass Communication program. Please keep in mind if you are going through the electronic media program that the following is not taught:
Basic Animation
The whole program is news heavy, and very dated. I’d advise to attend an art institute afterwards if you want to become involved in a creative field.
The faculty at West Texas A&M are very supportive and are there to help students achieve. There is not a lot that this institution need to change other than perhaps upgrading some of its dorms.
This school is the best I have looked at. I chose to attend this school because of the cost, as well as the staff. This university has the best faculty in the nation. They truly care about their students and want each one to be successful with the path that each student chooses.
I love West Texas A&M University! It is located in Canyon, TX. Canyon is a very calm town with just enough happening around it to keep you busy on and off campus. Once you step onto campus, you will find yourself feeling right at home. However, some parts of the dorms are under construction and that can be a slight hassle. Other than that, WTAMU is a great place to further your education!
West Texas A&M University is wonderful place for people of all types of personalities. Every person you meet is so friendly. There are a million ways to get involved. WT is my home away from home and I am proud to say that. While there are plenty of fun things to do on campus, their curriculum is taken very seriously and is successful. Their online Bachelor's program is ranked 4th in the nation. Parents: You will feel secure about sending your child to WTAMU.
The school is far from any night life but the professors are passionate about what they teach and the class sizes are small.
You feel like your home once you give yourself time to adjust. Everyone is friendly and easy to be friends with and most of the professors are there to help you and are willing to help you through the class if you show effort and make the time to speak with them,
West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX offers a friendly, small-college experience and at the same time a scenic campus and skilled professors. There's a bit of everything for every student of every major. I was a music major during my time here and the community was incredible, my professors were approachable and professional, and I was well-prepared for my field upon graduation.
I'd change a few things, including the housing situation. The only area the college could potentially change would be the dorm situation. Many are outdated, lack air conditioning, and cost more than they should to live in. The apartments and rental homes are similar to the dorms. There are very nice apartments, that cost a lot, and pretty bad apartments, that cost less but are still not worth what a resident will pay. My adoption of a large dog constricted my housing options even further. Aside from these couple of hiccups, my time at WTAMU was fantastic, and I recommend it to just about anyone.
I am a Theater Education major and the absolute best part of my experience at this school came from the love and community that has been built amidst this university's Theater department. Everyone in the department is so welcoming and helpful to one another and it is very encouraging for someone like myself that was new to both this town and this university. Overall, this university was very fun and interesting. There was always something going on that we could take part in and it was very refreshing.
When I came to West Texas A&M in the fall of 2015, I was scared out of my mind because my life was about to change drastically. During New Student Orientation, I interacted with multiple people who were very outgoing and friendly. I met someone who would soon be one of my closest friends at NSO. WT is a beautiful campus. There are definitely some issues as far as the faculty are concerned, but my time here has been a blast and a learning experience. I wouldn't want to attend school anywhere else.
I love this school. It has a very safe campus. The music department is just amazing. The people in the school want you to be involved. They are so nice and I am lucky to be going to WT
WT is a growing community, and has many similarities to other colleges, and benefits from being a part of the A&M system. However, some things differ from other colleges I've visited or heard of.
The University is located in the small ambient town of Canyon, Texas and Amarillo, Texas is only a 10 min drive away to satisfy any needs.
Campus is well maintained and not excessively large so classes are quick to get to. There are always tons of activities, organizations, and events that make West Texas A&M unique and fun. Staff and students alike are professional and positive suiting WT with a comfortable environment. Tuition and quality when compared to most other Texas Universities make WT ideal to attend.
I have been at WT for almost 2 years. I absolutely love the faculty and staff. Everyone is so helpful. I am an Equine Industry and Business major and the program is stellar. Very knowledgeable professors. A very good school to learn about agriculture.
WTAMU is a great place to study and learn without worrying about an overly large campus, such as Texas Tech. The professors and faculty are amazing and willing to help students with whatever they need. Participation in organizations is encouraged, and there are many different organizations to choose.
Great place with great people. Excellent professors that help and relate to students to assist in any way possible.
I've been at WT and I have nothing but love for this university. I've had a rough time academically, but my instructors and advisors want nothing but the best. They are so willing to work with you to achieve success. The campus is beautiful and there is so many extra curricular opportunities.
Small home town feel. Everyone is friendly and makes you feel welcome. I like how everything is close by and can get from dorm to classrooms easily and in a short amount of time. The atmosphere is some place that you want to be.
I liked the small size of West Texas A&M. I also liked that the classes are small and the programs are relatively small because it allows you to know a lot more people and its really easy to get involved. There are also a lot of tutoring labs for math, science, english, and more. One thing I would like to see change would be the creation of a music lab for music majors to get help with some of their assignments.
It is completely different from community college. I had to really step up my game on studying and making time and the effort to study. The professors are their to teach and some take the time to learn your name and some just teach and go. I did not enjoy my first semester, because I was also working 2 part-time jobs and trying to go to school full time.
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