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I really enjoyed saving money. I also think that the teachers are excellent. I just didn't fit in very well there.
WEst shore has many different facilities that can be used by students and warm and inviting teachers.
I really enjoyed the Social Sciences Department. Everyone really worked with you and looked out for your best interest and tried everything in their power to help you succeed.
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Some teachers are obviously not flexible at all and that makes life a lot harder, others though would let you have extended time and that was nice.
I've had mostly online courses so far, they're great.
The professors that I've had in the past aren't all that great. Very arrogant and a little bit rude. The classes are of average intensity.
They usually have good recruits there, and they have a nice application filling out center there as well.
West Shore is just a basic community college. Some of the professors aren't all that great, but the campus is okay for what it is.
I haven't actually taken online courses. I've heard they require a lot of busy work just because profs need to know you are participating. They also take an incredible amount of self-control I've heard.
There is a career center, but I haven't really used it. I don't think there is a whole lot of post-grad services other than that, however, probably simply because we are a community college and most students are arguably either planning to transfer or already have something lined up for when they are done - thereby not requiring much assistance anyway.
If you do a little research before choosing classes, you can end up with AMAZING professors. I would suggest avoiding adjunct faculty - as those are more sketchy. The full time faculty, however, are simply wonderful! Most that I have had treat students with great respect.
I don't think an associates from West Shore is especially awe-inspiring. However, there is a career center on campus that can help hook you up with a job. So, although a degree isn't necessarily going to get you a job on the spot, there are ways to get work that the college will help you with.
I'm only going for an associates, so the major is pretty general. This area of study gave me experience with quite a few different kinds of studies, which was beneficial.
Especially my first year, my instructors really were my best friends. They truly cared how I did, were willing to offer help, were happy to work with me, and supported me in everything.

As always, some teachers are better than others. I really appreciated the majority of those I had - as they were willing to challenge me because they believed in me.

It's a small campus without a whole lot of campus life, but by the time I'm going to graduate, I created a whole West Shore group who hang out regularly and have a lot of fun. If you're willing to put forth some effort, you could create student life for sure.
All of my classes have been very flexible, and were able to work around my personal schedule. I do prefer to have classes only two days a week, but I can manage to come in four days out of the week.
Some of the classes that I have had so far, has had work on the computer required for the class. I believe that I am a more traditional person, I like the classroom experience and interaction with students and professors more so then the online experience mainly because I learn better in that environment.
I have taken online career option tests, and overall I have been very thrilled with the different careers that were associated with welding. The career center, was very helpful and they have good workers in there that will give you the best advice possible for choosing a career.
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I have had one course where my professor wasn't the greatest at teaching, it was more so based on work and more work then actually us students working together in groups and so on.
Every single on campus application available for west shore students has been great, I needed help for a paper at one point so I went up to the writing center and got help with my paper. The tech labs here are great, every single tech associate has been very helpful and useful when I need them.
I get hands on experience with welding, as well as a handful of different welding applications that will be viable for me in the near future. I have done some of the more basic concepts of welding so far, but I am slowly advancing into the more advanced classes as well as being able to learn more as I keep on going. The work load so far isn't too terribly bad, mainly because two out of my four classes I have hands on experience with welding.
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