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West Los Angeles College Reviews

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I enjoyed attending West LA. The wide range of class hours always worked will with my work schedule, the counselors are unbiased and extremely helpful. Teachers know they are talking about and are willing to go extra mile to help students. Campus always clean. Never an issue finding parking.
I am just completing my time at West LA College. It is a two year, not a four year. I've had a great experience, good instructors, and learned a lot. Most of my classes were very interesting where I actually enjoyed taking them and I met a lot of great people. It was a great choice for me to save money from being hit with high tuition going straight to a four year university first. I am very pleased with my experience at West LA.
I am currently finishing up my second year at West Los Angeles College. It has been a great experience for me. This school has allowed me to adjust more smoothly to college life and has provided me with a fulfilling learning experience. I've had some really good and knowledgeable instructors, I've had very accommodating schedules even still while taking full-time courses, and I am appreciative at the opportunity to have attended a good community college to prepare me for my transition to a four year university.
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West LA had a pretty nice campus and the professors do a great job teaching students the right way and helping them understand. I would recommend that the student stores lower prices on food and snacks there.
West Los Angeles college is an exceptional jr. college. Starting with the professors I’ve had the pleasure to learn with. Only one has stood out. Prof. Greg Horwitz, biology professor, he’s their “to help and not hurt us”. His teaching method, consists of PowerPoints and assignments. Exams questions come from the book,notes and assignments. In the beginning, it was hard to adjust too.As I am a freshmen. It’s a clean, fresh campus. The athletes teams are great, I have a friend who travels from la valley to west la just for track. It crosses my mind, that’s some of the professors haven’t done their best at explaining the material. I have better use getting a tutor than to master the objective. My strong suit isn’t math and the teachers whose classes I’ve taken aren’t the very best when explaining it, to where I can interpret it.
The over all atmosphere of West Los Angeles College is welcoming and friendly! The staff and counselors do everything in their power to make sure they help the students achieve their goals the best they possibly can.
West Los Angeles college is a great school if your looking for a community college to attend . Private campus helpful students and staff
I like how the school is well taken care of and the staff members at admissions, bookstore, and business department are really friendly.
I like West Los Angeles College because of the range of classes that they offer. However, I wish that they could put more money into the Arts program, specifically the music program. We have average equipment and I would like to see us have higher quality and more equipment for us to use, for example, in the school recording studio.
My professors are great and I enjoy learning from them. My issues are with admissions/financial aid. I have had to submit everything that was asked of me at least twice. There is no follow up and I constantly have to stay on top of any issues I may have or they will never get resolved.
Very diverse, small campus and easy to get familiar with other students. The MSA building offers plenty / enough to those who seek a career in Dental Hygiene. Plenty of business majors attending, everywhere on campus. Campus seems safe with security patrolling every few hours and bonding with the students.
Great place to start your college education. Classes are fairly easy to get, campus is clean and quiet.
I have morning classes so as you'd expect everything's pretty dead. Parking has to be done in the structure or you'll never get anywhere.
When looking for whatever classes I need to take, I always check to see if it is available at WLAC first because it is conveniently located with consistently reliable parking and excellent instructors. All the other students that I have talked to at West agree that WLAC is an excellent school. Every teacher that I have had here has been outstanding in the variety of subjects from sociology, chemistry, psychology, biology, math, statistics, and throughout the dental hygiene program. I have found that they truly want to help the students to succeed and move forward in their lives on toward their educational goals for their overall life enhancement. The campus police are friendly and professional. Go West, Go Far!
they have a great location, excellent cafe, always available parking. Education experience was excellent: amazing, passionate professors, great study groups, very good lab equipments
WLAC has been an incredibly helpful school, the classes are rarely full and tuition is affordable. The school's location makes it a safe place and it's been a pleasure to attend.
The environment is really calm, the professor know their material and the offices are always available to help you, there is also free tutoring and WiFi!! That will help you in your homework.
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I joined the Athletics Program as a Freshman in the soccer team. I like how there is a counselor specifically for the athletic department and the school provides various programs for students with various backgrounds. The school is welcoming and my first quarter semester as a freshman was a good experience.
I like the campuses it set up very nicely ,it is easy to get around even for students with handicap, many parking structure, class room new and clean and driving on hill side make you feel you are going for hike, campuses police usually driving around campuses and make you feel safe.
I have online classes and I am satisfied with my classes.
Everybody help me for registration for online classes.
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