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The environment is really calm, the professor know their material and the offices are always available to help you, there is also free tutoring and WiFi!! That will help you in your homework.
I joined the Athletics Program as a Freshman in the soccer team. I like how there is a counselor specifically for the athletic department and the school provides various programs for students with various backgrounds. The school is welcoming and my first quarter semester as a freshman was a good experience.
I like the campuses it set up very nicely ,it is easy to get around even for students with handicap, many parking structure, class room new and clean and driving on hill side make you feel you are going for hike, campuses police usually driving around campuses and make you feel safe.
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I have online classes and I am satisfied with my classes.
Everybody help me for registration for online classes.
My current experience at West Los Angeles College is unforgettable. The staff is friendly, always there to help the students with their concern and enhance their motivation to succeed. The professors are very competent and passionate about the field they teach. The library of the college is highly open for students seeking for help with their homeworks, and those who need tutors at no cost. Additionally, plenty of books and computers are available to facilitate the learning process. The overall college has a nice environment. I highly recommend those seeking for a great quality of education to study at WLAC.
I was told by the Director of the Transfer Honors Program that when she received application emails, there were so many that she didn't look at any of them and she deleted ALL of them.
I tried to join the STEM Program for 5 months, and the director did not answer any of my emails for months and I wrote a letter and slipped it under his office door. I STILL heard nothing. STEM IS NOT RUNNING RIGHT NOW BTW.
Financial Aid never answers their phones. I wasn't getting my check, because none of my tax info was reviewed FOR TWO MONTHS.
The CNA program didn't prepare you for the State Exam. Most of the time we sat around watching them do tasks incorrectly. The coordinator of the program was so rude, too. About 1/2 the students failed.
There's only 12 clubs. No clubs ever respond to their emails. You have to sign up at club rush or can never join.
The counselors don't do their job. They will all tell you false information.
West Los Angeles is a great community college. The professors and staff are very nice and the campus is always very clean and inviting .
I like that its small campus that cheap and offers alot of programs. They also have a programs one for instance is called yearup.
I absolutely LOVE this college! I started taking classes here while I was in high school and I immediately knew that I would like it. Then I got out of high school and became a full time student at West and I was a little nervous because I thought it wouldn't be the same but I really love the vibe here, the professors, the students, just everything!
Its not hard to get into classes but sometimes it feels like you can be at West for a very long time. Its really a get to school take your class go home kind of feel. Not much school spirit here.
Online classes here are one of the best things. Easy to follow along and you can work whenever you want. We have a amazing cheer team. There's always a fun way to join a club or sport team here.
My experience at West Los Angeles College has been phenomenal. Since my start at West in 2015, it has been a tremendous journey. First of all, I was fearful during my first few days because I did not know how different or difficult the transition from high school to college would be. However, what has made my experience a whole lot better and what has allowed me to gain confidence is my older brother. Overall, my experience at West Los Angeles College has been great and will continue to be awesome
My experience with West Los Angeles College has been a good one. The staff is always willing to help when ever you have questions or concerns. I really enjoy my time on campus because there are people from different backgrounds that you get to meet and connect with
my experience with west la college was decent wasn't bad but then again it was as good as i would expect it to but it was nothing that i wouldn't be able to deal with.
The professors are extremely helpful and experienced. They teach in a way that is extremely informative and will help you retain the information instead of just memorizing and forgetting the material in the next couple of days. This is an awesome school to transfer from and will not regret attending West Los Angeles College. The only con is not providing an nursing and program.
The EOP&S and counseling departments are incredible! The financial aid department is lacking in communication skills, follow up/follow through and (with the exception of one person), the ability to make students/parents feel like their attendance matters. The math department creates final exams set up for most students to fail. It seems they want to keep the students enrolled/spending money on math classes. The campus is nice, the students are mostly friendly and helpful. The library and staff are fantastic. The bookstore and staff are wonderful.
West La college is a great school. the professors are all great one of my professors taught me that college is hard but just because it is; don't simply give up, just slow down. Many people struggle through college and then ends up breaking down because it's too much. Not everybody can handle that kind of stress and it's ok if you take longer than others, simply slow down and adjust.
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Diversity and cultural differences, motivating educators,motivating career councelors, spacious rooms and a beautiful scenery!
I like the earthie and modern combination West LA has. Also how the counselors that really want to help are very helpful and try to keep you on the right path. This past year has really helped me in deciding my major and getting ahead.
West Los Angeles is a great school. The staff is very helpful if you're in need. They do their best to make sure you have a smooth school year and provide great programs for those who are in need! I recommend West LA to those who are seeking a community college that will make sure you get to the next level.
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