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I love this school. It is not to big and you can get one on one attention. I love the sports here. The forms dorms are okay. The campus is very clean.
I am a first year student at West Liberty University. I have really enjoyed being part of a small community. Faculty are readily available when I need them. I have been able to find study groups. I have even become part of several groups. I love the friendly atmosphere. I feel like I am home.
West Liberty has a great atmosphere, the campus is nice and peaceful. The classes are beneficial. The only thing that would be nice is if there were more activities since it is in the middle of nowhere and most students don't have transportation. Transportation opportunities would be amazing!
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So far, so good. Professors are good at what they teach and want to help students. The food is surprisingly really good, but there’s also a dominos down the hill.
I love the location. I have only visited a couple times, but from those times everyone has been so nice and welcoming. I absolutely love the college.
I enjoy West Liberty in the sense that it's a relatively small campus, and very beautiful. The zoo science major is great and the professors really care. It's a quiet and nice place to go, especially for first year students, just now becoming adults.
The advisors to a great job to get students prepared for after school. There are oftentimes many activities that are going on that anyone can go to. Sodexo, our meal plan is usually pretty good at changing things up so that we are not bored with the selections.
West liberty is a great college with a beautiful campus. It is a small college and I love that, you feel more connected to staff and other students. Classes are usually only 10 minutes at most from each other. I would like the school to decrease its tuition though, it seems every year that it increases a noticeable amount.
Plus side: the professors and people around you care.

Downside: some of the buildings are a little rundown.
West Liberty is a great school especially if you aren't a fan of the larger universities. There aren't a lot of places to go off campus wise but the school tries to provide lots of activities for its students. The professors are great and will really work with you if you are having trouble. The student to teacher ratio is so small that you really feel cared for and it gives every student the opportunity to have a one on one relationship with their professors.
West Liberty was okay. It wasn't my favorite place, but it had some good teachers and a good theater program. I wish it wasn't in the middle of nowhere, where we had to drive forty minutes to get to anything.
My experience with West Liberty has been, overall, a great one. I love the people here, and I've met some amazing friends here as well. The professors are very helpful. The only thing that could be more helpful is transportation. If you don't have a car up here, you aren't getting off of the hill without someone else driving you. That would be my only complaint, but other than that it's great.
Choosing to attend West Liberty University was the greatest decision I've ever made. Not only are the people and staff amazing, but the classes push you to be better.
I love the small sized classes. It is really helpful when it comes to teacher-student interaction. The professors do take the time to spend with each student when needed.
A well kept school with great teachers and beautiful campus. I like the teachers better at west liberty because instead of just writing notes on a board they teach in ways many people can understand, the guide I get from many of my teachers direct me in the right path for my future. I highly recommend this school to anyone that asks.
I come from a small town so being at West Liberty University helps me relate to being back at home. There is so much to do on campus although it is a small campus. EverythIng is in walking distance so there isn't any trouble with that. The only thing is that there isn't a gas station on the hill which makes it hard for people to travel sometimes. There are bars and restaurants as well accessible.
School is trash. Not really diverse except for the athletes. Majority of the people at the school are all from the area so they already have friends and don't make it a thing to interact with you. They all give you that idk you look if you ever try to approach and act scared. Nothing to do at the school on weekends or free time and the school is broken down old trash. Dorms are hard floors and everything is outdated and rusted. If you come from a big city or far away this school is not for you if you are a minority. Friends even experienced unfair treatment in an incident and was forced to leave. And the food is TRASH and so bad it wasn't even worth 1 star. The meal equivalency is only 5 bucks so you end spending your flex all the time and run out quickly and the cafe is trash and dirty and looks like prison food. Stay away unless you are from wheeling. The people from wheeling are jokes I got out of there with the the quickness.
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Overall I really do like going to West Liberty. However they could have better food. I find myself eating a lot of Taco Bell.
I love West Liberty, great school spirit and the professors are very helpful! Many different majors to choose from. You can commute or live on campus. The campus is great!
I haven't heard of any job fairs or employers recruiting on campus.
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