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West Liberty University Reviews

271 reviews
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A well kept school with great teachers and beautiful campus. I like the teachers better at west liberty because instead of just writing notes on a board they teach in ways many people can understand, the guide I get from many of my teachers direct me in the right path for my future. I highly recommend this school to anyone that asks.
I come from a small town so being at West Liberty University helps me relate to being back at home. There is so much to do on campus although it is a small campus. EverythIng is in walking distance so there isn't any trouble with that. The only thing is that there isn't a gas station on the hill which makes it hard for people to travel sometimes. There are bars and restaurants as well accessible.
School is trash. Not really diverse except for the athletes. Majority of the people at the school are all from the area so they already have friends and don't make it a thing to interact with you. They all give you that idk you look if you ever try to approach and act scared. Nothing to do at the school on weekends or free time and the school is broken down old trash. Dorms are hard floors and everything is outdated and rusted. If you come from a big city or far away this school is not for you if you are a minority. Friends even experienced unfair treatment in an incident and was forced to leave. And the food is TRASH and so bad it wasn't even worth 1 star. The meal equivalency is only 5 bucks so you end spending your flex all the time and run out quickly and the cafe is trash and dirty and looks like prison food. Stay away unless you are from wheeling. The people from wheeling are jokes I got out of there with the the quickness.
Overall I really do like going to West Liberty. However they could have better food. I find myself eating a lot of Taco Bell.
I love West Liberty, great school spirit and the professors are very helpful! Many different majors to choose from. You can commute or live on campus. The campus is great!
Most courses and professors are great. Some courses I think are a waste of time.
I haven't heard of any job fairs or employers recruiting on campus.
  • College Junior
  • 5 months ago
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I feel safe on campus. There is a police station on campus.
Bonar is the best, but the AC always breaks.
The Greeks control SGA, which means they control funding for other clubs.
Football is not that good, but basketball is amazing.
I love my school. The classes are great and so are the professors.
I have been extremely impressed with the changes to the university since it became a university as opposed to a state college. The additional buildings and amenities I feel are well worth the initial expenses.
Homecoming would be the biggest party scene but also nice small party scenes
The best parties probably take place at the fraternity houses or wrestling house. Great way to meet new people
Small classes and great student professor relationships
Everyone is accepting of diversity
Limit the weed use in students
The school offers great courses along with great professors. I think we shouldn't have to take general edu. because they classes are not relevant to these majors. Also, I feel that it is a waste of time to take these classes for no reason. Class sizes are small and perfect. Depending on the class the most you may have is 10-15 per class.
This school is known for having a great education program, so i am very happy to get my education degree from this school. I want to be a teacher and I am learning so much from my professor presented in this education program. I know I will be able to get a job in my field following graduation.
  • College Junior
  • 9 months ago
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