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Whether you plan on eventually transferring to a university or are just intending to gain an associates degree, etc., WKCTC is the perfect place! They have amazing entry level courses and teachers that actually care about each individual students instead of their salary. This is a great place for recently graduated students and for adults wanting to further an education.
West Kentucky is a great 2-year community college, with amazing educational opportunities and a great staff that are willing to help you in any way that they can. With many opportunities available the staff helps you succeed in your career and also helps you find jobs once you graduate.
A very good community college. It has a large diversity in students and professors and the professors and advisors are very helpful. A good start to a career
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I returned to school at age 42 and it was easier than I thought it would be. It's a nice size school with lots of learning options. I take all my classes online but the campus is nice if you want to take classes on campus. In would recommend to others.
My experience at West Kentucky Community and Technical College has been phenomenal. I am a student at a local high school, and I was offered the opportunity to take college classes and participate in college life at WKCTC on a daily basis. This program has saved my life. We had three schools consolidate into one ginormous school and a whopping number of over 2,000 students attend this school. Finding a crowd to fit into was hard, but making a few friends here and there made it bearable. Moving to WKCTC has made my life exceptionally better. Not only am I working towards my degree in marketing, but I am also away from all of the drama and immaturity that comes with high school. West Kentucky Community and Technical College has changed my life. I am now put face to face with so many more responsibilities than the average high schooler has to come in contact with. WKCTC is the place for me. The beautifully landscaped campus is my home away from home.
WKCTC is a great place to continue my education after high school. I've experience such great people and the professors are really helpful and caring. The student to faculty ratio is more easily manageable compared to other colleges around. One thing I would like to see change would probably be the campus in general. Install more sidewalks so I could walk more safely to class.
I got along with most of my teachers and they were polite
Can work on my classes and the dates are spaced accordingly
Most of my classes were very helpful and easy to find my way around.
One of my teachers was very rude and I acted like I was a waste of their time when I asked questions.
I love all the help I get Before going in to the nursing program. For example, what all I need before and the steps to get everything they need submitted.
I have never used it before but my mother has tried to and they do not really help her at all and were in willing to take the effort and help her at all,
  • Dec 30 2015
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For the most part you have to transfer to another university to finish your degree. But they do have 80 percent of the classes you may need to take that you can that there.
They are able to transfer all of your credits to all of the colleges/ universities in America and even some outside of the US
I love both on campus and online classes. They are well structured. I love it!
All the teachers are absolutely incredible. There are of course those hand full of teachers who are not the best or most willing to be helpful. But, most are pretty good.
At WKCTC the hardest part is getting in itself. I found out that when I got accepted and the process of getting my classes in order and everything is hardest part all together. Most of their professors will bend over backwards for any student willing to do the work.
  • Dec 30 2015
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I have loved my online classes and have no complaints.
We have a 4 year college in my city I could transfer easily to if I wanted. WKCTC works with MSU frequently and offer free services associated with transferring credits.
  • Dec 15 2015
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I am in the Busniess program with emphasis on Human Resources Management. I am very pleased with my classes so far.
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